Astrology and the Mysteries of the Universe

Please watch the video first to get some context, before wading into this tentative effort to weave some delicate and controversial ‘strings’ of thought together into something coherent.

I find the ideas he conveys here profound and fascinating! Can you get your head around what these suspected unseen dimensions actually mean? Consider for a moment that science says that life ends at death, but yet there’s this overwhelming mass collective belief, conviction and experience to the contrary!

There is much that is very real indeed, which is unseen and unsuspected, and which it is very valuable to know about, because as humans we can embrace much more knowledge and awareness than we normally do. There’s some truth I believe, in the tales of the weird and wonderful we hear of in religion, myth, magic and folklore, albeit perhaps that they are distorted reflections of the real nature of the things they allude to. We have far higher potential for perception and deep knowledge of the nature of the universe than we realize, but it does take focus and effort to reach this latent potential. And reaching it has consequences.

Consider UFO’s. There’s a lot of really hard to explain stuff there, with lots of evidence that there are civilizations from other solar systems that have worked through these equations and formulas. Can it really be that so many people who claim to have had direct contact with ‘humanoid’ beings from other worlds have all been lying, delusional or hallucinating? I’ve personally seen a UFO, not far away, in broad daylight, and for a long stretch of time (which may have been near a whole minute), as have many many others all over the world. If we accept that some of this phenomenon is literally visitation from civilizations on other planets, how is it that they can defy the limits (as we understand them) of gravity and mass and time and speed and all that? There is tons of video footage showing UFO’s doing what we would consider impossible, and showing that these are intelligently directed ‘lights’, whatever you believe about humanoids from other planets.

The kind of knowledge he’s describing in this video, the knowledge they are reaching for, these amazing physicist geeks (without whom, don’t forget, nuclear power or war would not be even a theoretical possibility), will make it lot clearer how it’s possible for time, distance and gravity not to limit where you travel to, and this would be the beginning of this earth’s humanity joining an inter-systemic community of species and civilizations of a certain level. I personally think it’s inevitable.

Of course we have a lot more to do here first (like create the machine that fixes the Fukushima mess, etc.), and we need to arrive at a much more functional and practical expression of our innate human dignity before we’ll be buzzing off to see our sun from another solar system. But the horizon of that future is emerging, I think, in what he’s talking about in the video.

Astrology speaks in a language of relationships and rhythms of interplay between cosmic entities. This is profound actually, although it is normally applied to relative trivia. Astrology is elaborate numerology, as Robert Hand once put it. I suspect that the importance and significance of certain numbers and geometry as described by this phyicist is not unrelated to why there is much so emphasis placed on number and geometry in the occult- these utterly nonsensical subjects, as science normally sees it, apply real but currently unintelligible  laws. Astrology and certain other related disciplines, like the kabbalah, are essentially a means of studying the formative and creative powers of numbers and geometry, on a cosmic scale, and in relation to humanity.

In astrology in particular we study, or rather apply, the way these numeric and geometric formative ‘principles’, that govern the structure of the entire universe, express as a precise synchronization of the development of ‘wholes within wholes’. Exactly how and why it does s remains, in all it’s glorious detail, elusive to us.

It is amazing to see through astrology, if you would only take the time to look and see for yourself, how so many great and small events of our lives, both internal and external, are timed by cosmic cycles. You may find it a curious coincidence, or you may use it to get a little heads up from astrology on what’s lurking on your next horizon; but there something much deeper there than that, if you will probe deeper. It can reveal unseen and hidden laws that are very fundamental to shaping the world we do see, and this can be quite revolutionary to our understanding of how the world works, and what we are as individual human beings, and a species. Astrology can be a springboard to far reaching philosophical and metaphysical realizations. The reason it seems nonsensical to conventional science is precisely because it incorporates principles they have yet to discover and completely accept. But astrology too, will evolve into a more refined form as we grow as a species, and are able to interpret it from a more insightful angle. There may be huge implications, and very positive ones, to these more conventionally ‘secular mathematicians’ going further down their particular rabbit hole in search of a ‘unified theory’. Science and religion may ultimately be reconciled, even if that consequence was unintended and unforeseen.

The following words were written by Alice Bailey, it is claimed, while in telepathic communication with the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul:

That astrology is a science, and a coming science, is true. That astrology in its highest aspect and its true interpretation, will enable man eventually to focus his understanding, and to function rightly, is equally true. That in the revelations that astrology will make in time to come will be found the secret of the true co-ordination between soul and form, is also correct. But that astrology is not yet to be found. Too much is overlooked and too little known, to make astrology the exact science that many claim it is. The claim will be fulfilled at some future date, but the time is not yet.”

And: “… astrology is essentially the purest presentation of occult truth in the world at this time, because it is the science which deals with those conditioning and governing energies and forces, which play through and upon the whole field of space, and all that is found within that field. When this fact is grasped and the sources of those energies are better comprehended, and the nature of the field of space is correctly understood, we shall then see a far wider and at the same time, a more closely related horizon; the relationships between individual, planetary, systemic and cosmic entities, will be grasped, and we shall then begin to live scientifically. It is this scientific living which it is the immediate purpose of astrology to bring about.”

And an afterthought to ponder: “These ancient mysteries were originally given to humanity by the Hierarchy, and were – in their turn – received by the Hierarchy from the Great White Lodge on Sirius. They contain the clue to the evolutionary process, hidden in numbers and in words…

Vedic Astrology Lessons in Vrindavan

train to Vrindavan

On the train from Delhi to Vrindavan; I was fortunate to be perched on a luggage rack. This was the view below.

In 2011 I spent four months in India on something like an astrological pilgrimage. I consulted with several astrologers to get an insight into how they work, and to deepen my own understanding of Jyotish. This video was taken in the sacred town of Vrindavan, where Krishna is said have spent his childhood, on the banks of the Yamuna river.

Alert: Mars Conjunct Saturn ahead

Swiss ephemeris Mars Conj SaturnMars is approaching a Conjunction with Saturn which becomes exact on the 25th of August 2014, and it so happens that it’s New Moon (Sun Conjunct Moon) on that same day, which may well intensify the effect. New Moons and Full Moons are like windows that open and allow the general cosmic pattern at the time to impress itself on the world with greater than usual impact. The last time these two malefics were thus conjoined South Africa was shaken by the events at Marikana, in which dozens of striking miners were brutally killed by policemen. You can read more about that incident here:

Don’t panic now, but do keep yourself reigned in at this time if you’re strongly under Taurus or Scorpio in your birth chart, in terms of conventional western astrology (particularly if you have Sun, Moon or Ascendant around the middle part of Taurus or Scorpio).

In a nutshell, the most constructive expression of a meeting of Mars and Saturn is hard work, disciplined effort, and tenacity. The more harmful manifestations range from acute frustration to ruthlessness or cruelty in some form. ‘The devil has work for idle hands‘, we are told, and under this particular influence that proverb is worth remembering. You can move mountains under Mars/Saturn, but you may also run headlong into brick walls. It takes care and self-control to make this energy work well.

Mars Conjunct Saturn chart

I notice, at the risk of overwhelming the layman,that there’s a Yod configuration involving Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Uranus, and this New Moon (Sun/Moon Conjunction) is 45 degrees from (Semi-Square) the midpoint of Mercury and Mars, and Mercury and Saturn. Uranus is a mere degree or so from exactly Opposite this hub of ‘highlighted communication effort’.

New Moon aspects and midpoints


If you have planets in your birth located at or very close to 17 degrees of any sign of the zodiac (but especially 17 degrees of the Cardinal and Fixed signs), that planet will be powerfully triggered by this intense looking New Moon. This is also true of planets in a birth chart that are located very near 2 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces).

A theme of communication challenges seems to be described here. Impatience can make one a poor speaker and a poor listener, and under this type of influence views and opinions will be expressed with bluntness, audacity and maybe sarcasm. Commuting is hazardous if people are edgy and irritated. However, for those poised to apply themselves voluntarily, and cheerfully, to rigorous and disciplined mental or educational work, this alignment of planetary influences could represent a surge of mental energy and focus that can support and facilitate intellectual achievement. The trick is to be extremely flexible and promptly adaptable to new developments, while remaining firmly committed to applying the discipline needed to make innovative new ideas and the surge of mental energy and effort fruitful. It would require strong nerves. It’s all too easy to get overstimulated under these circumstances. Return to center if you find yourself embroiled in a petty disagreement; there’s bound to be something useful to apply your mind to!

Looking at this more globally, Saturn and Uranus have been locked in a Quincunx (150 degree) aspect since roughly late June 2014, and this may be contributing to the acute global stress centered around the recently escalated Israeli-Palestine conflict. This Mars/Saturn Conjunction (which effectively becomes a short sharp spike in the simmering Saturn/Uranus tension) looks somewhat more ominous against the backdrop of such a volatile situation.

Here’s a post from a long abandoned blog of yore, regarding Mars and Saturn in aspect:


A Soothing Rain on a Parched land: Jupiter enters Sidereal Cancer


Avalokiteśvarahear ye hear ye!

I bear glad tidings regarding an immanent change in the cosmic clockwork!

Jupiter enters the sign Cancer in terms of the Sidereal Zodiac, which is followed by all Vedic Astrologers, on or very near the 19th of June 2014. This will not tally for western astrologers – they are anticipating Jupiter’s exit from Cancer in July 2014- but you’ll notice I’m full of conviction here about the certain benefits of Jupiter in Sidereal Cancer.


Jupiter enters Sidereal Cancer

The current position of Jupiter in both Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs is shown here. The inner zodiac wheel is the Tropical Zodiac used in Western Astrology. The next layer is the Sidereal Zodiac used in Vedic astrology. On the outside are depicted the 27 Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology. The difference between the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs is currently 24 degrees and a few minutes.

This benign condition will persist for a year, until roughly mid-July 2015. Jupiter completes a journey through the twelve signs of the zodiac in twelve years, hence one year per sign.

When Jupiter occupies one of its own signs (Sagittarius and Pisces), or its exaltation sign (Cancer), its beneficence is capable of fully blossoming, both materially as worldly abundance, and spiritually as wisdom, intuition, clear perception, higher learning, and peace. In Vedic astrology Jupiter is literally known as ‘Guru’. The ‘guru principle’ can reach a peak of refinement in its expression in this Jupiter in Cancer year now beginning.

The exaltation of Jupiter in the sign Cancer seems to speak of that caring and mercy that is the hallmark of realized beings, like Jesus, or Bodhisattvas.

sri sriIn the modern world of gurus Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is doing well, and doing good, through his Art of Living Foundation. He’s having a Jupiter return soon (so he is an example of the manifestation of Jupiter in Cancer, especially since it’s in tight Square to his Sun in his chart, and therefore a planet he dynamically [square] expresses and embodies).

Yes, of course there are great and good gurus born under every sign Jupiter may journey through in his twelve year cycle, but there is in the Jupiter in Cancer combination a special synergistic combination that is particularly capable of the near motherliness of saints. Don’t think for a moment that it’s merely some sort of beneficent but otherwise unintelligent sweet cuddliness. Intuitive discernment of the highest order can manifest through Jupiter in Cancer.

When Jupiter is exceptionally powerful in a birth chart; more specifically, when it occupies one of its own signs (Sagittarius and Pisces) or its exaltation sign (Cancer), and is also in a powerful house, it creates something called ‘Hamsa Yoga’ in Vedic astrology. It means Jupiter is then functioning at full strength and will manifest abundantly.

Hamsa means goose or swan. Great saints are sometimes given the name as a title- for example the famous Paramhansa Yogananda. It is believed that the goose or swan has the ability to separate milk from water, representing the highly refined discernment of realized souls.

With Jupiter in Cancer this coming year just and humane values will prevail (a lot more than usual at least), and many of those who can teach and inspire, and many of those who can heal with their compassion and mercy, they will come out and do their thing with more wind at their backs and more empowerment than usual.

This blessed condition of Jupiter’s exaltation will not quell every storm and mend every crack. But, in certain places (charts, people) Jupiter will blossom with a rare vitality and radiance, which, translated into real life terms, means many individuals will be manifesting this new enriched and potent quality of Jupiter’s wisdom, virtue and nobility in their lives. In this very real and meaningful way this precious celestial ‘juice’ that Jupiter is oozing this coming year seeps deeply into humanity like a healing balm.


Mars marches through June 2014

MarsPhew! It’s been a rather intense few months, I’m sure many of you would agree?

There have been several powerful astrological events or alignments during the first months of this year, culminating in the Grand Cross in April involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

Venus entangled

Read more about it here.

Around the 23rd of April 2014 this cross configuration was at its most geometrically precise and focused, and soon thereafter the planets involved gradually started shifting out of this very precise alignment.

Today, 26 May 2014 it looks like this:

Mars direct 1

You can see that Mars and Jupiter are now so far from their exact Square that the default settings on the software I used to generate these charts (astrolog 5.40) doesn’t consider the aspect in orb any more.

Mars is the fastest moving of these planets, and was Retrograde at the time of the Grand Cross in April. So, Mars receded back earlier into Libra (while Jupiter, and to a lesser degree, Uranus, have been relatively briskly moving forward through their signs), sitting Stationary at around 9 degrees Libra for much of May 2014, before finally turning Direct again on the 20th of May.

Planets seem to release a huge amount of energy when they change direction (from Retrograde to Direct, or vice versa), and it certainly seemed to be the case with Mars recently. Many people seemed to be experiencing a surge of Mars energy in various forms around the time of the direction change, but of course those more directly in the line of fire (Librans like myself) have been particularly prone to mishap and mayhem. I for one was in a motorcycle accident on the 22nd of May, fortunately with only minor injuries.

Now, as Mars gradually gains pace and momentum in his forward march through Libra, he re-engages the Uranus/Pluto Square from about the middle part of June 2014 till more or less the end of the month, as you can see in the diagrams below.

Mars in June 2014

Mars direct 2

What does it mean?

Hold onto your hat a little longer!!

p.s.-  do you remember those riots in London in August 2011? Take a look at the tight T-Square involving Mars, Uranus and Pluto at the time. The orbs won’t be quite as tight this time, but it gives some hint of that type of energy is about.

Mars-Uranus-Pluto London Riots

A Jyotish prediction: ‘you will acquire a fine car now’

Yesterday I participated in a workshop in which I was one of several therapists giving sample sessions to prospective clients. I knew nothing about them whatsoever. Right at the end of one session, I made this ‘prediction’.

The reason this tickles me is not simply because of the novelty of accurately predicting that a person who had just purchased a Porsche would now be ready to own the finest of vehicles, it’s the way that prediction was arrived at that I think is worth a moments pause. It’s a very fine example of Vedic astrology seeing something that western astrology wouldn’t have. Not only did Vedic astrology time a rather specific event, it also perceived that there would be a high caliber quality to the manifestation, and this insight into the quality (of the vehicle in this case) was linked directly to the use of the Sidereal Zodiac (as opposed to the Tropical Zodiac used in western astrology), since the prediction was based largely on the fact that Venus in this chart is exalted in Sidereal Pisces.

In Vedic astrology the 4th House is associated, as in western astrology, with the home and the mother (though some western astrologers see the 4th house as the father). Vedic astrology further believes cars and other vehicles (like boats) are seen in the 4th House, but, this is not something western astrology associates with the 4th House, as far as I am aware.

Planets in the 4th House would give clues to the person’s experience of that theme. Apart from that, Venus, as a general significator (Karaka) of the 4th House (for everyone), also represents vehicles. Hence, when Venus is very powerful in a chart- such as when it forms a Mahapurusha Yoga (by being in its own or exaltation sign and in an angular house)- it is traditionally said to mean, among other things, that a person will ‘command good vehicles’.

If you look at my clients’ Vedic chart you will find Venus is there in Pisces (the exaltation sign of Venus), and in the (angular) 10th House of the chart; hence Malavya Yoga, the Mahapususha Yoga of Venus, is formed. This would in itself indicate that a person will have ‘good cars’.

Vedic astrology has a unique method of calculating ‘planetary periods’, known as “Dashas”. These periods, in which the role of a single planet lights up in the chart for a given period, are relatively long in duration. They range from 6 years (for Sun dasha) to 20 years (for Venus Dasha). My client commenced his 20 years of Venus Dasha just over a year ago, bringing all that his powerfully placed Venus promises into the fullest manifestation that is likely to occur in his lifetime. This is why I considered it likely that he would in the past year have acquired a very good car, better than any he’d had before, even if they had been high quality.

Here’s the clients’ Western chart. You see, Venus there is in Aries, in the sign of its Detriment. If western astrology did take Venus as a significator of vehicles (which is doesn’t), the debility of Venus would not have been promising for the quality of vehicle the person would possess.

Furthermore, although western astrology possesses excellent and reliable methods of looking at life cycles, it was the Dasha periods of Jyotish that here timed a specific event very well. But apart from the timing, the accurate conclusion that was arrived at would only occur using the Sidereal Zodiac.

Car owner

Western Chart using Tropical Zodiac

Car owner Jyotish chart

the Vedic chart places Venus in Pisces in the 10th House, making Venus very powerful, and being in the Venus sub-period of the Venus major period, the highly auspicious role of Venus in this chart is ready to manifest as, among other things ‘a fine vehicle’

Venus Crucified – 11 to 18 May 2014

birth of venusBetween roughly 11 and 18 May 2014 Venus will ricochet through the gradually loosening Cardinal Cross. On the 11th and 18th of May the Moon happens to be Conjunct arms of the cross also, making those important peak days.

Venus Crucified 11 May 2014

In the above diagram you can see that Venus has mounted the cross and arrived at an Opposition to Mars (libido!), while the Moon is Conjunct Mars and Opposing Venus, amplifying the effect for that day.

Venus Crucified 18 May 2014On the 18th of May Venus completes the process with a Square to Jupiter (while the Moon is Conjunct the Pluto arm of the cross).

Those with key planets near the middle of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), it may well manifest as dramatic developments (the cross, involving virile planets) in personal and romantic relationships (Venus). The energy (that has to manifest through Venus, or ‘love’) is liberated, bold, and perhaps defiant; relationships may begin or be abandoned impulsively. Social interactions are powerful, passionate, even feral.

The wilder and more ruthless energy inherent in this cross will manifest early on (explosive emotions; raw sexual energy; powerful attraction and repulsion) as Venus initially connects to Mars and Pluto.

Closer to the 18th of May Venus completes this rare cross dance with a Square to Jupiter, which seems to be a high note to end on- possibly even a self-indulgent and romantically prodigal one.

The Anatomy of the Cross

Uranus Pluto

the foundation of the entire cross formed by the slowest moving of the planets involved in the cross; it’s effects unfold between roughly 2010 and 2017, but at the time of the cross Uranus and Pluto are in a very precise 90 degree relationship


Jupiter - Uranus - Pluto
During much of the first quarter of 2014 Jupiter sits stationary (preparing to turn Direct after being Retrograde), forming a “T-Square” with Uranus and Pluto. Potentially an ‘idealistic, moralistic, or benign revolution’. Jupiter’s participation in the cross improves the potential hugely for positive and progressive manifestations. Jupiter infuses the otherwise reactionary combination with integrity and sincerity.
Jupiter Uranus

Although some of the other combinations involved Uranus may speak of a love of freedom, Jupiter combining with Uranus helps that drive to succeed. It promotes creative thinking and ideas that have the potential to make life more exciting, and materially or physically freer too. Emancipation. New and fresh expressions of knowledge and wisdom.

Jupiter Pluto

profoundly intense moral, philosophical, religious or ethical convictions; ‘principled confrontations’

Mars Jupiter

during the last days of April, and especially around 22-23 April, Mars plugs into the Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-Square and energizes it, calling it into dynamic physical expression. Mars combining with Jupiter represents a basic zeal and enthusiasm; courage and confidence; potentially righteous indignation

Mars Uranus

very short fuse; instant or sudden expression of anger; sudden or eccentric self assertion; individual uniqueness; complete intolerance of restrictions

Mars Pluto

relentless and purposeful effort; tenacious self-determination and self-assertion

the end of apathy

Cross in ephemeris
 * the notes on the right of each diagram are quoted from Reinhold Ebertin’s Combination of Stellar Influences. I have added my own notes at the foot of every diagram

The Feisty Cross

During the next week and a half or so, till around the 28th of April 2014, Mars is backing into the Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto t-square, creating this much anticipated grand cross in the Cardinal Signs. It’s very very game on! A very energetic time ahead. Don’t hide away; launch rockets (but read the safety instructions and take care, please).

the cross

This cross describes a maverick energy of sorts. Someone born at this time is quite untameable and unstoppable. It represents an irrepressible self-determination that may manifest as rebellion, or bold, self-righteous and sudden actions in the pursuit of some desired objective, or the defense or promotion of an ideology (Jupiter). Adventurousness and activism can be a positive manifestations of this energy; but in its exuberance and excitability this energy can be reckless thrill seeking, or provocative self-will, like spoiling for a fight. When Mars combines with Pluto in a hard aspect there is incredible tenacity and determination in the face of obstacles, so great feats of effort and endurance may occur, but in extreme cases this ‘tenacity’ can manifest as violence. It is a time to be careful and not allow tensions and antagonisms to escalate into sudden rages.

Cross in ephemeris

See the image of the ephemeris for around 23 April 2014. Mars is located at 13 degrees Libra, Jupiter at 13 degrees Cancer, Uranus at 13 Aries, and Pluto at 13 Capricorn. Wow!

It should then come as no surprise, considering that Mars is now merely upping the heat on a process that the slower moving Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have been locked into for a while, that the man of the moment on the world stage, one who’s causing Obama & co. so much distress, should have his Sun located at 13 degrees Libra. See Putin’s chart (even if the birth time is less than completely certain, the Sun’s degree is likely to be correct).

Putin western natal chart from astro

Venus Conjunct Neptune: 12 April 2014

Venus Conj Nept

Although the moment of the exact Conjunction of Venus and Neptune will be 02:23am UT/GMT on the 12th of April, the Moon Opposes a very nearly exact Venus/Neptune Conjunction on Friday the 11th of April, bringing it into sharp focus around late morning/early afternoon UT/GMT.

Although it isn’t a long term or particularly profound astrological event, it’s worth noting, since it does represent a sensitization in the realm of love and romance that can have dramatic effects if it triggers your chart or if you’re in the midst of a romantic episode.

Venus Conjunct Neptune may manifest as romantic sentimentality and impressionability; easily falling in love, and being easily disappointed. It can represent romantic bliss; the most complete experience of selfless love that’s possible. There may be a refined and delicate artistic inspiration or sensibility (see the Venus/Neptune Conjunction in Leonard Cohen’s chart below). However, when it’s not being handled well, Venus so powerfully connected to Neptune can mean profound disillusionment, confusion, or even deception in relationships; boundaries are blurred, and one may get lost in a romantic fog. It’s hard to get back to your center when you’ve given yourself away. Romantic melancholy and vulnerability is a typical manifestation of Venus Conjunct Neptune ‘self-loss’, as are the most mystical, ecstatic and transcendent conceptions of personal love.

Venus/Neptune drowns in love; whether as intoxicating communion, or anguished fear of separation.

Leonard Cohen