The Final Solstice: 21 December 2012 ;-)

If you’re reading this you’ve made it through the long awaited apocalypse predicted for today, as extracted  by some from the Mayan calendar. There may be some Mayan descendants around, but the Mayan culture has long since been decimated, so I doubt we can ever know how they would have explained this date- if indeed it’s been calculated correctly.

On a more modest note, today is a Solstice, and astrologers calculate charts for the precise moment of this astronomical event, and from these charts they divine what’s in store for the world during the coming quarter of a year. This isn’t my speciality, but let’s have a look.

Solstice, 21 Dec 2012, Cape Town

Solstice, 21 Dec 2012, Cape Town

Perhaps the most striking feature of this chart is the “Yod” formed by Saturn and Pluto in a Sextile, with Jupiter at the apex, Quincunx both. Even if there wasn’t a Solstice occuring around this time to bring whatever is going on in the heavens into greater focus this would have been quite a notable configuration since these are all relatively slow moving planets that relate to developments on the world or broader social stage. Certainly not “notable” on a “the world could end” sort of level, mind you! At a push Jupiter might represent prophecy, and Saturn combining with Pluto can spell destruction, but this may simply hint at the fact that there would be a mild global murmur about such notions, as opposed to any grand manifestation of destruction. Continue reading

Astrology and Children

GeminiThere is often more going on with children than meets the eye. All too often adults try to interpret the behavior of children using adult reason, and sadly, these interpretations can easily be flawed.

I am personally very concerned about the modern trend to label every spirited child as suffering from a ‘disorder’, such as ADD, and then medicating them! One friend of mine has a rather naughty son. She has Mars in the 5th House; a very simple reading of that part of her chart suggests that, firstly, she is more likely to have sons than daughters, and secondly, that her child may well be a little warrior, and perhaps a bit of a handful at times, BUT, does he need to be medicated?! I don’t believe it. I’ve met the lad. He’s a brat, and that’s all. His mother won’t deny that she has to some extent nurtured his willfulness; I think she liked the idea of him being ‘his own person’. But children who aren’t shown boundaries keep searching for them until they find them; well certainly little Martians will! Continue reading

Uranus Direct!

Some friends of mine posted on facebook that they’d seen a UFO last night. Ok, that’s cool, but it happens…

Then it emerged that, well, scores of people saw it last night, all the way from Cape Town to Knysna where my friends are. Ok, that’s even more interesting!

Next thing, while checking my yahoo email account and casually clicking on the news link I find this article: ‘Did UFOs Fly over San Francisco & Brooklyn?’

Hey, what’s going on here?!

Yes, of course, the article claims that some Chinese lanterns were ‘flying in formation’. Is yahoo running so short of content that a few people mistaking Chinese lanterns for… something else, gets coverage there alongside Iran’s nuclear program and North Koreas recent rocket launch? Now I’m all for keeping your feet on the ground, but it’s amazing how Chinese lanterns and weather balloons are deemed capable of fairly extraordinary feats by the most pragmatic people when it’s time to account for strange things in the sky… 😉

Well, the excitement over, I popped in at the forum, as I am wont to do, and the handy sidebar that shows you where the planets are right now popped into view, and somehow- serendipitous it was – Uranus’ position twinkled at me more than it normally does. “Good heavens“, I mused, “Uranus is still at 4 Aries (Square my Saturn and Opposing my Pluto, all this apparently the underacknowledged representation of my topsy turvy life right now), and still retrograde!!“.

Then it hit me (as Uranus is wont to do): could Uranus be turning Direct now? That would certainly fit a sudden surge of surprising events in the heavens!


Take it or leave it, Uranus is associated with the mythological sky god (promise, ask the wiki!).

I’ve seen it countless times, Uranian folk are typically astronomers, astrologers, pilots, or space cadets of some kind. Such seemingly contrived mythological connections often work with uncanny consistency in the world of astrology. Some say the planets name themselves.

The moral of this story is simply that when planets are stationary (about to change direction from Direct to Retrograde or vice versa) they tend to become very powerful. It’s as if a bucketful of their energy suddenly reaches a critical mass and tips over, releasing a sudden surge of that planets’ energy into the world.

I have no idea what people have been seeing in the sky, and it hardly matters, but through my astrological lens these sightings are interestingly timed. If nothing else, when the sky god is changing gear, it can give one reason to sit up and take notice, and that, in an aptly unexpected way, just happened for me.