Saturnine Solar Eclipse: 3 November 2013

Eclipse 3 Nov 2013There’s a striking solar eclipse occurring on the 3rd of November 2013 (at 12:47 GMT/UT). What makes it striking is the proximity of the Sun and Moon to Saturn at the time of the eclipse (a little before midway through the tropical sign Scorpio), implying that there’s a distinctly Saturnine flavor to it and that Saturn’s energies are brought into sharp focus for the world as a whole by this eclipse.

Saturn favors that which is worldly, material, structured and practical. Saturn rewards the prudent, the patient, the frugal, and the dutiful. Let’s face it though, Saturn has presided over the demise of most who have ever suffered demise. Saturn is often fateful. Saturn can bring about events that have an irrevocable finality to them, such as death, or separations. A powerful encounter with Saturn tends to be profound. As the planet of discipline, austerity, simplicity and silence, Saturn is in a sense the guardian of spiritual life. Saturn encourages detachment, and one reward this brings is mental clarity. Saturn demands that things be real and that they work in the real world. A positive alignment with the principle represented by Saturn will enable you the give form, in the real world, to ideas, goals and visions, and this eclipse will boost that potential.

So, while a Saturnine eclipse could naturally be viewed with a dash of trepidation, it’s far from something to be anxious about. I expect many people will use it, or channel it, effectively and constructively. Saturn appreciates practicality and constructiveness. Be practical and sensible and please him!

Below are some simple descriptions of what Saturn has been bringing up to for the 12 zodiac signs during the past year or so. Your Ascendant, Moon or Sun sign can be used (this is western astrology and the tropical zodiac). Please note, if you can bear a little astrological technicality, that the effect will be far more certain, and along the lines described, if the Sun, Moon or Ascendant are located between roughly 10 and 14 degrees of their signs. For example. if the Ascendant or Moon is in Gemini in your chart, the remarks below under Gemini will apply with more certainty if your Ascendant or Moon are located between 10 and 14 degrees of Gemini in your birth chart. The remarks under Aries will apply far more certainly if your Sun, Moon or Ascendant are located between 11 and 14 degrees Aries.

With Sun, Moon or Ascendant in:

ARIES– this eclipse places focus on resources and the terms of sharing with others. Nobody is an island; sooner or later we all need to give or receive assistance. If you are called upon to sacrifice, be gracious; if you receive, be grateful. Being connected to others isn’t always convenient. Sometimes the problems of those closest to us become ours, and so we may even at times consider severing relationships that we find too demanding of our time and money, but, very often, even these frustrating relationships contribute to our wellbeing, protection and comfort more than we realized. Once it’s over you’ll be screwing in your own lightbulbs, so to speak. You may discover that all this time the other person had your back in small but significant ways. It’s all too easy to take the support that sustains us for granted.

TAURUS– this eclipse will be very powerful for you, especially if you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant between about 10 and 14 degrees Taurus. If you can establish a clear common goal with a partner, and if you can work committedly towards that goal together, accepting cheerfully that this means more work and less playtime with your partner, then you are making good use of Saturn’s current influence in your life. However, reaching this ideal place may take some negotiation with the key other, and the acknowledgement and acceptance of imperfections in your partner and the relationship. If there’s more work to be done on these fronts then this eclipse is likely to make you aware of this fact. It’s also true though that personal relationships thrive on caring, sharing and openness, so don’t allow the pressures of work and life in the real world, or the perceived differences between yourself and others, to dull your receptivity to real connecting. You may feel alone, and yet you may not let others in. Also, don’t take it personally if people expect a lot from you, especially in your career; allow their critical feedback to polish you for your future professional success by diligently applying yourself to correcting any faults they help you to become aware of.

GEMINI– this eclipse has a 6th House significance for you, and it may therefor have a bearing on your health. It is possible that around the time of the eclipse you will be feeling a little unwell. This type of astrological event may well bring underlying health conditions to the surface in some way. It is likely, though, that any aggravated condition would have been present or ‘brewing’ for some time, easily a year or two. Is there anything in your lifestyle that weakens your health and which you’re refusing to change (thoroughly and completely)? How’s your work going? Changes and strong events are likely there. How can you be more skillful in your work? Are you cutting corners? Are you really committed to your work or have you been avoiding or neglecting necessary but tedious tasks? Any problems with co-workers, bosses or employees? These are probably pertinent questions.┬áIf these issues have been looming or gradually developing for some time, this eclipse is likely to bring them into sharper resolution. The good thing about this is that you may manage to deal with and finally transform niggling problems, but you have to do the work.

CANCER– with Jupiter lately being in Cancer, those with key placements (Sun, Moon, Ascendant) in Cancer are enjoying a measure of protection and even personal growth and expansion. That’s awesome! This eclipse shouldn’t be too dramatic for you, at least not negatively (assuming there aren’t important planets in your chart located between 10 and 14 degrees of Fixed Signs). This eclipse places the focus is on ‘creative self-expression’, and this includes playing, romance and children. These are areas where there have been Saturnine lessons in the past year, at least. There may be some underlying inhibition in self-expression, in really spontaneously and openly sharing with the world who we are. You may realize that you’re struggling to really give your heart, or, it may happen that you experience a sense of fragility or vulnerability as a result of falling in love and opening your heart. Your inner child may be be acting too old, and/or any outer child you might have could undergo a related identity crisis (as part of a perfectly natural and necessary butterfly like transformation). Everyone is not going to love everything you do and everything you produce and express, but you need to risk criticism and having inadequacies exposed in order to qualify for praise and admiration of your uniqueness.

LEO– the value of a happy home can’t be overrated. If your home life is nurturing and nourishing you can get back into the fray, when the daytime comes, with a bounce in your step, because you belong somewhere, and you’re rested and supported. For at least a year Leo types have been working on this issue, which means identifying where home-work is needed (in some cases this may even mean building or renovating a home). Some domestic relationships may need careful management. You may have to deal with difficulties affecting other family members or you may simply experience a type of aloneness that can be scary. It is likely that at times there would be a need to grow some emotional backbone, so to speak, since Saturn may not allow for much pampering and you may need to be strong for others just when you wish someone could be a pillar of support for you. Your internal and private world, your home and domestic life and the associated relationships (such as with parents in particular) that’s where this Saturnine eclipse is focused for you; it’s likely that you’ll need to attend to fresh and important developments in that area around the time of the eclipse. If you feel there’s anything missing from your life, particularly in terms of your inner or emotional life, don’t be passive or defeatist about it. Change it. Caring for others is caring for yourself, and vice versa.

VIRGO– although the people we encounter every day are not always those closest to our hearts, these are the brethren, the portion of the human family with whom we’re called upon to engage and interact, even if only in a casual manner, and we should cherish them in all their diversity and regardless of whether they’re particularly useful to us or pleasant to be around. There are potential benefactors and adversaries of significance among those we regularly encounter, which is one good reason to be respectfully mindful in our neighborly exchanges. Our communication skill is key to getting the best out of these incidental relationships. Are you making yourself clear, and are you doing so nicely, with friendly enthusiasm? If you’re apathetic and aloof, well, others are not likely to go out of their way to be your faerie godmother. Are you sure you don’t need friends? Conversely, the slightest courteous acknowledgement of a stranger, beyond the civil minimum, could get you an ally who silently saves your hide at a critical moment. Respect thy neighbor! Your neighborhood and all the people in it are infinitely fascinating. See that and be inspired and motivated to transform your lethargic capitulation to unavoidable courteous small-talk into a dance of responsive and creative interactions. Are you the engaging friend or neighbor you’d like to meet? A younger sibling may experience a crisis around the time of this eclipse.

LIBRA– financial prudence isn’t anything to get excited about, but it’s something many Librans will lately be getting reluctantly intimate with. If there has been excess spending in the past, there will be a deficit, and it will require frugality to restore some semblance of financial control and security. Of course there will be those with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Libra who have not been irresponsible in the past and/or they’re so rich not even transiting Saturn in the 2nd House can impoverish them. There is no doubt that even they will be aware that it is a responsible and conservative fiscal policy that preserves the homeostasis of the bank account. Resourcefulness is a virtue being cultivated here. Mind the mouth; improve the quality of what goes in (food etc.) and that which comes out (speech).

SCORPIO– of all the zodiac signs Scorpio is most directly and personally affected by this eclipse. If your birthday happens to be early November, especially between roughly the 1st and the 5th of November, this eclipse will have a very potent effect on you, although it may take months for the full implications of present developments to become more accurately measurable. It would in the short term and around the time of the eclipse be something of a climax in a generally pressured and stressful time. If you can rise to the occasion you may manage to bring a project to successful completion and/or you may instigate new projects that will develop gradually over the coming years. The challenge is to be as effective as possible with the minimum lost energy and composure due to the many circumstantial inconveniences- such as bodily ailments and career adjustments- which you may well need to contend with now. This eclipse could at best be something of a life-path breakthrough in that you may gain some realization about the ideal direction to orientate towards. You may have to leave some things, places or people behind, but rest assured, when this happens under these circumstances it’s ultimately for the good, since there’s some baggage you just can’t take along with you on your new journey. Look ahead and work with patience and diligence and cheerfulness.

SAGITTARIUS– this eclipse is in a sense hidden from conscious awareness for Sagittarians; it occurs in the subconscious, so to speak. It may evoke an awareness of or concern with hidden and secret things. There may be some underlying fears that could be evoked by Saturn’s presence in the 12th House. There may be a fear that the material structures that support you are not dependable in the longer term, and/or there is generally an awareness that the best laid plans in life may be washed away by the inexorable forces of time and fate and karma, and all that. It can be humbling and it’s ultimately about a spiritual surrender to the fact that we can’t control everything, and if there’s a Great Spirit or God or what-have-you at the helm, our comfort is not a special concern of this great being. There’s an inner power gained from such surrender. From that place no misfortune can assail you, since you accept what the Cosmic Mother gives and you realize that every breath you breathe is by her grace and mercy. Indeed such grand inner spiritual breakthroughs would represent the kind of thing we’d expect as the higher potential of this eclipse for those with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Sagittarius. For some Sagittarians the 12th House energies of this eclipse will simply take the form of ‘losses’, sorrow, confinement and/or experiences with hospitals, prisons or monasteries. It’s pointing inward, away from worldly and material things, towards the inner life.

CAPRICORN– this eclipse highlights friendships and group activity, and you should reflect on what this area of life has meant to you in the past year or so and how you can engage with it constructively in the coming year. At worst you may have felt excluded at times and/or you were separated from friends by physical circumstances or because of a newly recognized lack of compatibility and goodwill. If you’ve managed Saturn’s influence well you very likely grew a great deal through learning to be a team player. You may have much to contribute, and also much to receive, so don’t let minor problems derail open-hearted participation. This eclipse may well draw you into some or other social event and there’s no reason it can’t be a constructive and meaningful experience. If you’ve managed to make Saturn an ally this eclipse may bring some important financial benefits; there may well be some notable development in that area. With Jupiter lately in Cancer, opposite (or in the 7th House from) Capricorn there is a strong boost to social engagement in a way that moderates much of the above. Capricorns should be ok with this eclipse, although some of their friends may experience crucial life changes.

AQUARIUS– there will be powerful professional developments around the time of this eclipse, and if you have been working well and preparing for this time diligently it could be something of a professional breakthrough, a climax in the established progressive professional trend. If on the contrary you’ve been preparing for your own professional fall from grace you could also succeed now and you may then experience a sense of acute frustration in your work and with employers or other authorities. It is possible that you’re finding your professional life an area of tedious responsibilities, but while there is indeed a high price to achievement, rest assured that if you’re doing your best you’re establishing your credibility with many people. and material rewards will ultimately follow. Clarify and commit to your career goals. Are you commanding social respect and resources as a result of the value of your social contribution? The less clear you are about where you’re going in life, career-wise, the more awkward this eclipse is likely to be. The humblest calling is respectable, if it’s duties are performed with integrity. However high or low you aim, this is the time to nurture what you have of worldly ambition.

PISCES– it’s interesting to see people cyclically spurred on to apply themselves to expand their intellectual horizons. For at least a year Pisceans have been aware that there are gaps in their understanding of important things and that their philosophical world view is quite incomplete . This is a necessary prelude to the commitment to embark on a course of study to achieve mastery in some intellectual or spiritual field. It’s also necessary to find the appropriate teachers, and this eclipse may well draw them closer. There may, however, be some resistance to accepting guidance and teachers. There may even be skepticism or doubts about religion and criticism of gurus. Any underlying obstacles to ‘philosophical realization’ will be brought into focus by this eclipse. Usually this is skepticism. That said, for those who are working graciously with Satutn, this eclipse could bring deepened philosophical, scientific or religious understanding, perhaps the result of intensified intellectual efforts. There may also be significant travels…