musings on the Aries Ingress- 2014 Equinox

Astrologers believe that the moment of the Equinox, or the Sun’s entry into Tropical Aries, contains the story of the coming year, and in particular, the coming quarter.

One problem with reading this chart, or rather the task of mapping the planetary positions for this moment, is that the sky’s orientation to the horizon is different at that crucial Equinoctal moment at every location on earth.

2014 equinox globe

You can be a lot more specific about the implications of the general solar system pattern for a specific location.

equinox 2014


The above diagram shows the general planetary pattern in the zodiac, regardless of specific location. The planets are at these zodiacal degrees everywhere at the moment of the equinox.

I’ve circled Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in red. These three planets have been locked into this intense t-square configuration for much of the early part of 2014, and now at the time of the Equinox the orbs (or degree of precision in the geometry) are fairly tight; the configuration is powerful and in sharp focus now. Theoretically, even after the planets move out of this configuration, this alignment’s symbolism will remain active throughout the coming year.

It represents a powerful striving for freedom, and a rather determined and radical approach to working for social change and justice. It certainly imbues the gradually unfolding global Uranus/Pluto revolution with a visionary (Jupiter) and idealistic quality, which is the best type of intense and radical revolution to have. Laws and even religious movements (Jupiter) may be radically changed, and there would be a zealous sense of the righteousness of a revolutionary or radical attitude. It can be a very creative time, and amazing inventions may come to light.

The Moon being close to Saturn catches my eye. Is this some sort of bereavement? Maybe loss of homes through great winds? I don’t know for sure, but it can mean such things. This wide Moon/Saturn Conjunction is on the midheaven just off eastern Australia….

Moon saturn Australia

Mercury is close to Neptune in this Equinox chart. This paints a picture of some sort of deception, misunderstood information, or immersing the mind in mystical and otherworldly thoughts and ideas.

This Mercury/Neptune Conjunction is on the Midheaven close to Dallas, Houston, Mexico City…

Merc Nept Dallas

Astrocartography maps, like the one below focusing on Africa, can be useful when looking at something like an Equinox, since they show where on earth planets were ‘angular’ (Conjunct one of the angels. the Ascendant-Descendant, Mc-Ic cross). It isn’t the whole story regarding what the Equinox indicates for a given location, but it does highlight places where planets will manifest powerfully. 

Africa astrocartography


I see the Sun on the Descendant near Cape Town. The Sun relates specifically to authority; although I wonder, perhaps with Sun on the Descendant (rather than Ascendant) in Cape Town, there could be a challenge to authority, or a power-struggle of some kind? Perhaps a strict edict is sent forth from the government structures there.

I’m pleased to see that, as an astrologer (and budding revolutionary) I’m suitably located near a Uranus line at this time! Perhaps there will be startling events nearby in the weeks and months ahead….

Without even getting warmed up there’s too much information!

More useful, perhaps, than this musing over what might be shown for the world at various locations in the Equinox mape, is bearing in mind that at such special junctures in time; Equinoxes, Solstices, Full Moons and New Moons, etc., it’s an excellent time for focusing your mind and setting your intentions, so that you can align yourself with the shifting tide. An important change of gear is occurring, and the tradition of making these holy-days is calling for mindfulness at these times, because they’re seed moments, and you too contribute to what is then seeded.