A peak moment in the Uranus-Pluto Revolution

Uranus and Pluto are in a Square dance between, very roughly, 2010 and 2017, and this is very much the big news in western astrology circles.

As these two slow moving outer planets loop back and forth, periodically turning retrograde and then direct again, they shift into and out of this Square every few months during these exciting years surrounding this much anticipated year, 2012.

Around mid-2012 they arrive at one of the critical peaks in this process, as the 90 degree angle is more or less exact at this time, especially in June and early July. Now, at the very end of June the Sun plugs into the fray, Opposing Pluto and Squaring Uranus, and creating a vigorous t-square configuration.

This Uranus-Pluto Square seems to have ushered in the wave of public defiance that has seen dictators removed by ‘the people’ in the middle east, and, it seems, it has also stirred up a fresh wave of activism against unjust political and economic manipulation by an elite few in western countries. It’s this revolutionary spirit that is again reaching a boiling point as the Sun vivifies this process during the very last days of June of 2012. The full moon on the 3rd of July may also be important, since although the angles are not so precise then, that full moon will overlay Pluto, and it may release a lot of the pent up energy in some great event.

The civil war in Syria is no doubt a major manifestation of this energy on the global stage, but it’s working in other subtler ways too, through the little revolutions in the lives of individuals… like you!

Around mid-July and shortly thereafter Mars Opposes Uranus and Squares Pluto; another t-square involving a distinctly aggressive planet! Jupiter will be involved too, which, in this contentious setting, tends to heighten the sense of righteousness with which people engage in disputes. It may mark some signficant intervention or breakthrough in Syria, though there may be big events on other fronts also! Eventful weeks ahead, without a doubt!

It’s interesting to note that Uranus and Pluto were in Conjunction in the mid-1960’s, and that was in a sense the birth of the impulse that is now at a crucial ripening stage.


Believe it or not, I often don’t bother to check my own transits!

All day today I noticed I was in a bit of an aggressive mood; internally grumbling every time I was asked to help out and do something that wasn’t quite in my schedule (and I was imposed upon more than usual!), and yet I was unusually demanding of others too, assertively soliciting certain domestic services to which, well, I am not entitled as a right. I’m a little too embarrassed to go into explicit detail…

Eventually I was sufficiently concerned and intrigued to inquire of the heavens what exactly was up! This irritibility seemed distinctly martian, and after just a moments reflection on roughly where the planets are these days I had it- Transiting Mars is Quincunx my Moon!!!

I checked the ephemeris, and there it was, exact to the degree!

Ah, the sweet cosmic subtitles make it all worthwhile!

Mars-Moon transits can easily manifest as irrational anger, but the Quincunx aspect (or 150 degree angle) has qualities of the 6th and 8th Houses (Mars is now in the 8th House from my Moon), and these houses specifically relate to service, sharing, and obligations between people. Mars is in Virgo in both the Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs now, which accentuates this ‘service’ theme, and indeed much of my experience today has been with servants on the farm where I live… it’s poetry!

p.s.- in other news: with Transiting Mercury Opposing my Natal Jupiter, I decided to get this blog rolling!