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I would like here to share here some observations regarding South Africa’s current state of crisis, and point out what appear to be fairly dramatic astrological indications of an aggravation of the situation in the not too distant future. I do believe there’s a silver lining to the current dark cloud, but before that silver […]

The Making of a Devil’s Wife: the Horoscope of Eva Braun

Adolf and Eva with dogsAt least one of my astrologer friends rolls her eyes every time there’s yet another Hitler autopsy on the slab. I can sympathize. And yet it’s hardly surprising that the natal chart of Adolf Hitler is one of the most studied. His impact on the course of modern history has been enormous and is arguably still palpable today. That he exceeded all normal bounds of ambition and ruthlessness is one reason we’re so fascinated by his astrological signature. If astrology is able to look into character and destiny, we understandably expect that it will enable us to gain insight into extraordinary people whose ideas and actions shape history, as well as ordinary people whose lives develop in extraordinary ways.

Eva Braun is ostensibly an ordinary girl whose life developed in an extraordinary way, and through her we in a sense get to glimpse Hitler by reflection, through the lens of her chart, and particularly of course at first glance through her 7th House.

Eva Braun and Hitler at dinner table
She was born on the 6th of February 1912, at 12:30am, in Munich, Germany. Her time of birth has recently been verified through the recovery of her birth certificate, thanks to the efforts of one of’s forum members. Her birth data on’s astrodatabank has been upgraded to AA, meaning the data is considered as reliable as it gets. This is in itself a good reason to pay Hitler’s story another quick visit, from a new angle, since this new verified birth time is a valuable addition to our collective store of important historical birth data. So, I’d like to share with you here a few first glance observations with a focus largely on the Sidereal placements of Jyotish.

Eva Braun Trop

                       Eva Braun’s Tropical/Placidus chart on the left, her Sidereal/Whole Sign chart on the right

Eva Braun Jyotish chart Jagannatha with Dasas

                    Eva Braun’s chart in Jyotish format, with commencement of Rahu Dasha circled in red


Eva’s father was a school teacher and her mother had worked as a seamstress before marriage. It seems noteworthy that her parents got divorced when she was 9 years old (half a Node cycle- Node Conjunct Saturn?). They did remarry a year or two later (it is believed primarily due to financial pressures), which does imply that she came from a household with some internal, probably fairly hidden, problems and stresses. This seems to be borne out (through the western lens) by the extremely tight Square aspect between the Moon and Pluto in her chart, as well as the Square of Sun and Saturn (with Saturn in the 4th House from the Sun). Both these aspects in different ways can point to an oppressive domestic and family environment. She most likely became quite desensitized to control, domination and coercion in intimate relationships through the tensions in her early life.

Moon in the 12th House of the Jyotish chart further implies that her mother was somehow a victim, someone who sacrificed a lot and felt trapped. The person with Moon in the 12th House has a natural inclination to hide, and to avoid the harshness of world if at all possible. This theme of reclusiveness is reinforced by Ketu (South Node) in the 1st House of the Jyotish chart. Ketu is the ‘Karaka’ or ‘significator’ for the 12th House in every chart; having Ketu located in the 1st House brings 12th House themes to the fore in Eva’s life. Ketu in the 1st (not to speak of Moon in the 12th) won’t empower you in the external world, though it can make for an active inner life, and a natural tendency to sacrifice and surrender.

With the Ascendant lord Venus in the 3rd House she would have been engaging, friendly and charming enough, despite her thin-skinned streak. I would imagine that the educational parental influence of angular Mercury in the 4th, and Jupiter’s position in the 2nd House of speech, would support her ability to present and speak well, able to hold a fairly high level of cultured and congenial conversation.

With Sun in the 4th she got to ‘rule the roost’, I’d imagine, just a little during the years she spend living at the mountain retreat Hitler had her holed up in. Within that very private domestic sphere her authority would find some acknowledgement, by staff perhaps, and sometimes by great generals. But ever under Saturn’s shadow.

Having Ketu in the 1st House inevitably places Rahu (North Node) in the 7th. While western and vedic astrology have an essentially near identical view of the what the planets mean and represent in a chart, their respective take of the Nodes is one area in which they differ markedly.

The essential point to note regarding the Nodes in the context of this discussion of Eva Braun and her relationship to Hitler, is that Jyotish considers both Rahu and Ketu to be malefics. Though Rahu is extroverted and Ketu introverted.

Here’s a snippet of James Braha’s interpretation for Rahu in the 7th House (from his invaluable book, Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer).

“… there will be disturbances in married life. Domestic harmony is greatly lacking, and there will constantly arise issues with the spouse to be dealt with. The person will have compulsive and insatiable desires to be in a relationship. The marriage partner may be powerful, domineering, or worldly and of a strong desire nature…”

This interpretation gives a hint of how Jyotish would describe an embodiment of Rahu: powerful, domineering, worldly, with strong (insatiable) desires. As you can see in the diagram of Hitler’s Jyotish chart below, he was in Rahu Dasha, the major planetary period of Rahu, throughout the time of his boldest mischief.

Now, along with Rahu, perhaps one of the most intriguing placements in Eva’s Jyotish chart is Saturn debilitated in Aries in the 7th House. This is astrological poetry; the partner is an irritable old tyrant.

Quite apart from it’s house placement, this awkward Saturn in Aries placement would present a challenge to her own ability to gain recognition, and to assert herself appropriately and timeously. It reinforces, or is reinforced by, the tendencies of Moon in the 12th and Ketu in the 1st already noted. It weakens or suppressed her ability to express her individual identity, and to have it acknowledged.

Eva first met Adolf Hitler when she was only 17 years old (1929), while working in the studio of Heinrich Hoffman, Hitler’s official photographer. It was only after the apparent suicide of Hitler’s half-niece in September of 1931, for whom he seemed to have developed a suspiciously intense affection, that he became more intimately involved with Eva Braun.

Curiously, their intimate relationship seems to have started as they nearly simultaneously began the 18 years long period of Rahu Maha Dasha. In her case a relationship was clearly indicated for that time, since Rahu is in the 7th House of her Jyotish chart. That it would be with a powerful and perhaps maniacally ambitious person, and that it may all become something of a whirlwind, is quite consistent with the way Jyotish tends to view Rahu. The fact that Mars, Rahu’s dispositor and lord of the 7th, is located in the 8th, along with Rahu’s union with debilitated Saturn in the 7th, does little to indicate a naturally ‘happy marriage’. The fact that it was shrouded in secrecy is also easy to see in this symbolism (reiterated in the Square of Venus and Saturn in Hitler’s chart).


Hitler tropical wheel

                      Hitler’s Tropical/Placidus chart on the left, his Sidereal/Whole Sign chart on the right

Hitler Jagannatha

                   Hitler’s chart in Jyotish format with commencement of Rahu Dasha circled in red

Eva, not unlike Hitler’s very favourite little niece, did try to commit suicide on two occasions before her eventual death in April 1945 by suicide with Hitler, a day or two after their actual formally solemnized wedding.

The first occasion was shortly after their relationship began, while she was in the Rahu-Rahu period (the first sub-period of the 18 year Rahu Dasha).

It’s natural that you begin an important relationship when the Dasha period of a planet in the 7th House begins, and, yes, it’s not likely to be a bed of roses if this 7th House planet is a malefic, aspected by another malefic, without the aspect of a benefic, and with a poorly placed dispositor. However, this alignment between Hitler and Eva’s Dasha cycles is an important point to consider in the context of their relationship. In Light on Relationships (1) the authors note that there is a principle known as Sama Dasha, literally ‘same dasha’, that states that compatibility is greatly enhanced when a couple are running the same planetary dasha period- especially at the time of the commencement of their relationship.

In this case the overlap of their planetary period sequence is so nearly precise, as such long cycles go, that Hitler and Eva would often be in the same sub-period also, and I would assume this would further enhance the relevance and applicability of this rule ‘Sama Dasha’ principle. It may well account for the fact that they did ultimately seem to form a fairly functional, if perhaps imperfect and challenging relationship.

Their Ascendants are, in Jyotish terms, in the same sign, Libra, giving them an identical sign/house overlay if you use Whole Houses. This would synchronize their experience of the transits of the planets through the houses. This is in itself quite a strong element of ‘compatibility’, and probably gave them a genuine sense of ‘getting each other’, and being able to tune into a similar view of various areas of life at the same time.

And even beyond all this it seems clear that Hitler provided her exactly what her chart’s Moon/Pluto and Sun/Saturn Square shows she was expecting from a partner, and her life: a lot of control, and a tightly conscribed freedom of movement, a strict parent, protection in a virtual prison from any form of real responsibility and self-definition in the world.

Hitler’s Jyotish chart is by comparison a great deal stronger, at least in terms of indications of a capacity to do what Eva found so difficult: to courageously forge an identity in the world through self assertion and a powerful career involving shouldering huge responsibility. All the assertive, authoritative and expansive planets are extremely strong by sign: The Sun is Exalted in Aries, with Mars in Aries in it’s own sign, and Jupiter in Sagittarius also in it’s own sign. Jyotish views a multitude of planets in their own or exaltation signs as an indication that the person has the capacity to rise to ‘kingship’, even if born into a lowly family.

Saturn is furthermore a great benefic for the Libra Ascendant, so it’s location in the 10th shows abundant potential for a successful political career.

But Venus in his chart is caught somewhat between a rock and a hot place in her tight engagement with Saturn and Mars by Square and Conjunction respectively. This can manifest in a multitude of ways, but it certainly it implies certain less than sensitive ways of ‘loving’. A need for domination of one party over the other is easy to see there. There’s huge libido and lust for life in such a tight Conjunction of Venus and Mars, made more coldly carnal by Saturn, and he no doubt found the satisfaction of much of his sexual desire in Eva, who would probably be willing to do anything.

Browsing the internet I found (2):

“One actress, Renata Müller, spread rumours about Hitler’s alleged proclivity for self-abasement, with suggestions that he knelt at her feet and asked her to kick him. When she fell to her death from a window in 1937, many questioned the verdict of suicide.”

The rumours she apparently spread about Hitler, and rumours about her ‘suicide’, may or may not have been true, but looking at the symbols, they’re believable.

In the Dasha Periods of Rahu and Ketu their dispositor plays a particularly large role in showing where the energy of that Dasha period is going, so to speak. In Hitler’s chart Mercury is the dispositor of Rahu (in Sidereal Gemini) and of all the many planets located in his 7th House Mercury is closest the 7th House cusp. I think this brought him a full and powerful manifestation of a young and pretty girl who would be the closest thing he’d have to a mate, as he entered this period, but that’s just one level of it’s manifestation.

On another level this Rahu Dasha and it’s awakening of Mercury in Aries on the Descendant in Hitler’s chart provided an ideal platform for getting heard, for impressing others with his intelligence, efficiency and frank eloquence, if not indeed inflaming them to war in grand orchestrated speeches. In support, the Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius in the dexterous 3rd House gave him mastery of all the necessary theatrics, and would make him extremely lively and engaged in what he’s doing.

So, the while the favourable and empowering house placement of Rahu and it’s eloquent and convincing dispositor Mercury enabled his rise, Rahu just doesn’t know when enough is enough…

I’ll defer the deeper questions and myriad further ways these charts could be analysed to you, dear astro pilgrim, if the astrology of this piece of history intrigues you at all. For me, Eva Braun’s chart helped fill out my picture of Hitler a little; his astrology and psychology. And though the two of them may have had some issues, there’s something almost sweet about that fact that, well, even Hitler had a girl, and they shared quite a lot over a long period of time. And even though the role she accepted was rooted, some might say, in early family dysfunction, Eva may well have almost enjoyed herself at times; the glamour of being the secret lover of a powerful man. She found a more or less viable form for her grim 7th House. They were in some respects, a very normal couple.

Aptly, they eventually married good and proper, under a canopy of fire and brimstone, and left this world by suicide, not unlike Romeo and Juliet, together.



(1) Light on Relationships: The Synastry of Indian Astrology, by Hart de Fouw and Robert Svoboda. Published by Samuel Weiser Inc.. Pg. 104.


The Yogas of Jyotish

Indian astrologerOne of the most intriguing and valuable features of Jyotish is it’s vast canon of Yogas and associated aphorisms. The word ‘yoga’ essentially means to ‘join’ or ‘unite’, and here can be translated as an astrological combination or ‘union of factors’ with specific implications. The Yogas of Jyotish are the fruit of centuries of observation, codified into a rich body of lore regarding the effects of several hundreds of possible permutations of the heavens.

Some are simple, and yet useful, and their purported meaning would be unsurprising and even familiar to a western astrologer, due to all the DNA shared by western and vedic astrology. Others are a lot more complex, and may involve linking or synthesizing factors in the chart that a superficial analysis would easily overlook. These yogas are therefore ‘analytical templates’; a means to inculcate certain analytical habits that can reveal the presence of notable patterns in a chart.

Of course all yogas are not of equal importance and potency. Some are fairly commonplace and found in the charts of many people. These would need much reinforcement from other factors to yield a dramatic example of what is claimed for them. Others can only occur under rare astrological conditions, and would represent such a powerful confluence of factors that fairly striking manifestations of the yoga’s effect would probably be evident.

Even when the criteria for a relatively rare yoga are met in a chart, there is further refinement in analysis for the astrologer to undertake in the consideration of the finer specifics of the chart in hand. These will modify the strength, texture and specific zones of influence of the yoga.

Apart from the obvious utility of having various special indications in a chart cononized and memorized, through studying the yogas the more general rules and principles of Jyotish are further elucidated for the student. Clues are given regarding how the basic rules of Jyotish can be more expertly used in chart interpretation and chart synthesis, beyond the strict confines of the formalized yogas.

Before looking at a few of the widely known and useful yogas of Indian astrology, a few preliminary technical considerations.

What I’m presenting here is intended for application to charts calculated according to the ‘Jyotish astronomical settings’, using the sign and house measurements conventional to that system.

If you are a western astrologer or student you are probably using the Tropical Zodiac and Placidus Houses, and beyond using Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, you probably consider a number of other more recently discovered astronomical bodies also.

For the purposes of working with these ancient Yogas of Jyotish let’s for the time being keep to the 9 planet paradiagm of Jyotish: the 7 planets the days of the week are named after, and the two Nodes, Rahu and Ketu.

To calculate the sign and house placements of the planets from the Jyotish perspective, you need to use the Sidereal Zodiac (select the Lahiri Ayanamsha on your software if you don’t have a specific preference), and Whole Sign Houses. (1)

With Whole Sign Houses the 1st House covers precisely the expanse of the entire Ascending sign, the whole of the following sign will be the 2nd House, and any planets occupying that sign will be in the 2nd House, the whole of the following sign will constitute the 3rd House, and so on.

In the case study diagrams that follow, the diagram on the left shows the chart using conventional western Tropical/Placidus settings, and on the right you will find the Sidereal/Whole Sign chart.

With that out of the way:

The Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas

Pancha’ means five, ‘Maha’ means ‘great’, ‘Purusha’ means ‘person’ or ‘being’. So, the Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas are ‘five combinations that produce a great being’.

These yogas are formed when Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn (the ancient planets excluding the luminaries and nodes) are located in their own or exaltation signs while also being in a ‘Kendra’ (or angular house- 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th).

That’s the usual definition. Light on Life, by Hart de Fouw and Robert Svoboda (2) states that these yogas are also formed when these planets are in their own or exaltation signs, while being in the ‘Kona’ or ‘Dharma’ houses (1st, 5th & 9th). Planets located in these Houses have ‘flair’, and can express their attributes freely.

The italicized interpretations quoted below for the Mahapurusha Yogas are from an ancient Jyotish text named Phaladipika (3), as presented in Light on Life.

Ruchaka Yoga is the Mahapurusha Yoga of Mars, formed when Mars is in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn, while also in an angular house.

“The person born in Ruchaka Yoga will have a long face, will acquire wealth by doing many daring deeds, will be brave, will overcome his enemies, and will be powerful and arrogant. He will become renowned for his merits, will be a leader of an army, and will emerge victorious in all his attempts.”

Adolf Hitler (Fig. 1) and Muhammed Ali (Fig. 2) both have Mars in Sidereal Aries; Hitler in the 7th and Muhammad Ali in the 10th. Both were in different ways ‘professional warriors’ who were also arguably ‘powerful and arrogant’ and ‘overcame their enemies‘- much of the time at least.

Hitler Tropical and Sidereal astro

 Fig. 1 Adolf Hitler

 Fig. 2   Muhammad Ali

No doubt both Rudolf Steiner (Fig. 7) and Condaleezza Rice, Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to George W. Bush (Fig. 3), owed much of their dynamism, confidence and force of character to the Ruchaka Yogas in their respective charts.

Rice astro

Fig. 3  Condoleezza Rice

Bhadra Yoga is the name for the Mahapurusha Yoga of Mercury and is formed when Mercury is in Gemini or Virgo, while also occupying a ‘Kendra’ (angular house).

“The person born in Bhadra Yoga will be gifted with long life and keen intellect, will be clean, will be praised by the learned, will lead men, will be very rich, and will be clever in addressing an assembly.”

The Dalai Lama (Fig. 4), known for his ready wit and youthful good humour, and a relentless teaching and speaking itinerary, was born with Bhadra Yoga (Mercury in Gemini in the 1st) in his Jyotish horoscope.

Dalai Lama

Fig. 4   Dalai Lama

Bill Gates (Fig. 5) has it too (Mercury is exalted in Virgo, lord of asc, in the 4th). Along with the general Mercurial attributes of intelligence, ingenuity and knack for languages, ciphers and codes, the mercantile (earthy) and utilitarian aspect of Mercury is in his case conspicuous too. (4)

Bill Gates astro

Fig. 5  Bill Gates

Hamsa Yoga is the Mahapurusha Yoga of Jupiter (Guru). It is formed when Jupiter is located in Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer, while also being in an angular house (1, 4, 7, 10).

Hamsa’ means ‘goose’ or ‘swan’, and it is believed that the goose can separate (discriminate) between milk and water. A theme of spiritual discernment is implied. We know that Jupiter has holistic knowledge (is ‘endowed with all branches of learning’), and this can provide a breadth of perspective that makes accurate and balanced discernment possible. Naturally such a powerful Jupiter may make one a teacher of some kind, and indicates integrity and nobility of character.

“The person born in Hamsa Yoga will be a king extolled by the good… He will possess a beautiful body, will eat sumptuous food, and will be of a righteous disposition.”

The venerable Nicholas Culpeper (Fig. 6), herbalist, physician and astrologer, was born under Hamsa Yoga. It’s quite a fine example of the power of such an extremely beneficial yoga has the to mitigate other less helpful factors, such as his debilitated Sidereal Sun, Mars and and Saturn. (5)

Culpeper astro

 Fig. 6   Nicholas Culpeper

In Culpeper’s case the lord of the 1st is in the 1st which greatly safeguards his ‘name and fame’, character, and physical safety. Jupiter in an angular house in particular (even if not exalted or in own sign) is said to cancel many adverse yogas in a chart.

The mystical yet practical Rudolf Steiner (Fig. 7) had Jupiter in Cancer in the 10th. He emerged as the leading figure of the Theosophical movement in Europe around the time his Jupiter Dasha (16 year long major period of Jupiter) began.

Steiner astro

Fig. 7   Rudolf Steiner

Malavya Yoga is the Mahapurusha Yoga of Venus (Shukra). It is formed when Venus is located in Taurus, Libra or Pisces, while also being in an angular house (‘Kendra’).

“The person born in Malavya Yoga will have strong limbs, will be resolute, wealthy and endowed with wife, children and good fortune, will be prosperous, will eat good food, enjoy pleasures and command good vehicles, and will become famous and learned. He will possess unperturbed senses.”

Good looking David Beckam’s Jyotish chart (Fig. 8) contains Malavya Yoga (Venus in Taurus in the 1st House). He’s conspicuously ‘endowed with wife and child‘, and he is as famous for his Venusian virtues and life narrative as his athletic prowess (that seems amply accounted for by nimble Mercury on his Ascendant and Mars in the 10th).

Beckham astro

 Fig. 8 David Beckham

Shasha Yoga is the Mahapurusha Yoga of Saturn. It is formed when Saturn is in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra while also being located in a Kendra (angular house).

“The person born in Shasha Yoga will be extolled by all, will have good servants, will be strong, will be a king or the headman of a village, will be wicked in disposition, will have intrigues with women not his own, will usurp others’ wealth, and will be happy.”

Barack Obama (Fig. 9) qualifies for Shasha Yoga. Naturally an exceptionally empowered Saturn will help a political career.

Obama astro

Fig. 9   Barack Obama

See below (Fig. 10) Margaret Thatcher’s exalted Saturn in Sidereal Libra in the 1st; an effective leader perhaps, but much reviled also.

Thatcher astro

 Fig. 10 Margaret Thatcher

Speaking of ‘wicked in disposition’, the notorious magician Aleister Crowley, dubbed the ‘wickedest man the world’ had such a potentized Saturn, regardless of which zodiac and house system you use, along with two other Mahapurusha Yogas in the Jyotish chart.

Crowley astro

Fig.11   Aleister Crowley

Bhava Karakas

A quick note on Bhava Karakas. A necessary digression for a full appreciation of this discussion on the Mahapurusha Yogas.

Bhava’ is the word conventionally used in Indian astrology for an astrological ‘House’. ‘Karaka’ translates as ‘significator’. If a Bhava’s Karaka is strong, it bodes well for the Bhava or House.

The Karaka planet represents, or has an important bearing on, the themes associated with the house/s for which it acts as significator. A house may be well fortified in terms of the planets that occupy it, it’s lord’s location and condition, etc., but if that house’s significator is in very poor shape, the house will be somewhat undermined none the less.

Conversely, a house which may seem to be undermined by virtue of the nature of the occupying planets (containing malefics), or the location and condition of it’s lord (lord in inimical sign and/or house), or the aspects (from malefics) to the house and it’s lord, may yet gain some substantial redemption if that Bhava’s Karaka is very powerfully placed.

Although there are some slight variations in the scheme of these ‘House Significators’, the table below will give you a good idea of the most commonly accepted correspondences.

Bhava/House                Karaka/Significator
1st House                           Sun
2nd House                         Mercury, Jupiter
3rd House                          Mars
4th House                          Moon, Venus (sometimes Mars)
5th House                          Jupiter
6th House                          Mars, Saturn
7th House                           Venus (Jupiter traditionally for women)
8th House                           Saturn
9th House                           Sun, Jupiter
10th House                         Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn
11th House                         Jupiter
12 House                             Saturn, Ketu

The point to note here is that the Mahapurusha Yogas not only alert us to the fact that a given planet is close to it’s maximum possible strength (in terms of sign and house placement), and therefore most likely a dominant force in the chart, a close reading of some of the above aphorisms from Phaladipika quoted above reveals that certain elements of the interpretations are not simply descriptions of the planetary symbolism or planetary types, the houses for which the planets act as permanent general significators (bhava karakas) inform the meaning of their significator planet’s exalted status.

This is very explicit in such traditional statements as ‘will command good vehicles’ for Malavya Yoga, the Mahapurusha Yoga of Venus. The 4th House of the horoscope in Jyotish represents cars, vehicles and conveyances (boats perhaps), over and above much of the other general significations for the 4th House shared with western astrology, such as the home, real estate, the mother (some western astrologers would agree, others not), and so on. It’s clear the aphorism, in it’s reference to ‘vehicles’, is doing so on the basis of the fact that Venus is a Karaka or signficator for the 4th House of vehicles.

The charts below (Fig. 12) belong to a client of mine. The tropical western chart on the left, and on the right the Jyotish chart in something closer to it’s native format, showing the Dasha life cycle periods. Venus is here in Sidereal Pisces in the 10th House, and so his chart contains Malavya Yoga. He arrived by bicycle to our first meeting, which occurred about a year after he had begun his 20 year long Venus Dasha (the major period of Venus, in which her role in the chart would blossom).

In the course of breaking all the good news to him, and on the basis of my experience of the accuracy of this link between cars, the 4th House and Venus, I said, “As an aside, it says you will have good vehicles. You may always have had good vehicles, but the vehicles you will now have will be particularly good. It’s a silly little thing, but there’s something that’s awakened in you that will be reflected in high quality cars. Have you gotten a new car in the past year?”. He replied: “Just now. It’s a Porshe GT..(bla bla). Ordered it a year ago”. If you think about it, that’s a very specific statement to make to a rather average looking stranger who arrived on a bicycle. It could easily have been quite wrong, or very much less spectacularly correct.

There is naturally great promise in the Dasha or planetary period of a planet forming a Mahapurusha Yoga.


Fig. 12  the portent of a Porsche purchase in Malavya Yoga

Going back to the aphorism for Bhadra Yoga in Mantreswara’s Phaladipika, the Mahapurusha Yoga of Mercury: the planet of eloquence, or at the least literacy (so essential to basic professional if not political success) is one of the Bhava Karakas for the 10th House of social status. This makes ‘will lead mean’ in Phaladipika’s interpretation for Bhadra Yoga more specifically meaningful and suggestive than it may appear at first glance. Without command of Mercury, 10th House aspirations are missing an essential ingredient; yet with a very empowered Mercury on the other hand, 10th House potential abounds. A super-strong Mercury (being Karaka for the 2nd House also) may thus mean the native ‘will be very rich’.

In Phaladipika’s aphorism for Shasha Yoga, the Mahapurusha Yoga of Saturn, we find ‘will have good servants‘ (6th House), ‘will usurp the wealth of others’ (clearly 8th House), ‘will be wicked in disposition‘ (6th, 8th & 12th), ‘will have intrigues with women not his own‘ (the 12th House in Jyotish is associated with bed pleasures, not to speak of ‘intrigues‘ being covered well by 8th and 12th). An extremely powerful Saturn naturally ‘enhances’ the houses for which it is a Bhava Karaka; the 6th, 8th and 12th.

Mata Hari’s chart (Fig. 13) contains Shasha Yoga (according to Light on Life’s broader definition of the formation of Mahapurusha Yogas, which includes the 5th and 9th Houses, over and above the Kendras), since Saturn is in Aquarius in the 5th House. This yoga recurs from her ‘Chandra Lagna’, or ‘Moon Ascendant’- a principle which will be expanded on below- since Saturn is in it’s own sign and the 1st House from the Moon.

Mata Hari astro

Fig. 13 Mata Hari

Needless to say many good people are born with Shasha Yoga in their charts. By Light on Life’s criteria that would include the Dalai Lama (Fig. 4), who has Saturn in Aquarius in the 9th (lord of 9th in 9th preserves the 9th, even if it’s Saturn), but it always points to a certain prominent Saturnine streak which may, in it’s more exalted manifestation, show as constructive practicality in worldly matters, and even aptitude for politics (Saturn is a 10th House Karaka), where the need to navigate through a world of secrets, sins and intrigues (8th and 12th Karaka) is par for the course, even if you have the noblest intentions.


Raja Yogas

Raja’ means ‘king’. Raja Yogas are combinations for ‘kingly success’. There are many types of combinations that constitute a Raja Yoga of some grade or other.

I want to focus here on presenting a particular common approach to identifying Raja Yogas: the ‘Dharma Karma Adhipati Yogas’, or ‘combinations of the lords of fortune and action’. These occur through various relationships between Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th & 10th) and Kona (1st, 5th & 9th) lords. Combinations of the 9th and 10th lords are considered particularly powerful.

Karma’ means simply ‘action’ (no guilt implied). The Kendras or angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th & 10th) represent externalized manifestation and movement and are regarded as ‘karma houses’. Western astrology and Jyotish have in principle an identical view of the angular houses being the ‘foreground’ of the chart, where the energies of planets are most obviously active and exteriorized.

The 1st, 5th and 9th Houses, or ‘Konas’, the houses that correspond to the signs of the fire triplicity of the zodiac, are also known as ‘Dharma’ houses in Jyotish. Dharma can translate roughly as ‘authentic self-expression’, or sometimes as ‘life purpose’ in the context of the horoscope. These ‘fire houses’ represent, in a sense, where we are most inspired and most free and most true to our essential nature.

If you think of 1st House, it’s the very simple pure truth of who we are, as revealed in our face, and at our birth. The 5th House, the heart, the bosom, the house of romance and play, is in its ideal manifestation a peak state of joy and exhilaration, and a type of completely honest and pure self-expression. The 9th House is the ever expanding horizon of the ignited seeker, who transported thereby above and beyond limitations and gloom that oppress souls who cannot access this state. These Konas in Jyotish are considered distinctly auspicious.

If you can get this fiery grace and creative intelligence (Konas) to combine with ambition, action and manifestation (Kendras), you can become a ‘raja’.

A king is one whose worldly actions are mandated by dharma. When the action and dynamism of the Kendras is combined with the inspiration and integrity of Konas, you get an alchemical blend that produces ‘works aligned to authentic purpose’. Success (without error or sin due to misaligned intentions, methods and motives) is the result.

In Richard Branson’s chart (Fig. 14) Moon is lord of the 1st House (a Kendra) in mutual aspect (due to being in opposite signs as per Jyotish rules for Aspects) to 9th lord Jupiter. So this is a Raja Yoga of a kind in his 2nd and 8th Houses. It could be added that Jupiter as 9th lord being in mutual aspect to 7th lord Saturn forms another Raja Yoga combination in the same 2nd/8th axis.

Branson astro

Fig. 14 Richard Branson

Consider that the Ascendant lord is always lord of both a Kendra and a Kona automatically, and in that lies much of it’s assumed benefic status for that Ascendant, even when it’s a natural malefic. The fact that it is both a Kendra and a Kona could be cited also as a reason for the 1st House’s pre-eminence among the Houses.

Some Ascendants (not all) have a planet, apart from the Ascendant lord, that is lord of one Kendra and one Kona. This is only possible for Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendants. This planet become known as the Raja Yoga Karaka (‘kingly combination significator’) for that particular Ascendant and becomes a powerful benefic regardless of it’s natural status as either benefic or malefic.

For the Taurus Ascendant, Capricorn being in the 9th and Aquarius in the 10th makes Saturn the Raja Yoga Karaka.

For the Cancer Ascendant, Scorpio in the 5th and Aries in the 10th makes Mars the Raja Yoga Karaka. (6)

For a Leo Ascendant, Scorpio in the 4th and Aries in the 9th makes Mars the Raja Yoga Karaka.

For the Libra Ascendant, Capricorn in the 4th and Aquarius in the 5th makes Saturn the Raja Yoga Karaka. (7)

For the Capricorn Ascendant, Taurus in the 5th and Libra in the 10th makes Venus the Raja Yoga Karaka.

For the Aquarius Ascendant, Taurus is in the 4th and Libra in the 9th making Venus the Raja Yoga Karaka.

Gaja Kesari Yoga

Gaja Kesari Yoga’ translates literally as ‘elephant lion combination’.

Here’s Parashara’s definition:

“Should Jupiter be in an angle from the Ascendant or from the Moon, and be conjunct or aspected by (another) benefic, avoiding at the same time debilitation, combustion and inimical sign, Gajakesari Yoga is caused. One born in Gajakesari Yoga will be splendorous, wealthy, intelligent, endowed with many laudable virtues and will please the king.”

Mohandas Gandhi’s chart (Fig. 15) seems a good example of this yoga. Jupiter, in the sign of a friend, aspected by a strong Venus, is in a Kendra (angular house) from the Ascendant, being located in the 7th House, and also in the a Kendra from the Moon, being in the 10th House from the Moon (if the Moon’s constellation is taken as the 1st House).

Gandhi Tropical and Sidereal astro

Fig. 15  Mohandas Gandhi

The ‘Chandra Lagna’, quite directly ‘Moon Ascendant’, is a chart in which (whole) houses are projected from the Moon sign as the originating point, as is normally done with the east horizon. Yogas that recur in the both the natal chart and the Chandra Lagna chart are thereby reinforced, as is the case with Mahatma Gandhi. Some yogas, such as Gajakesari Yoga, are specifically calculated from the Moon in addition to the regular Ascendant. Incidentally, transits (through houses) are regularly calculated from the Chandra Lagna.

All else being equal, Gajakesari Yoga will be formed when the Moon is in Square or Opposition aspect to Jupiter. Some western astrologers would give this configuration a negative interpretation due to the negative connotations associated with the Square and Opposition aspects. Through this yoga’s lens the ‘angularity’ of Jupiter is beneficial in that it brings the ‘laudable virtues’ of that planet to the fore. You present well, you ‘please the king’and become the preferred candidate.

Chandra Mangala Yoga

The name of this combination could be translated simply as ‘Moon Mars Union’. This yoga is formed when Moon and Mars occupy the same house. It is also widely considered to be present when the Moon and Mars are in opposite signs and houses, and thus in mutual aspect.

That it should be a signature for wealth in a chart may surprise some, but that is what this combination promises, according to Jyotish tradition. It is true that in some cases it may come with some form of negative aggression, fights in the family, along the lines western astrologers would expect from a hard aspect of Moon and Mars, but, it also seems to imply a certain streetwise self-assertiveness that enables you to compete effectively, and thereby succeed in business.

I know of one case where a person exhibited all the love of fitness and grooming associated with Chandra Mangala Yoga, and started a little weight loss clinic, but she could never get it off the ground and was always lamenting: her Moon Mars union was located in the 12th House, with all the typical associated defeatism. She showed the spark of Chandra Mangala Yoga’s entrepreneurial promise, but, as far as I could tell, was perpetually sabotaging herself.

It’s not however surprising to find this combination in chart of Bill Gates (Fig. 5) in the more empowered angular 4th and 10th houses. It describes his competitive spirit, and his initiative, but there’s more than just Chandra Mangala Yoga showing wealth in his chart, as one would expect from someone whose name becomes synonymous with wealth. His chart contains other impressive combinations that can raise you above others, or give you extraordinary worldly power.

Parivartana Yoga

Parivartana Yoga is an ‘exchange of lords’ between two houses. It occurs when two planets occupy each other’s signs, as would occur between Moon in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer, for example, or between Moon in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer. In western astrology this is known as ‘mutual reception’.

It is considered generally beneficial and auspicious, but the nature (malefic/benefic) and dignity of the planets involved will be important to consider. The two examples given above would yield very different stories. Parivartana Yoga powerfully links two houses in the natal chart.

Note the Parivartana Yoga between the Sun and Moon in Richard Branson’s chart given above. Here the 1st and 2nd Houses are combined by mutual reception; the 1st lord is in the 2nd and the 2nd lord in the 1st, and both planets are well placed in each other’s signs.

In the chart of Albert Einstein (Fig. 16), Jupiter is in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces: Jupiter is lord of the 10th located in the 9th, and Saturn is lord of the 9th, located in the 10th (this linking of the 9th and 10th in itself constitutes a type of Raja Yoga). Einstein, fittingly, was offered the Presidency of Israel, but declined.

Einstein astro

Fig. 16 Albert Einstein

As we will see below in the ‘Combinations for Penury’, Parivartana Yoga can at times simply point to a very powerful, but otherwise unfortunate entanglement between house lords. Parivartana Yoga or it’s more familiar term, Mutual Reception, is simply one of the most powerful ways planets and the houses for whom they act as lords can interact or exchange influence.

Saraswati Yoga


Fig. 17 Saraswati by Raja Ravi Varma

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of music, learning and the arts. She is typically depicted holding a book, and a musical instrument. One with Saraswati Yoga in their natal chart can attain great heights in education, they can become extraordinarily erudite, they may excel in the arts and more or less any branch of learning they care to apply themselves to.

Saraswati Yoga is formed when Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are located in a Kendra (angular house), a Kona (a trinal house- 1st, 5th, 9th), or the 2nd House. All the planets (Jupiter in particular) should be well placed by sign.

It is easy to believe and understand that for someone to be truly gifted in the arts and sciences they may require a number of faculties and skills to be well developed. When the three most refined and cultured planets are all in houses and signs that support their full and empowered expression, the composite result is this ‘blessing of Saraswati’.

The inclusion of the 2nd House in the criteria for this yoga’s formation is due to it’s association in Jyotish with education, learning, speech and memory.

In practice you will find several horoscopes in which the criteria for Saraswati Yoga are very nearly, but not completely, met. You will then find much of the potential for attainments in learning and the arts present in the person’s life or personality expression, but it would be easier to bring it into full bloom when all the criteria are not only met, but supported by further indications in the chart. Simply having a single one of the three planets involved in this yoga in a Kendra (angular house), Kona (‘trinal’ house), or in the 2nd House enhances intellectual, artistic, or academic potential to some degree.

Einstein’s chart qualifies, unsurprisingly, to a large extent for Saraswati Yoga; except for the debilitation of Mercury in the sign Pisces. This debilitation is however ‘cancelled’ by a ‘Neecha Bhanga Yoga’.

Neecha’ means debilitation and ‘Bhanga’ the breaking thereof. This breaking or cancelling of the debilitated status of a planet can occur in a number of ways. For one, the stronger the debilitated planet’s dispositor is, the better. If a debilitated planet’s dispositor is in an angular house, this cancels the debilitation. In Einstein’s case Mercury’s debilitation is cancelled by the fact that Venus, the planet that would be exalted in Mercury’s debilitation sign (Pisces), is in fact so powerfully placed in his chart.

Luciano Pavarotti (Fig. 18) has a well formed Saraswati Yoga in his chart: Venus in the 2nd, Mercury in the 4th, Jupiter strong by sign in the 5th. His Ascendant lord in the 9th House would no doubt have assisted him in finding his vocation.


Fig. 18   Luciano Pavaroti

Amala Yoga

In the words of Parashara:

“If there be exclusively a benefic in the 10th from the Ascendant or Moon, Amala Yoga exists. Amala Yoga will confer fame lasting as long as the moon and stars endure and will make the native honoured by the king, enjoy abundant pleasures, be charitable; fond of relatives, helpful to others, pious and virtuous”

Amala’ means ‘stainless’. The person enjoys a sterling reputation, since they do good works that benefit society and show goodwill to others in their public dealings.

The famous astrologer Robert Hand (Fig. 19), who will no doubt be remembered and praised for his work long after he leaves this world, has Amala Yoga in his chart, counted from the Moon (and, incidentally, also Saraswati Yoga from the Moon). Jupiter’s exaltation greatly strengthens this yoga in his chart.

Robert Hand

Fig. 19 Robert Hand

Dhana Yogas

Dhana Yogas are a specific group of yogas that promise great wealth. A close look at how they’re structured reveals certain important Jyotish principles regarding how wealth is more generally judged in the horoscope. The first thing to note is the pivotal role of the 11th House as the house of ‘gains’ and income. Although the second house is also associated with money and property in Jyotish, the 11th House is even more closely scrutinized in this matter.

A few examples will illustrate.

From Brihat Parashara Hora:

“Should a sign of Venus be in the 5th House and occupied by Venus himself while Mars is in the 11th House, the native will obtain great riches.”

Only Gemini and Capricorn Ascendants can have a Venus ruled sign in the 5th House. For this yoga to be formed Venus must be in the 5th, in either Libra or Taurus respectively, and thus in her own sign. This is a great boost for the 5th House and it’s lord. If Mars is in the 11th for a Gemini Ascendant it has to be in Aries, it’s own sign, so then the lord of the 11th is in the 11th; a great boost for the 11th. If Mars is in the 11th for a Capricorn Ascendant it will also be in it’s own sign.

If you refer back to Bill Gates’ chart (Fig. 5), you’ll see he has something close to this Dhana Yoga, but not perfectly. His Ascendant is Gemini, Venus is in Libra in the 5th (with an exalted 9th lord Saturn), but his Mars (a key wealth significantor for the Gemini Asc as 11th lord) is in the angular 4th with it’s exalted dispositor, and not itself in the 11th as per the strict criteria for this yoga.

Here’s another Dhana Yoga structure according Parashara that applies only to the Aries Ascendant:

“Should Leo be 5th House and occupied by the Sun himself as Saturn, the Moon and Jupiter occupy the 11th, the native will be very affluent.”

Again here you have lord of the 5th in it’s own sign, and lord of the 11th in it’s own sign. Moon (lord of the angular 4th) and Jupiter (lord of the beneficent 9th) reinforce the benefit gained by the 11th House due to containing it’s own lord, and perhaps further serve to mitigate 11th lord Saturn’s essentially malefic nature.

For Leo and Scorpio Ascendants:

“Should Jupiter be in the 5th identical with his own sign as Mercury is in the 11th, the native will be very affluent.”

For a Leo Ascendant Jupiter needs to be in Sagittarius in the 5th House, and Mercury in the 11th in Gemini. For the Scorpio Ascendant Jupiter would be in Pisces in the 5th, with exalted Mercury in Virgo in the 11th.

Similar rules for wealth are applied to other Ascendants which would result in very well dignified 5th and 11th Houses.

Lakshmi Yoga

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and fortune. Many modern depictions of her show gold coins streaming from her palms.

Lakshmi Yoga is formed when lord of 9th House and Venus occupy their own or exalted signs while in Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) or Kona (1st, 5th, 9th) Houses.

We noted earlier that Bill Gates (Fig. 5) has a nearly fully formed Dhana Yoga in his chart, thanks largely to his Venus in Libra in the 5th House (but failing on account of the position of Mars). His chart does however fully meet the criteria for Laksmi Yoga. Saturn, exalted lord of his 9th, is Conjunct Venus in her own sign as lord of the 5th in the 5th.

Combinations for Penury

Chapter 42 of the sage Parashara’s Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, titled ‘Combinations for Penury’ opens thus:

“1. O Lord, you have stated many yogas related to acquisition of wealth. Please tell me such yogas causing utter poverty.
2. The native will be penniless if the Ascendant lord is in the 12th as the 12th lord is in the Ascendant along with a Maraka lord (death inflicting planet, the 2nd or 7th lord) or be in aspect to such a planet.
3. The native will be penniless if the Ascendant lord is in the 6th while the 6th lord is in the Ascendant with Conjunction or aspect of a Maraka lord.
4. Should the Ascendant or the Moon be with Ketu while the Ascendant lord is in the 8th, the person concerned will be penniless.
5. If the Ascendant lord along with a malefic is in the 6th, 8th or 12th while the 2nd lord is in an enemy’s sign or debilitated, even a royal scion will become penniless.
6. If the Ascendant lord is Conjunct an evil house lord (lord of 6th, 8th or 12th) or Saturn and be devoid of benefic aspect the native will be penniless.
7. Should the 5th and 9th lords be respectively found in the 6th and 12th and be in aspect to Maraka planets, the native will be penniless.”

It goes on to list several more combinations in like vein, some more complex than those listed above.

Kemadruma Yoga

When there is no planet (excluding the Sun) conjunct (in same sign as) the Moon, and no planet in the 2nd or 12th Houses from the Moon, and no planet in an angular house from the Ascendant (in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th); Kemadruma Yoga is formed.

According to B.V. Raman’s Three Hundred Important Combinations, Kemadruma Yoga indicates:

“The person will be dirty, sorrowful, doing unrighteous deeds, poor, dependent, a rogue and a swindler.”

Freedom Cole notes in his book Science of Light that Kemadruma Yoga is cancelled by ‘the aspect of Jupiter’ (presumably to the Moon).

This criteria for this undesirable yoga combines at least two significant principles of Vedic astrology. One is that the familial Moon in particular is a planet that benefits from association and the proximity of other planets. Even malefics are better than nobody nearby at all. This yoga tends to produce a sense of alienation from others.
The other is the importance of planets in the angular houses in enabling us to carve a way for ourselves in life through the externalization and outward expression of our talents.

Shakata Yoga

The Moon in the 6th, 8th or 12th from Jupiter creates Shakata Yoga. ‘Shakata’ means ‘cart’. This yoga is said to cause the native’s fortunes to rise and fall like a cartwheel. B.V. Raman says ‘the native loses his fortune and may regain it’ and adds that while it may bring some periodic losses, it will not inevitably devastate your life.

This yoga is nullified if the Moon occupies a Kendra (angular house).

Perhaps Oscar Wilde (Fig. 20) owes some of the ups and downs in his fortunes to the Shakata Yoga in his chart (which is otherwise greatly bolstered by the powerful placements of Mars and Jupiter).

Oscar Wildre astro

Fig. 20 Oscar Wilde

Kala Sarpa Yoga

Kala’ means time and ‘Sarpa’ means serpent. ‘Time Serpent Combination’ is therefor a close translation.

Kala Sarpa Yoga is formed when all seven planets (Sun to Saturn) are located between Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node); in other words, all the planets of classical astrology on one side of the Nodal axis.

This is a rather peculiar and mysterious yoga. It is associated with dramatic life developments, or extraordinary life circumstances. There may be a meteoric rise and association with royalty and society’s elite, but also sudden and catastrophic reversals. There’s an element of unpredictability about it.

The controversial Donald Trump’s chart (Fig. 21) contains Kala Sarpa Yoga (8) and sure enough his career has been quite extraordinary, with dramatic successes and failures. Linda Johnsen notes that the yoga ‘was fully activated in Trump’s chart because he was born so near a lunar eclipse, the nodes palpably signalling their power’. (9)


Fig. 21  Donald Trump


This article has attempted to give you some idea of how ‘Yogas’ are employed in Jyotish to identify and interpret astrological combinations with special significance. There are hundreds more of these yogas to investigate beyond this small sampling.

It is true that some of the old aphorisms of traditional Jyotish may in certain respects be outdated, or culturally ‘alien’ to westerners, but I believe only superficially so. ‘The more things change the more they stay the same’; it’s just as true that within Jyotisha’s ancient lore there are timeless techniques and principles we can still learn from today.


(1) There’s more to learn about the various diagrammatical format and tabulation conventions of Jyotish, but it’s not essential for us to go into it here now. These basic adjustments of the ‘calculation settings’; the application of a Sidereal Zodiac and Whole Houses, will give the correct Jyotish sign and house placements. Bear in mind when converting charts in this way that if the Ascending degree of a Sidereal chart is close to the cusp of two signs, a small error in the time of birth could result in a dramatic change in the house placements of all the planets.
(2) Light on Life, an introduction to the Astrology of India, by Hart de Fouw and Robert Svoboda. Penguin Books, 1996.
(3) “Phaladeepika is a treatise on Hindu astrology written by Mantreswara. The text is written in lyrical Sanskrit verse comprises 865 slokas and 28 chapters. It is one of the more significant works on Hindu astrology, along with Bṛhat Parāśara Horāśāstra of Parashara, Brihat Jataka of Varahamihira, and Jataka Parijata of Vaidyanatha Dikshita. It deals in a most comprehensive and authoritative manner with almost all astrological aspects of human life.”
(4) There seems to be some doubt about the correct time of birth for Bill Gates. I have to date been working with the ‘shortly after 9:00pm’ chart as found in Solar Fire’s archive of famous charts. I notice that gives a chart for 10:00pm but acknowledges the other ‘shortly after 9:00pm’ possibility in the source notes.
(5) Nicholas Culpeper did indeed suffer his share of tragedy and frustration attributable to the debilitated planets in his chart. His mother died of breast cancer when he was young, and he himself was shot in the chest during military service. Note debilitated Mars in Sidereal Cancer also in the chart of Mata Hara (Fig. 13), executed by gunshot.
(6) This Raja Yoga Karaka status of Mars for the Cancer Ascendant further enhanced the ‘fame and success making potential’ of Muhammed Ali’s Mars in the 10th.
(7) Hitler’s Saturn in the 10th was therefore more certain to raise him to a high position. It is a curious fact that Mohandas Gandhi wielded power and changed the course of large scale social events through extreme fasting, shown, it seems, in Saturn as Raja Yoga Karaka in his 2nd House.
(8) Solar Fire’s database of famous charts, and other sources, give his time of birth as 9:51am. This ambiguity is noted in the source notes of the astrodatabank entry on Donald Trump.
(9) Hindu Astrology Lessons- Richard Houck (editor), Groundswell Press, pg. 141.

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The Quest for Astrological Light on the Ebola Outbreak

Total Solar Eclipse of 3 November 2013 directly above Guinea- the birth moment of the outbreak:

Eclipse imageI would speculate that around this time, somewhere in or near Guinea, the Ebola virus, once fearsome but presumed dead and buried, wakes up, and starts incubating in a human being. It could be up to 21 days before its host would start to feel ill. It would be quickly downhill from there for that first victim who would be vomiting and sweating. Friends and family would be highly exposed, as would any medical workers attending to the patient, since nobody would have suspected the extreme danger of the situation. It could take up to another 21 days for this first round of new infections to show symptoms and become contagious in their turn. It’s easy to see how it took until early 2014 before it started becoming apparent that there was some new virulent virus rapidly spreading in that area. I believe the first suspicions and suggestions that it was the resurrection of the Ebola virus occurred quite some time before the first official confirmation and announcement of it, which occurred around the 22nd of March 2014, immediately after the Equinox.

There are several compelling reasons why the Total Solar Eclipse of 3 November 2013 should be considered the birth or genesis of the outbreak. For one, Saturn was tightly Conjunct the Sun and Moon at the time. This would be almost enough, considering who Saturn is, and considering that people were starting to arrive in hospitals with the symptoms not long afterwards- as early as January 2014 I have read. That eclipse was not only quite precisely on the MC in Guinea at the time, but the narrow epicentre of eclipse path barely missed it. In other words, the eclipse (tagging grim Saturn along) peaked directly above the Guinea area. That eclipse could truly be said to have cast its deepest shadow, and opened the valves for Saturn I believe, while directly and almost perfectly above Guinea.

world map showing eclipse path

Africa astrocartography for Nov 13 eclipse

It seems important to note that Mars and Pluto were in the wings, aiding and abetting Saturn’s reign over this eclipse. You cannot conjure a more fearsome and ruthless trio! Here are some of Reinhold Ebertin’s words for this type of combination:

“… the rage or fury of destruction, bodily injury or harm (murder, the death of many people)… the necessity to fight for one’s existence or life…”

Sun, Moon and Saturn exactly on MC in Guinea at time of eclipse. Note that this eclipse occurred on the Mars/Pluto Midpoint

Sun, Moon and Saturn exactly on MC in Guinea at time of eclipse. Note that this eclipse occurred on the Mars/Pluto Midpoint

Then, incredibly, we find that this Solar Eclipse of 3 Nov 2013, which occurs directly above Guinea, was on the Ascendant in Dallas!  What’s more, the actual ‘flight path’ of the eclipse almost literally swoops from its point of maximum eclipse above Guinea to southern North America. The virus did just that- it traveled directly from where the eclipse was on the midheaven, to where it was on the ascendant and still near the narrow epicentre of the eclipse path!  It’s quite amazing.

Ebola in Dallas eclipse path

At the time of the Solar Eclipse of 3 November 2013 the Sun, Moon and Saturn were in the Ascendant in Dallas

At the time of the Solar Eclipse of 3 November 2013 the Sun, Moon and Saturn were in the Ascendant in Dallas

 Ebola in America Fort Worth Dallas

The Grand Cross of April 2014

Joni Patry posted a clip on youtube about the Ebola Virus and spoke about Mars in Sidereal Virgo, and the fact that it went retrograde within that sign this year. I can believe that the period of retrogression of Mars could infuse the sign it occurs in with a fuller dose than usual of its hemorrhagic virility. Mars in Virgo, of course, can describe, in simple terms ‘acute or feverish health complaints‘, as well as, arguably, the idea of a ‘health emergency and crisis‘. Mars is hot and bothered, and Virgo is health. Easy enough to see a link there. I may not have been inclined to look at it this way, even though I use the Sidereal zodiac routinely, but I think it may be part of the picture.

As far as zodiacal symbolism goes I can see in Mars in Virgo an aptness, a supportive environment for the manifestation of a ‘health war‘, but not the cause of the event. I do find it a fitting coincidence that Mars entered Sidereal Virgo pretty much as one full incubation period after the Nov 2013 eclipse was completed. Allowing for the 21 day incubation period, there’s a rather tight fit between Mars entering Sidereal Virgo (on the 26th of November 2013), and the likely first cases of manifested ‘health crisis’, such as a severely sick person arriving at a hospital.

It tempts me to reconsider the Grand Cross that caused such a stir in the first half of 2014, but through the Sidereal Zodiac lens. Consider that the Mutable signs disperse, engage with neighbors (Gemini), they travel (Sagittarius), and they’re also very literally associated with such things as health, hospitals, sacrifice, etc. (Virgo-Pisces).

I read on one of the regular timelines on the outbreak that on the 4th of April:

a mob attacks an Ebola treatment center in southeastern Guinea. Healthcare workers in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia face growing hostility from fearful, suspicious local people.

This sounds like that violent and defiant Mars/Uranus/Pluto. This particular event on the 4th of April occurred as the Sun was Conjunct Uranus and Square both Pluto and Jupiter. During April Mars not only Opposed the Sun on the 8th (in Sidereal Virgo/Pisces), but was rapidly backing earlier into Virgo (Tropical Libra), approaching its appointment with the Grand Cross around 25 April 2014. Although somewhat inadequate to the severity of the crisis, I expect that there may well have been something of a panic and a chaotic scurrying effort around this time to manage the ballooning epidemic. Doctors rushing in, makeshift facilities being quickly erected in a chaotic and extremely hazardous environment.

I think the Cross stirred things up whichever zodiacal way you look at it, and that’s the more important general point.

This cross was most dramatically exact around the 25th of April 2014, but Mars spent the entire first half of 2014 weaving in and out of creating Crosses, of varying degrees of geometric precision, out of the hovering T-Square composed of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. This in itself contributed to Mars being a very busy and provocative player on the world stage during the first half of 2014. Apart from the actual wars- with bombs and guns going off and people being killed- raging in several places in the world in that period, the level of animosity between such great powers as Russia and America seemed to reach unprecedented levels. It was a generally tumultuous period both astrologically and globally on the world stage; things were ‘feverish’.

Sidereal Mutable Grand Cross 25 April 2014

As I see it, the Sidereal Mutable Grand Cross, spearheaded as it was by a sickly Virgo Mars who kept coming back for more ‘health war’, may have been the perfect storm in which the outbreak could grow and spread. Perhaps there was just so much chaos everywhere else in the world at the time (Vladimir Putin, with his Sun aligned to the cross, helped to take care of that, in an admittedly rather Cardinal fashion), that it was difficult for those on the ground who were realizing that the situation was dire and urgently needing a focused global response, to get anyone’s attention. When you see how relatively small and effectively contained previous outbreaks of Ebola  have been, in terms of fatalities, you realize that this current resurgence is a whole new order of crisis. Perhaps it is fitting that the astrological factors contributing to the situation would be many and various.


The Equinox of March 2014: the Identification and Announcement of the Ebola outbreak

Just about every chronology of the current severe outbreak begins immediately after the Equinox that occurred on the 20th of March 2014 and refers to the announcement that there was a new and serious outbreak of the Ebola virus in the region of Guinea. The astrocartography map for the oracular moment of the Equinox shows Mercury and Neptune on the Descendant close to Guinea. The thing to note is that this is merely the coming to light- ‘news of the suffering’, as Mercury/Neptune could be read- of something that has been festering for some some time, and is already somewhat out of control.

Mercury and Neptune on the Descendant near Guinea in the Equinox chart

Mercury and Neptune on the Descendant near Guinea in the Equinox chart

A friend remarked, regarding this Mercury/Neptune on the Descendant near Guinea in the Equinox chart, that the announcement itself may be of dubious accuracy or misunderstood, which seems a fair point to ponder, however else you might interpret it.

The Equinox chart shows a Moon/Saturn Conjunction, which is widely Conjunct the November 2013 Eclipse. In a blogpost at the time of the Equinox I wrote that this could represent ‘bereavement’. Bear in mind this is a chart for the world for the coming year.

the Moon and Saturn in Conjunction in the Equinox chart, not very far from the Nov 2013 eclipse point

the Moon and Saturn in Conjunction in the Equinox chart, not very far from the Nov 2013 eclipse point


August 2014: Mars arrives at the eclipse degree, then soon afterwards Conjunct Saturn

August 2014 was an important month. Mars crossed over the Nov 2013 eclipse point around mid August, and then formed a Conjunction to Saturn on the 25th of August. I expect this was something like an important climax in the process, and that a critical watershed point was reached here that resulted in the world recognizing once and for all that this was truly an ominous global threat. I certainly felt I noticed a sharp spike in the sense of urgency and concern in the reporting on Ebola around this time, which I was only incidentally exposed to. I wasn’t tracking it, and I don’t watch television.

Mars arrives at the Eclipse degree around mid-August 2014

Mars arrives at the Eclipse degree around mid-August 2014

I found an interesting affirmation of this impression in an article  on the leading role of Cuban doctors in the fight against Ebola in West Africa. Lamenting the lack of appropriate international response to the crisis, the article states:

“André Carrilho, an illustrator whose work has appeared in the New York Times and Vanity Fair, noted the moment when the background hum of Ebola coverage suddenly turned into a shrill panic. Only in August, after two US missionaries caught the disease while working in Liberia and were flown to Atlanta, did the mushrooming crisis come into clear focus for many in the west.”


Here are a few further notable facts about the Ebola story in August:

Aug 8: WHO declares Ebola an “international public health emergency” but stops short of calling for a ban on international trade or travel.

Aug 12: WHO says death toll from the outbreak has risen above 1,000, and approves use of unproven drugs or vaccines.

A Spanish priest with Ebola dies in a Madrid hospital.

Aug 14: WHO says reports of Ebola deaths and cases from the field “vastly underestimate” the scale of the outbreak.

Aug 15: MSF compares the Ebola outbreak to “wartime,” says it will take about six months to control.

Aug 20: Liberian security forces in Monrovia fire live rounds and tear gas to disperse crowd trying to break out of Ebola quarantine. One teenager dies of gunshot wounds.

Aug 24: Democratic Republic of Congo declares an Ebola outbreak in its northern Equateur province, apparently separate from the larger West African outbreak.


Apart from the glaring way Mars crossing over the Eclipse degree seems to have excited the situation to a boiling point, that last entry, referring to an apparently separate outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo catches my eye. I could not help getting the impression that- particularly during the two weeks immediately after the Mars/Saturn Conjunction on the 25th of August- many people in my own community were getting acutely ill with infections not responding to the usual treatment. I was in fact one of them. I have never sweated like that from a fever, and in all seriousness I thought for a while I might have caught Ebola, so similar were the symptoms! 1500 kilometers away, my brother’s girlfriend was hospitalized soon after the Mars/Saturn Conjunction, acutely ill due to some difficult to trace and uncommon viral or bacterial cause. Could it be that the November 2013 eclipse (which incidentally occurred on my Ascendant) spawned many little cousins of what we have called an Ebola outbreak? It seems a plausible idea, and I think I’ve seen evidence of this. Perhaps some of these lesser “eboli” only started really waking, or flaring up, when Mars crossed the Nov 2013 Eclipse degree and arrived at a Conjunction with Saturn, and then were ready to invade those who were astrologically aligned to the eclipse, perhaps? My brother’s Moon is in Tropical Scorpio, close to where the Mars/Saturn Conjunction occurred…


Equinox 2014: America’s first Ebola case diagnosed in Dallas

It is reported that Eric Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed in America, started experiencing symptoms on the 24th of September 2014; the day after the Equinox, and the day of a New Moon. A few days later, after initially being sent home with antibiotics by healthcare workers when he sought help, he was diagnosed, at a Dallas hospital, as having contracted Ebola. The extraordinary fact that the Nov 2013 eclipse was on the Ascendant in Dallas and on, or very close to, the eclipse path, has already been described above. This was a defining moment in the unfolding drama. It announced that nobody was safe, anywhere.

I find it intriguing that there’s a very tight Mars/Neptune Square in the Equinox chart, a configuration often associated with contagious infections (Mars and Neptune were in fact in Opposition at the time of the Nov 2013 Eclipse). It implies the world will become aware of this susceptibility to contagion, at least during the coming quarter. Immediately after both Equinoxes in 2014 there have been dramatic revelations about the Ebola virus. As I understand it the ‘0 deg Aries Point‘, which is animated by all Equinoxes and Solstices, relates to things coming onto the world stage, things becoming public knowledge. This seems to be well borne out by the way the Equinoxes have been immediately followed by a big leap in public awareness of the crisis.

Curiously, the news that Ebola had arrived in America broke as the Moon in Sidereal Scorpio crossed over Mars and the star Antares, sending a tremor of fear and trepidation through the world’s most powerful nation (Antares is a red star in the heart of the scorpion; ‘Antares’ means ‘rival of Mars’ being similarly red in color, and so there was quite a dramatic meeting of ‘redness’, highlighted by the Moon, as this important news came to light).

The chart for the Equinox of 23 September 2014 places Saturn close enough to the Descendant near Dallas to warrant mentioning; perhaps it could be read as an ‘encounter with grim reaper’? It’s certainly not going to be protective. Saturn on the Descendant Aspects the Ascendant.

Saturn was on the Descendant in Dallas in the chart for the Equinox of 23 Sept 2014

Saturn was on the Descendant in Dallas in the chart for the Equinox of 23 Sept 2014


Saturn is close the Descendant in Dallas in the 23 Sept 2014 Equinox Chart

Saturn is close the Descendant in Dallas in the 23 Sept 2014 Equinox Chart

I have no doubt there is more to the astrology of the Ebola crisis than I have managed to unravel, and maybe some of the above is somewhat speculative. However, I may not have bothered trying to dig deeper about this topic at all had that 3 Novemeber 2013 Eclipse not spoken to loud and clear and true. In my opinion, it is the one solid gleaming gem of astrological revelation regarding this outbreak, and I call it that because it could be something of a key to understanding eclipses better in general, and more specifically in relation to important epidemics.

Where does it go from here, this Ebola outbreak? I don’t know. This is not everyday astrology, and I don’t want to guess. This investigation is if anything a learning journey for me. I’m merely sharing my musing as I go along. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if there is still news to be had about this story when the Equinox of 2015 comes around…

Ebola and the Total Solar Eclipse of November 2013

I remember well the total solar eclipse of 3 November 2013. I had noticed, as other astrologers would have, that Saturn was to be located very close to the Sun/Moon Conjunction that created the eclipse. At first glance this is pretty ominous, since old Saturn is the Greater Malefic of the planetary family. A type of grim reaper archetype.

I am not an expert on eclipses, and I can’t claim to have researched them carefully in the past, but non-the-less, it seemed a natural conclusion that this eclipse would in some way act as a channel and amplifier of Saturnine energy. I thought, back then, that it was a fairly big omen, and I was almost surprised at the apparent absence of dramatic world events at the time (but of course that was just a subjective impression, and I didn’t think more of it). I do recall though, that at the very time of the eclipse, in the hour of totality, I was at a Permaculture conference and several children there suddenly got very ill! It was quite surreal; everything seemed fine one moment, and the next there were writhing moaning sick children everywhere.

Then, at the end of March 2014, someone posted about the Ebola outbreak in an astro-medical facebook group. The post didn’t contain any grand astrological conclusions, and didn’t link the outbreak to the eclipse. It simply presented something of a timeline and some basic facts about the outbreak, such as the fact that it seemed to originate in or near Guinea, the incubation period of the virus, etc.

It then suddenly dawned on me that the first actual cases of the illness, which would most likely not have been diagnosed and reported, would probably have occurred not too long after the ominous looking Saturnine Solar Eclipse of 3 November 2013.

I decided to look at the astrocartography map for the time of the eclipse, just on the off chance that this eclipse had been focused somehow on Guinea and that part of Africa. Lo and behold!- the Sun/Moon/Saturn Conjunction was quite exactly on the Midheaven in the Guinea area of Africa! Soon after a virulent reemergence of the Ebola virus.

astrocartography map shows eclipse with Saturn on the Midheaven in Guinea at the time of eclipse

astrocartography map shows eclipse with Saturn on the Midheaven in Guinea at the time of eclipse

You can see it clearly on this chart for Giunea’s capital at the time of the eclipse:

Sun, Moon and Saturn exactly on MC in Guinea at time of eclipse. Note that this eclipse occurred on the Mars/Pluto Midpoint.

Sun, Moon and Saturn exactly on MC in Guinea at time of eclipse. Note also that this eclipse occurred on the ruthless and violent Mars/Pluto Midpoint.

There’s another notable layer to this, pointed out by a member of the facebook group. The actual path of totality ran very close to Guinea, and, as you can see below, arrived at the point of maximum eclipse pretty much where that path is closest to Guinea.

world map showing eclipse path

The plot thickens….

The first case of Ebola diagnosed in America occurred in the Dallas area of Texas. At the time of this eclipse the Sun, Moon and Saturn (and the ominous Mars/Pluto Midpoint) were on the Ascendant in Dallas!!

At the time of the Solar Eclipse of 3 November 2013 the Sun, Moon and Saturn were in the Ascendant in Dallas

At the time of the Solar Eclipse of 3 November 2013 the Sun, Moon and Saturn were on the Ascendant in Dallas

Ebola in America Fort Worth Dallas

What I find completely incredible is the fact that although the factors involved in the eclipse are on the Ascendant in places far north and south of Dallas, it seems to me that that southern part of North America is more or less on that same eclipse path that comes to close to Guinea, where the point of maximum eclipse occurred.

Ebola in Dallas eclipse path