South African soldiers killed in the Central African Republic: the astrology

     Natal Chart of the New South Africa with Transits for 23 March 2013

Natal Chart of the New South Africa with Transits for 23 March 2013

I’ve never really doubted that the chart I’ve been using for the New South Africa is correct (at least regarding the date, if not the time and location I’ve used), but calculating a chart for a nation is not quite as clear cut and simple as calculating a chart for an individual person, so it’s reassuring when significant national events are clearly reflected in the Transits. Continue reading

Rudolf Steiner through astrological eyes

Rudolf Steiner PictureOnly muggles haven’t heard of Rudolf Steiner! He has been perhaps the most practical and prolific mystic in modern times, pioneering new approaches in education, medicine, agriculture, art, philosophy, and more. His books and lecture transcripts don’t make for light and easy reading, but they’re fascinating! Steiner developed clairvoyant abilities and could directly perceive beings and dimensions of reality invisible to us, and his writings contain extraordinary descriptions of these. Continue reading

Equinox 20 March 2013

equinox and solsticeThe Equinox occurs at about 11:03 GMT/UT (13:03 in South Africa) on the 20th of March 2013. Western astrology takes the Sun’s position along the ecliptic at this moment as marking the first degree of the sign Aries. So, this is sometimes referred to as the Aries Ingress. As the beginning of the astrological year a chart cast for the Aries Ingress is said to represent the entire year ahead. This chart is typically used to glimpse Mundane or global trends for the year ahead. It is debatable whether this Equinox has the same significance for the entire year in the southern hemisphere, but at the very least a chart for the this equinox would be valid for the coming quarter; till the Solstice on the 21st of June. Continue reading