Melissa Bachman and the lion kill

Recently a certain Melissa Bachman from the USA caused more than a little upset here in South Africa after a picture of her posing next to a lion she’d shot and killed got around.

Melissa, smiling next to her trophy

I personally totally abhor such unnecessary killing, but I do find it intriguing that this particular person and this particular incident should suddenly be so inflammatory when this kind of thing happens daily in Africa, South Africa being no exception. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it may be technically completely legal in South Africa for her to have killed that lion in that setting. Had she flouted our laws, had she burst in here massacreing animals we were protecting and cherishing as a nation with appropriate laws and infrastructure, then, indeed, go on, have your mob justice. Ban her, or worse!

Then what?

Yes, I have heard, this woman loves to kill living creatures. It’s her thing. It’s crazy that it’s allowed, but it is, and that’s what we should really be looking at. I personally think willfully and wantonly killing any sentient creature is a form of murder, but alas, we’re in the age of Kali Yuga and civilization is at a very low ebb!

I also believe that sarcasm, hurtful and intentionally wounding criticism, cheating another person out of their fair share, slander, making another person feel less than, controlling or manipulating other people because you aren’t quite at peace with yourself, these too are heinous crimes, aren’t they?

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul has said:

“Harmful magnetic conditions, as the result of man’s wrong handling of force, are the causes of evil in the world around us, including the three sub-human kingdoms. How can we, as individuals, change this? By the development in ourselves of Harmlessness. Therefore, study yourself from this angle. Study your daily conduct and words and thoughts so as to make them utterly harmless. Set yourself to think those thoughts about yourself and others which will be constructive and positive, and hence harmless in their effects. Study your emotional effect on others, so that by no mood, no depression, and no emotional reaction can you harm a fellow-man. Remember in this connection, violent spiritual aspiration and enthusiasm, misplaced or misdirected, may quite easily harm a fellow-man, so look not only at your wrong tendencies but at the use of your virtues.

If harmlessness is the keynote of your life, you will do more to produce right harmonious conditions in your personality than any amount of discipline along other lines. The drastic purgation brought about by the attempt to be harmless will go far to eliminate wrong states of consciousness . . .

Therefore, I say to you at this time, I – an older and perhaps more experienced disciple and worker in the great vineyard of the Lord – practice harmlessness with zest and understanding, for it is (if truly carried out) the destroyer of all limitation.”

I believe I have found the correct date, but not the time, of Melissa’s birth.

Natal Chart of Melissa Bachman: no birth time so Ascending, MC and Moon degree uncertain

I guess finding Mars and Saturn in Conjunction is no surprise (circled in red in the diagram above). Mars can be aggressive and ruthless enough by itself, but when combined with calculated Saturn, cruelty becomes more likely. Furthermore, there is a tight Square between Mercury and Mars. This is no doubt currently manifesting as ‘sharp shooting’; Mercury-Mars is ‘clever aggression’; it’s the gun with it’s scope, the precise aiming…

Blogging about hunting is, well, certainly a direct translation of Mercury-Mars, and with Mercury in Ashlesha Nakshatra (the Lunar Mansion of Vedic astrology symbolized as a serpent and associated with wounding and harm) the intellectual faculties have been directed towards planning, executing and then articulately describing harmfulness.

Her chart merely provides conditions or, for want of better words, a structure that make possible what she is manifesting and embodying. It is not inevitable that it would take this form, neither is it inevitable that Melissa will persist in expressing these features of her chart in the way she has been doing thus far. She may well change. Although it’s unfortunately true that humans are capable of tremendous desensitization (Moon Square Uranus in her chart?), we’re all the same in essence, and that essence tends to express itself as caring and protective instincts.

She is now, as this furore over her lion kill in South Africa erupts, in the throes of her Saturn Return. Obviously this is a type of ripening or ‘coming of age’ of precisely that part of her chart that most distinctly and unambiguously shows where this hardness in her comes from that makes her killing possible. How fascinating but also appropriate that it should be at this time that she suddenly, and I expect, unwittingly, set off a hornet’s nest of protest. Saturn Returns often bring us clear feedback from the larger social order about the viability (or otherwise) of our chosen role and career and our style of bringing this into concrete expression. During mid 2014 transiting Saturn will be stationary on her Mars for quite a while. I wonder whether that will involve any delayed backlash from this South African sojourn that has evoked such interest in her ‘work’?

Take a look at the New South Africa’s chart below. We have a rather self-righteous Sun-Jupiter Opposition that her Saturn plugs into very snugly, and as Saturn returns to that place she profoundly offends our dignity! Isn’t it interesting that on the 3rd of November there was a Solar Eclipse (with Saturn very close to the Sun and Moon) at 11 degrees Scorpio, very close to the place of Jupiter in the New South Africa’s chart (10 degrees Scorpio) and Melissa’s Saturn (9 degrees Scorpio). Eclipses are widely believed by astrologers to have an effect for weeks if not months before and after they occur. In other words, a very big energy release occurred early in November 2013 exactly where South Africa’s ‘public dignity and righteousness’ complex (presented by Sun Opposing Jupiter in the 10th in the New South Africa’s chart) is located. The eclipse was like a huge amplification of Melissa Bachman’s Saturn Return (with Mars), which found a perfect dancing partner in South Africa’s simultaneous ripeness for a public (10th) display of dignified moralizing (Jupiter/Sun). I have previously noted that South Africa’s secondary progressed Jupiter is gradually approaching its natal Sun; so that could imply a gradually increasing concern with morality, ethics, knowledge, high standards of culture, etc. etc., but some hypocritical pontificating could not be ruled out too, as a general pattern of South Africa’s behavior, and as a relatively gradually developing cyclic trend.New South Africa

As an aside, now, during November 2013, while everyone is upset or at least hearing about this lion slaying, Mars is passing through Sidereal Leo (opposite her Moon in Sidereal networked Aquarius). She may or may not have killed this lion under Mars in Sidereal Leo, but this symbol, Melissa Bachman, the Notorious Lion Huntress, certainly fits Mars in Leo symbolism… but then you can translate Mars in Tropical Virgo as “rogue maiden huntress”…