Mars marches through June 2014

MarsPhew! It’s been a rather intense few months, I’m sure many of you would agree?

There have been several powerful astrological events or alignments during the first months of this year, culminating in the Grand Cross in April involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

Venus entangled

Read more about it here.

Around the 23rd of April 2014 this cross configuration was at its most geometrically precise and focused, and soon thereafter the planets involved gradually started shifting out of this very precise alignment.

Today, 26 May 2014 it looks like this:

Mars direct 1

You can see that Mars and Jupiter are now so far from their exact Square that the default settings on the software I used to generate these charts (astrolog 5.40) doesn’t consider the aspect in orb any more.

Mars is the fastest moving of these planets, and was Retrograde at the time of the Grand Cross in April. So, Mars receded back earlier into Libra (while Jupiter, and to a lesser degree, Uranus, have been relatively briskly moving forward through their signs), sitting Stationary at around 9 degrees Libra for much of May 2014, before finally turning Direct again on the 20th of May.

Planets seem to release a huge amount of energy when they change direction (from Retrograde to Direct, or vice versa), and it certainly seemed to be the case with Mars recently. Many people seemed to be experiencing a surge of Mars energy in various forms around the time of the direction change, but of course those more directly in the line of fire (Librans like myself) have been particularly prone to mishap and mayhem. I for one was in a motorcycle accident on the 22nd of May, fortunately with only minor injuries.

Now, as Mars gradually gains pace and momentum in his forward march through Libra, he re-engages the Uranus/Pluto Square from about the middle part of June 2014 till more or less the end of the month, as you can see in the diagrams below.

Mars in June 2014

Mars direct 2

What does it mean?

Hold onto your hat a little longer!!

p.s.-  do you remember those riots in London in August 2011? Take a look at the tight T-Square involving Mars, Uranus and Pluto at the time. The orbs won’t be quite as tight this time, but it gives some hint of that type of energy is about.

Mars-Uranus-Pluto London Riots

A Jyotish prediction: ‘you will acquire a fine car now’

Yesterday I participated in a workshop in which I was one of several therapists giving sample sessions to prospective clients. I knew nothing about them whatsoever. Right at the end of one session, I made this ‘prediction’, as you might hear at the start, as ‘a little aside’.

The reason this tickles me is not simply because of the novelty of accurately predicting that a person who had just purchased a Porsche would now be ready to own the finest of vehicles, it’s the way that prediction was arrived at that I think is worth a moments pause. It’s a very fine example of Vedic astrology seeing something that western astrology wouldn’t have. Not only did Vedic astrology time a rather specific event, it also perceived that there would be a high caliber quality to the manifestation, and this insight into the quality (of the vehicle in this case) was linked directly to the use of the Sidereal Zodiac (as opposed to the Tropical Zodiac used in western astrology), since the prediction was based largely on the fact that Venus in this chart is exalted in Sidereal Pisces.

In Vedic astrology the 4th House is associated, as in western astrology, with the home and the mother (though some western astrologers see the 4th house as the father). Vedic astrology further believes cars and other vehicles (like boats) are seen in the 4th House, but, this is not something western astrology associates with the 4th House, as far as I am aware.

Planets in the 4th House would give clues to the person’s experience of that theme. Apart from that, Venus, as a general significator (Karaka) of the 4th House (for everyone), also represents vehicles. Hence, when Venus is very powerful in a chart- such as when it forms a Mahapurusha Yoga (by being in its own or exaltation sign and in an angular house)- it is traditionally said to mean, among other things, that a person will ‘command good vehicles’.

If you look at my clients’ Vedic chart you will find Venus is there in Pisces (the exaltation sign of Venus), and in the (angular) 10th House of the chart; hence Malavya Yoga, the Mahapususha Yoga of Venus, is formed. This would in itself indicate that a person will have ‘good cars’.

Vedic astrology has a unique method of calculating ‘planetary periods’, known as “Dashas”. These periods, in which the role of a single planet lights up in the chart for a given period, are relatively long in duration. They range from 6 years (for Sun dasha) to 20 years (for Venus Dasha). My client commenced his 20 years of Venus Dasha just over a year ago, bringing all that his powerfully placed Venus promises into the fullest manifestation that is likely to occur in his lifetime. This is why I considered it likely that he would in the past year have acquired a very good car, better than any he’d had before, even if they had been high quality.

Here’s the clients’ Western chart. You see, Venus there is in Aries, in the sign of its Detriment. If western astrology did take Venus as a significator of vehicles (which is doesn’t), the debility of Venus would not have been promising for the quality of vehicle the person would possess.

Furthermore, although western astrology possesses excellent and reliable methods of looking at life cycles, it was the Dasha periods of Jyotish that here timed a specific event very well. But apart from the timing, the accurate conclusion that was arrived at would only occur using the Sidereal Zodiac.

Car owner
Western Chart using Tropical Zodiac
Car owner Jyotish chart
the Vedic chart places Venus in Pisces in the 10th House, making Venus very powerful, and being in the Venus sub-period of the Venus major period, the highly auspicious role of Venus in this chart is ready to manifest as, among other things ‘a fine vehicle’

Venus Crucified – 11 to 18 May 2014

birth of venusBetween roughly 11 and 18 May 2014 Venus will ricochet through the gradually loosening Cardinal Cross. On the 11th and 18th of May the Moon happens to be Conjunct arms of the cross also, making those important peak days.

Venus Crucified 11 May 2014

In the above diagram you can see that Venus has mounted the cross and arrived at an Opposition to Mars (libido!), while the Moon is Conjunct Mars and Opposing Venus, amplifying the effect for that day.

Venus Crucified 18 May 2014On the 18th of May Venus completes the process with a Square to Jupiter (while the Moon is Conjunct the Pluto arm of the cross).

Those with key planets near the middle of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), it may well manifest as dramatic developments (the cross, involving virile planets) in personal and romantic relationships (Venus). The energy (that has to manifest through Venus, or ‘love’) is liberated, bold, and perhaps defiant; relationships may begin or be abandoned impulsively. Social interactions are powerful, passionate, even feral.

The wilder and more ruthless energy inherent in this cross will manifest early on (explosive emotions; raw sexual energy; powerful attraction and repulsion) as Venus initially connects to Mars and Pluto.

Closer to the 18th of May Venus completes this rare cross dance with a Square to Jupiter, which seems to be a high note to end on- possibly even a self-indulgent and romantically prodigal one.