Discerning the Differences between Twins with Jyotish

A few years ago, quite likely under some or other Uranus Trine by Transit, I realized that a simple rule in Jyotish whereby one can differentiate between younger and older siblings could be used to create “derived charts” for twins that would be quite distinct and different from each other. It’s not a very complex or sophisticated method; at best it’s just an elegantly simple solution applied to a complex problem that has perplexed many an astrologer. It may have been a little naïve of me to think that I had originated an entirely new astrological concept, but frankly, I hadn’t encountered the idea anywhere else, and thus I basked for a time in the pleasant illusion of thinking I’d discovered something new and exciting. I have recently learned from the The Mountain Astrologer magazine’s editorial staff that this method has been taught in Jyotish classes in America, and albeit that this is humbling, I find it reassuring also, and I am gratefully content to merely bring the technique to the attention of my fellow students of astrology.

Although what follows is a method that makes logical sense within the astrological paradigm of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), as I currently understand it, and it has thus far been to me a more or less experimental idea, so please take it as such. I can only claim that, so far, it has produced very good results every time I’ve tested it.

I have not ever cast a chart that was wrong that worked better than the one that was right…”   -Robert Hand Continue reading Discerning the Differences between Twins with Jyotish

Planetary Days and Planetary Hours

The days of the week were actually named after the seven planets of ancient astrology (this is very obvious in French). Although it’s not often discussed in popular astrology books, it is a well established astrological principle that the “energy” of the week days are actually coloured by the planets they are named after.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun
Monday is ruled by the Moon
Tuesday is ruled by Mars
Wednesday is ruled by Mercury
Thursday is ruled by Jupiter
Friday is ruled by Venus
Saturday is ruled by Saturn

It is, for example, ideal to engage in “Mercurial activities” on a Wednesday; therefor a Wednesday should be good for delivering messages, making phone calls, embarking on relatively short journeys, learning, and generally being adaptable, mobile and communicative. Friday, being ruled by Venus, should be auspicious for social engagements, sensuous pleasures and beautification. Tuesdays, being Mars ruled, would be suitable for vigorous and dynamic activities, such as “wars”, disputes or activities requiring aggression, cutting or scorching (the fateful date of 11 September 2001 was a Tuesday!). It would appear that Moondays ought to be domesticated, dreamy and docile days, and who knows; maybe people would find it easier to start their working week on a more energetic day, perhaps Tuesday?! The Jewish folks have it right making Saturday the sabbath, or day of rest, since Saturn is “death”, the end, the limit, austere detachment, etc.. Continue reading Planetary Days and Planetary Hours

United States Presidential Election 2012, Romney or Obama?

The 2012 US presidential election is scheduled for the 6th of November. Barak Obama is running for reelection against Mitt Romney.

It’s quite uncanny how close Obama’s Moon is to Romney’s Ascendant, whatever that might mean, precisely. It certainly opens a channel between them, one that could encourage friendship under ideal circumstances, but it allows any type of energetic exchange to occur more directly. Romney’s Saturn is Conjunct Obama’s Mercury and Opposes Obama’s Jupiter; he doesn’t buy Obama’s charming oratory and could block or discredit it- even while being intimadated by it. Romney’s Pluto is also Conjunct Obama’s Sun. Obama’s Mars is in tight Opposition to Romney’s Sun. These factors can make for a very competitive dynamic between two people, and interestingly, around the time of the election Transiting Mars will be located at 21-22 Sagittarius, Square Obama’s Mars and Square Romney’s Sun. They’re both assertive and/or agitated then, and their competitive and possibly even hostile interpersonal Sun-Mars Opposition is energetically triggered. Continue reading United States Presidential Election 2012, Romney or Obama?