Could Trump become King?

trumpDonald Trump has taken everyone by surprise. His presidential campaign has not only been in the spotlight for his drastic and inflammatory remarks, and the violence at his rallies, he’s been alarmingly successful.

In the minds of many, a Trump Presidency is something of a farcical global apocalypse to contemplate. One would have thought that in this day and age it should not be possible for anyone to get this far, with this level of support, selling this crass and brutal ‘American Greatness’. And yet, so it is.

But let’s look at the astrology as objectively as possible. See below Trump’s Tropical/Placidus chart on the left (typical western settings) and the Sidereal/Whole House chart on the right (typical Vedic astrology settings).


Donald Trump entered this world, just in time for a total lunar eclipse – yes, there were omens! – on the 14th of June 1946, at 10:54 am, in Queens, New York. His birth data is rated as “AA” (from birth certificate) on’s astrodatabank, and thus highly likely to be accurate. It’s an update from a widely used previous time of 9:51 am, which was rated “A” (from memory), and which placed his Ascendant at 17 degrees of Tropical Leo.

So far this updated data’s Ascendant of 29 degrees Tropical Leo- on the fixed star Regulus- does seem to work. Interestingly enough, for one thing, it brings Mars closer to the Ascending degree, and by my reckoning, Mars remains every bit as much in the 1st House. Trump is brash, aggressive, competitive; plain and simple.

His Progressed Sun has just lately arrived at a Conjunction to his Ascendant (and Regulus). He’s ready to rule; this reaffirms around this year of his the life, the ‘Trump as King’ narrative he’s managed to get us all embroiled in.

Kenneth Johnson desribes Regulus, as if it were written for Trump:

“The Greeks regarded Regulus as a mixture of Mars and Jupiter (it is slightly reddish in color), and wrote that those who have this star prominent are esteemed, commanding, independent, outspoken, great-souled and honor-loving, often wealthy and born leaders of men. There is a certain amount of Martian contentiousness or quarrelsomeness involved.

Similarly, the lunar mansion of Magha, marked primarily by Regulus, is said to produce natives who are kingly, proud, larger than life, restless, ambitious, wealthy, arrogant, and (once again) born leaders. The Hindu tradition adds that they are more often than not conservative as leaders (think of Winston Churchill, with his Moon conjunct Regulus). This star would have marked the summer solstice in 3000 BCE.”

No doubt having Mars on the Ascendant in Leo (Tropical or Sidereal in this case) goes a long way towards reinforcing these indications of quarrelsomeness and contentiousness in Regulus Rising. But Mars is the Raja Yoga Karaka (roughly, ‘kingly union significator’), and thus a great benefic for every Leo Ascendant. This elevated status of Mars for the Leo Ascendant is a result of Mars being simultaneously lord of the Angular 4th House (containing Scorpio) and the ‘Dharmic” 9th House (containing Aries). Therefore, the powerful placement of Mars in Trump’s 1st House (by Jyotish rules in the sign of a friend), contributes to his ability to succeed through his forceful character.

Looking at his chart through the Sidereal lens, I’d note that Moon in Sidereal Scorpio does nothing to abate the martian tone of his personality expression (like Saddam Hussein in this particular), and it may arguably contribute to his knack for offending women with his abrasive and insensitive manner.

While the Moon gains some strength and benefit from being at home in the 4th House (a factor that would support real estate ownership, thanks in large measure to the Moon’s strong dispositor), she suffers debilitation in Sidereal Scorpio.

Note the following by James Braha on specifically a Waxing Moon in the 4th House, which Donald has:

“This is the best position for the Moon, as it gets dik bala, or directional strength in the 4th House. The person will be happy and content. He will be close to his mother and benefit from her. The mother will be fortunate and long lived. The person will have a good heart and be very kind and tender. He will be fortunate in owning fine homes and all kinds of conveyances (cars, boats, planes, etc.). He will enjoy many comforts and luxuries…. The person will be sensitive to the cares of masses and interested in protecting them. He will inherit maternal or ancestral property or wealth. He may gain from farming, agriculture or landscaping”

Trump smirkThis is in many respects a remarkably accurate interpretation. Even the unassuming statement that he ‘will be happy and content‘ is worth reflecting on. Moon in the 4th so effectivly reinforces his innate self acceptance (cause his mama loved him), that it reinforces his external confidence (already overty strong with Sun in the 10th, and Mars in the 1st). The specific and clear reference to real estate and conveyances speaks for itself.

It’s interesting to note Braha’s observation that a waxing Moon in the 4th indicates ‘caring for masses and wanting to protect them‘. Certainly a whole swathe of the masses seem to be feeling the love. Of course it speaks of arguably a genuine element of good old fashioned family values in Trump. Moon in the 4th with Sun in the 10th makes it easy for Trump to be a ‘strong and caring father figure’ to those less concerned with rational and well articulated political policies.

James Braha, going into greater detail than one normally finds in astrological ‘cookbooks’:

“If the Moon is in Scorpio in the 4th House…The person will be mean or cruel hearted. He may have problems or diseases of the heart.. The person will lose or sell fixed assets at different points in his life… He will not have been breast-fed”

Was Trump breast-fed? I don’t know, and even if he was, its really more a symbol of a deficiency or maladjustment in what should otherwise be a zone of the chart that relates to our capacity for tender caring, for a sense of belonging and community and all those sweet instincts. I guess in this respect Trump is well mirrored in a large number his supporters; salt of the earth types, (‘deplorables‘, as Hillary put it) who love tribe and nation so fiercely that it makes them a little unruly at rallies. They’re ‘passionate’, Trump concedes, because they really love their country. And yet, it does look a little ‘mean or cruel hearted’, when you say you wanna punch someone in the face, for example.

He’s a rough diamond, our Donald.

As far as Sun Signs go, Trump’s Sun in Sidereal Taurus seems an obvious reference to his practical and acquisitive instincts, but there are several other factors indicating his capacity to generate and amass wealth. Jupiter, a natural benefic, is lord of the 5th House, and located in the 2nd of money and property. In the Jyotish paradigm any planet ruling a “Kona” House (1st, 5th or 9th) becomes thereby something of a benefic. So, Jupiter’s benefic status is assured and reinforced for the Leo Ascendant on that account. Jupiter is not particularly well placed in Virgo though, it’s true, but Mercury, Jupiter’s dispositor, is in its own sign, somewhat strengthening Jupiter on that account.

Mercury’s rulership of both the 2nd and 11th makes it a key significator of finances and income for every Leo Ascendant. Trump’s Mercury being in Sidereal Gemini in the 11th House therefor has important financial implications. The 11th House is every bit as much a ‘money house’ as is the 2nd, and in Jyotish several ‘Dhana Yogas’, or ‘combinations for wealth‘, require that the lord of the 11th House be located in the 11th, with other supportive factors, such as strong 5th and 9th lords. In this context Trump’s Mars as 9th lord, in a congenial sign, and in the 1st House, supports his ‘luck’.

If indeed the Ascending degree of 29 Tropical Leo be true, transiting Uranus and Pluto, combined with the eclipses of 8 October 2014 and 4 April 2015, would have been quite tightly aspecting his Ascendant by 45 degree multiple aspects (semi-square and sesquiquadrate); in fact, we could view it as Trump’s Ascendant on the transiting Uranus/Pluto Midpoint, at various times in 2014 and particularly 2015. These eclipses in a sense merely amplified that Uranus/Pluto stirring.Trump eclipses of 2014 and 2015Could this be something of an ‘awakening to destiny as an agent for revolution‘ (as the same planetary events seem to have done for Vladimir Putin, via their aspects to his natal Sun, for example)? Looks like this got Trump started, or rather, ignited, with a sense of purpose. Even now, in the latter half of 2016, transiting Pluto remains within a degree of Sesquiquadrate (135 degree angle to) his Ascendant.

Ok, now here’s something of an astrological revelation. Donald Trump ends 18 years of Rahu Dasha and commences the 16 years of Jupiter Dasha days after the election of the President of the USA in November 2016! That’s uncanny timing for a major ‘changing of the guard’ in his life.

Trump Jyotish

Does this mean he will win the election and become President of the USA? It certainly is marking the end of 2016 as a major turning point in his life. He won’t be the same after this, whether he wins or loses. And, I’d cautiously predict, that he will become a better person in the years ahead as a result of this awakening of Jupiter, whether he’s running the world, or simply minding his own chain of restaurants and golf courses. The end of 2016 brings to an end for Trump 18 years of the Dragon’s Head in the 10th House. While Rahu in the 10th House may indicate professional success, ambition, and worldly power, Rahu’s nature is inherently turbulent, and tamasic. Jupiter, by contrast, is satvic, or ‘pure’. He will always be what and who he is – a rather coarse and boorish bloke – but even so, such virtue and wisdom as he is capable of may well reveal itself in his Jupiter Dasha.

The fact that Trump has a Jupiter Return as he enters Jupiter Dasha, which from there forms a Trine aspect to his Sun, does nothing to weaken his prospects at the and of 2016, and January 2017, when the new President of the USA will be sworn in.

We do not have an official birth time for Hillary Clinton. There are a number of conflicting reports. Among the most credible contenders is a birth time of just after 8:00am. I have not immersed myself in trying to resolve this mystery, but at this stage I consider this 8:00am time (more than one source quotes that time within a few minutes) to be fairly convincing. By Jyotish Sidereal/Whole House settings the Sun is located in the 1st House, Saturn is in the 10th House, with Mars, in Cardinal signs. The Sun, however, is debilitated, as is Mars. She is viewed my many as ruthless.


This is somewhat obvious from the tight Mars/Pluto Conjunction, regardless of which sign it’s in, but Mars being debilitated can point to a cowardly or underhanded use of force. Rightly or wrongly, she has been accused of rather malicious and nefarious acts, such untimely and suspicious deaths of many significant individuals when they were on the brink of exposing or testifying against her. Her role in the instigation and fostering of needless wars, have led many to feel that she would do little as President of the USA to reverse the many controversial and ill conceived military and political entanglements of America on the world stage. The simmering tensions between Russia and America could easily escalate under her stewardship, whereas, curiously, Putin and Trump have already established a very cordial relationship. Yes, Trump may be something of a buffoon, but Hillary’s no less ‘crooked’, and its not a given that hers is a better hand at the helm.

The debilitation of Hillary’s Sun is to some degree ‘cancelled’ by the great potency of Venus in her Jyotish chart: Lord of the 1st in its own sign, and located in the 1st. It greatly enhances her capacity to gain prominence, popularity and influence (Mohandas Gandhi had Venus is Sidereal Libra in the 1st).

Saturn is the ‘Raja Yoga Karaka’ for every Libra Ascendant, making Saturn the best planet and a great benefic for her. Her Saturn in the 10th becomes particularly capable of raising her to great heights (Hitler had the same pattern: Sidereal Libra Ascendant with Saturn in the 1oth House). The 10th Lord, Moon, is located in the 5th House in Aquarius. It is in fact in Mutual Reception with Saturn. This creates an extremely powerful ‘yoga’ for professional and political success. [and incidentally nice pretty daughter; Moon in the 5th. See also Obama’s Jyotish chart’s Moon in 5th]

So, yes, she has some very powerful features in her chart that could raise her up, and have raised her already to a level where is appears to be just about above the law. But her position is not unassailable. She is in Sun Dasha from 2015 to 2021. Just recently Congress served a subpoena on the FBI to provide complete and unredacted documentation on investigations into Hillary. This says a lot in itself. Her reputation and credibility are being questioned at the highest level, literally bringing different limbs of goverment into conflict with each other.

A debilitated planet in the 1st House, apart from harming your reputation, can also harm your body. Hillary recently collapsed at a gathering, feeding growing concerns about her health. It has even been speculated that she may have to withdraw. See below her Progressions for September 2016.

hillary-clinton-prog-and-natal-sept-2016Her progressed Sun has just passed a Square to natal Neptune and is applying to an exact Square to progressed Neptune. The progressed Moon has just lately arrived at a Conjunction with natal Neptune, bring the entire progressed Sun-Neptune Square into particularly sharp focus between roughly August and October 2016. That it could harm her health would not come as a surprise to astrologers. It also complicates this pivotal final stage of her campaign.

I won’t claim to know what will happen, but it appears to me, astrologically, that Trump is stronger right now, than Hillary. But that said, it’s tempting to assume that the election date (8 November 2016), and the day or two thereafter when the results are finalized, as well as the Presidential Inauguration (20 January 2017), would look clearly better for one of them than the other.

Looking it these dates more closely seems to me to favor Hillary. It really isn’t a clear cut situation.

On the 8th of November Hillary will have tr.Moon in the 5th, approaching a lunar return (which properly occurs on the 10th). She has a Mercury Return immediately before the election (which an 8am birth would conspicuously place on her Ascendant). She’s bound to be busy and doing a lot of speaking. In itself this Mercury Return is quite useful, but it is Square her Saturn. She may be more than a little anxious perhaps?

Soon after the election, around the time the results would be emerging, tr.Mercury is Quincunx her natal Uranus, which could be ‘surprise news’ of an upsetting kind, or possibly a technical emergency, or it may simply be nervous over stimulation? tr.Mercury is at that time also Square her Node axis, which could translate into important public announcements and speeches.

Trump has Venus all over his Sun and Moon a day or two before the election, which can be cheerful enough. Smiles, perhaps, for the camera. But then soon after tr.Mercury is Quincunx his Sun and Trine his Saturn, pretty much on the day of the election itself. Awkwardly humbling information or statements? Is this a concession speech, or is he just complaining about something?

Hillary has tr.Mars Sextile her natal Jupiter, which becomes exact a day or two after the election. This, I must confess, is a strong ‘victory signature’ (somewhat reinforced by the concurrent Lunar Return in her natal 5th). At that same time Trump has tr.Mars Quincunx Ascendant, and, apparently on the 10th of November tr.Mercury Squares his Mars. Is he angry, insulting or even threatening then, or just tense and busy?

A few weeks later, on the 20th of January 2017, at the time of the inauguration ceremony, it’s intriguing to see that Trump has tr.Jupiter very closely Trine his natal Sun (which by itself would seem like a perfect time to be crowned), but tr.Saturn opposes his Sun while Conjunct his Moon around that time also! It’s certainly not an unimportant and uneventful time for him. Saturn Conjunct Moon is arguably here worse than Saturn opposing Sun. It can make for self-pity (and note that Trump has progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Saturn, exact between the time of the election and the inauguration). Transiting Mars Squares his Sun and Moon a day or two prior to the inauguration date. Is he throwing a tantrum? He’s certainly looking cross, or very virulent and forceful.

The Moon is in Tropical Scorpio/Sidereal Libra on the 20th of January 2017; in Hillary’s 1st House by Whole Sign houses. She may well be ‘shining’, or having a public moment. It can place her in the spotlight. Tr.Mercury is Semi-Square her natal Mercury, and possibly her Ascendant also. An oath? A speech?

During the early part of January of 2017 tr.Jupiter is Sextile Hillary’s Saturn. That normally means you’re about ready for a ‘promotion’. The elders and authorities like your work and assist you in laying your plans. At that time tr.Saturn is also Trine her natal Saturn.

Hillary’s Moon is tightly Square both Trumps Sun and Moon. Around the time of the inauguration transiting Mars and Saturn are in hard aspect to all of these. Could the loser be acrimoniously venting, or privately seething? They could certainly hiss at each other around then, given half the chance.

It’s not an easy one to call, but I think Hillary takes it, perhaps even by dubious stealth (she managed to so with Bernie Sanders, it seems). Trump may complain bitterly, and who knows, perhaps rightly.

If Trump wins, which perhaps he should (not on the basis of any great merit of his, only in comparison to his ‘Crooked Hillary‘), then I expect he will suffer some other create personal loss as a result of his Sade Sati; Saturn’s Transit over his Moon. I expect that he will lose the election, and yet I do not expect Hillary to have a very easy time in the early part of her likely presidency. She may for a time remain harassed by the threat of legal proceedings against her. In fact, with her being in the Dasha period of a debilitated Sun (under which Bill Gates too, fell foul state institutions), she may struggle to maintain an unopposed authority, and may have to fend off many challengers.

It may well happen that Trump turns to fairly constructive socially orientated work after the election. Transiting Saturn Conjunct Moon and Opposting Sun is big milestone in a person’s life. It can sometimes be a great triumph at the end of a Herculean effort, but it is more often a lesson in acceptance and surrender. If he wins, he will certainly feel the grave weight of his responsibility, which can only be a good and formative thing, for him, and any possible Trump presidency.


bernieIn closing, I light a candle of rememberance for Bernie Sanders, the real chosen President of America, if you ask me. Annointed by a ‘dove’, no less, when Venus came, in a blink, to greet the Jupiter-Saturn Square and eclipse of March 2016. Truly, Bernie, with his noble Sun in Sidereal Leo heart, and the humanity of Moon in Sidereal Pisces, stood for much of the change the world is begging for. Change that some rather calculated people in this world fight tooth and nail to forestall. The dice was loaded. And now, countless Americans are faced with a very uncomfortable choice. Things aint right!

And yet, it was beautiful and meaningful to watch Transiting Jupiter – Guru in the language of Vedic astrology – pirouette around Bernie’s Sun at the peak of his campaign, while both were Trine Pluto, and to see inspired leadership in action, and inspired, hopeful people in support. His parting message: Run for office and become the visionary leaders of tomorrow. You’re a lion too.

As Pushkar Baba once framed it in Rishikesh, ‘GOD means Go On Duty‘.

The Making of a Devil’s Wife: the Horoscope of Eva Braun

Adolf and Eva with dogsAt least one of my astrologer friends rolls her eyes every time there’s yet another Hitler autopsy on the slab. I can sympathize. And yet it’s hardly surprising that the natal chart of Adolf Hitler is one of the most studied. His impact on the course of modern history has been enormous and is arguably still palpable today. That he exceeded all normal bounds of ambition and ruthlessness is one reason we’re so fascinated by his astrological signature. If astrology is able to look into character and destiny, we understandably expect that it will enable us to gain insight into extraordinary people whose ideas and actions shape history, as well as ordinary people whose lives develop in extraordinary ways.

Eva Braun is ostensibly an ordinary girl whose life developed in an extraordinary way, and through her we in a sense get to glimpse Hitler by reflection, through the lens of her chart, and particularly of course at first glance through her 7th House.

Eva Braun and Hitler at dinner table
She was born on the 6th of February 1912, at 12:30am, in Munich, Germany. Her time of birth has recently been verified through the recovery of her birth certificate, thanks to the efforts of one of’s forum members. Her birth data on’s astrodatabank has been upgraded to AA, meaning the data is considered as reliable as it gets. This is in itself a good reason to pay Hitler’s story another quick visit, from a new angle, since this new verified birth time is a valuable addition to our collective store of important historical birth data. So, I’d like to share with you here a few first glance observations with a focus largely on the Sidereal placements of Jyotish.

Eva Braun Trop
                       Eva Braun’s Tropical/Placidus chart on the left, her Sidereal/Whole Sign chart on the right
Eva Braun Jyotish chart Jagannatha with Dasas
                    Eva Braun’s chart in Jyotish format, with commencement of Rahu Dasha circled in red


Eva’s father was a school teacher and her mother had worked as a seamstress before marriage. It seems noteworthy that her parents got divorced when she was 9 years old (half a Node cycle- Node Conjunct Saturn?). They did remarry a year or two later (it is believed primarily due to financial pressures), which does imply that she came from a household with some internal, probably fairly hidden, problems and stresses. This seems to be borne out (through the western lens) by the extremely tight Square aspect between the Moon and Pluto in her chart, as well as the Square of Sun and Saturn (with Saturn in the 4th House from the Sun). Both these aspects in different ways can point to an oppressive domestic and family environment. She most likely became quite desensitized to control, domination and coercion in intimate relationships through the tensions in her early life.

Moon in the 12th House of the Jyotish chart further implies that her mother was somehow a victim, someone who sacrificed a lot and felt trapped. The person with Moon in the 12th House has a natural inclination to hide, and to avoid the harshness of world if at all possible. This theme of reclusiveness is reinforced by Ketu (South Node) in the 1st House of the Jyotish chart. Ketu is the ‘Karaka’ or ‘significator’ for the 12th House in every chart; having Ketu located in the 1st House brings 12th House themes to the fore in Eva’s life. Ketu in the 1st (not to speak of Moon in the 12th) won’t empower you in the external world, though it can make for an active inner life, and a natural tendency to sacrifice and surrender.

With the Ascendant lord Venus in the 3rd House she would have been engaging, friendly and charming enough, despite her thin-skinned streak. I would imagine that the educational parental influence of angular Mercury in the 4th, and Jupiter’s position in the 2nd House of speech, would support her ability to present and speak well, able to hold a fairly high level of cultured and congenial conversation.

With Sun in the 4th she got to ‘rule the roost’, I’d imagine, just a little during the years she spend living at the mountain retreat Hitler had her holed up in. Within that very private domestic sphere her authority would find some acknowledgement, by staff perhaps, and sometimes by great generals. But ever under Saturn’s shadow.

Having Ketu in the 1st House inevitably places Rahu (North Node) in the 7th. While western and vedic astrology have an essentially near identical view of the what the planets mean and represent in a chart, their respective take of the Nodes is one area in which they differ markedly.

The essential point to note regarding the Nodes in the context of this discussion of Eva Braun and her relationship to Hitler, is that Jyotish considers both Rahu and Ketu to be malefics. Though Rahu is extroverted and Ketu introverted.

Here’s a snippet of James Braha’s interpretation for Rahu in the 7th House (from his invaluable book, Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer).

“… there will be disturbances in married life. Domestic harmony is greatly lacking, and there will constantly arise issues with the spouse to be dealt with. The person will have compulsive and insatiable desires to be in a relationship. The marriage partner may be powerful, domineering, or worldly and of a strong desire nature…”

This interpretation gives a hint of how Jyotish would describe an embodiment of Rahu: powerful, domineering, worldly, with strong (insatiable) desires. As you can see in the diagram of Hitler’s Jyotish chart below, he was in Rahu Dasha, the major planetary period of Rahu, throughout the time of his boldest mischief.

Now, along with Rahu, perhaps one of the most intriguing placements in Eva’s Jyotish chart is Saturn debilitated in Aries in the 7th House. This is astrological poetry; the partner is an irritable old tyrant.

Quite apart from it’s house placement, this awkward Saturn in Aries placement would present a challenge to her own ability to gain recognition, and to assert herself appropriately and timeously. It reinforces, or is reinforced by, the tendencies of Moon in the 12th and Ketu in the 1st already noted. It weakens or suppressed her ability to express her individual identity, and to have it acknowledged.

Eva first met Adolf Hitler when she was only 17 years old (1929), while working in the studio of Heinrich Hoffman, Hitler’s official photographer. It was only after the apparent suicide of Hitler’s half-niece in September of 1931, for whom he seemed to have developed a suspiciously intense affection, that he became more intimately involved with Eva Braun.

Curiously, their intimate relationship seems to have started as they nearly simultaneously began the 18 years long period of Rahu Maha Dasha. In her case a relationship was clearly indicated for that time, since Rahu is in the 7th House of her Jyotish chart. That it would be with a powerful and perhaps maniacally ambitious person, and that it may all become something of a whirlwind, is quite consistent with the way Jyotish tends to view Rahu. The fact that Mars, Rahu’s dispositor and lord of the 7th, is located in the 8th, along with Rahu’s union with debilitated Saturn in the 7th, does little to indicate a naturally ‘happy marriage’. The fact that it was shrouded in secrecy is also easy to see in this symbolism (reiterated in the Square of Venus and Saturn in Hitler’s chart).


Hitler tropical wheel
                      Hitler’s Tropical/Placidus chart on the left, his Sidereal/Whole Sign chart on the right
Hitler Jagannatha
                   Hitler’s chart in Jyotish format with commencement of Rahu Dasha circled in red

Eva, not unlike Hitler’s very favourite little niece, did try to commit suicide on two occasions before her eventual death in April 1945 by suicide with Hitler, a day or two after their actual formally solemnized wedding.

The first occasion was shortly after their relationship began, while she was in the Rahu-Rahu period (the first sub-period of the 18 year Rahu Dasha).

It’s natural that you begin an important relationship when the Dasha period of a planet in the 7th House begins, and, yes, it’s not likely to be a bed of roses if this 7th House planet is a malefic, aspected by another malefic, without the aspect of a benefic, and with a poorly placed dispositor. However, this alignment between Hitler and Eva’s Dasha cycles is an important point to consider in the context of their relationship. In Light on Relationships (1) the authors note that there is a principle known as Sama Dasha, literally ‘same dasha’, that states that compatibility is greatly enhanced when a couple are running the same planetary dasha period- especially at the time of the commencement of their relationship.

In this case the overlap of their planetary period sequence is so nearly precise, as such long cycles go, that Hitler and Eva would often be in the same sub-period also, and I would assume this would further enhance the relevance and applicability of this rule ‘Sama Dasha’ principle. It may well account for the fact that they did ultimately seem to form a fairly functional, if perhaps imperfect and challenging relationship.

Their Ascendants are, in Jyotish terms, in the same sign, Libra, giving them an identical sign/house overlay if you use Whole Houses. This would synchronize their experience of the transits of the planets through the houses. This is in itself quite a strong element of ‘compatibility’, and probably gave them a genuine sense of ‘getting each other’, and being able to tune into a similar view of various areas of life at the same time.

And even beyond all this it seems clear that Hitler provided her exactly what her chart’s Moon/Pluto and Sun/Saturn Square shows she was expecting from a partner, and her life: a lot of control, and a tightly conscribed freedom of movement, a strict parent, protection in a virtual prison from any form of real responsibility and self-definition in the world.

Hitler’s Jyotish chart is by comparison a great deal stronger, at least in terms of indications of a capacity to do what Eva found so difficult: to courageously forge an identity in the world through self assertion and a powerful career involving shouldering huge responsibility. All the assertive, authoritative and expansive planets are extremely strong by sign: The Sun is Exalted in Aries, with Mars in Aries in it’s own sign, and Jupiter in Sagittarius also in it’s own sign. Jyotish views a multitude of planets in their own or exaltation signs as an indication that the person has the capacity to rise to ‘kingship’, even if born into a lowly family.

Saturn is furthermore a great benefic for the Libra Ascendant, so it’s location in the 10th shows abundant potential for a successful political career.

But Venus in his chart is caught somewhat between a rock and a hot place in her tight engagement with Saturn and Mars by Square and Conjunction respectively. This can manifest in a multitude of ways, but it certainly it implies certain less than sensitive ways of ‘loving’. A need for domination of one party over the other is easy to see there. There’s huge libido and lust for life in such a tight Conjunction of Venus and Mars, made more coldly carnal by Saturn, and he no doubt found the satisfaction of much of his sexual desire in Eva, who would probably be willing to do anything.

Browsing the internet I found (2):

“One actress, Renata Müller, spread rumours about Hitler’s alleged proclivity for self-abasement, with suggestions that he knelt at her feet and asked her to kick him. When she fell to her death from a window in 1937, many questioned the verdict of suicide.”

The rumours she apparently spread about Hitler, and rumours about her ‘suicide’, may or may not have been true, but looking at the symbols, they’re believable.

In the Dasha Periods of Rahu and Ketu their dispositor plays a particularly large role in showing where the energy of that Dasha period is going, so to speak. In Hitler’s chart Mercury is the dispositor of Rahu (in Sidereal Gemini) and of all the many planets located in his 7th House Mercury is closest the 7th House cusp. I think this brought him a full and powerful manifestation of a young and pretty girl who would be the closest thing he’d have to a mate, as he entered this period, but that’s just one level of it’s manifestation.

On another level this Rahu Dasha and it’s awakening of Mercury in Aries on the Descendant in Hitler’s chart provided an ideal platform for getting heard, for impressing others with his intelligence, efficiency and frank eloquence, if not indeed inflaming them to war in grand orchestrated speeches. In support, the Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius in the dexterous 3rd House gave him mastery of all the necessary theatrics, and would make him extremely lively and engaged in what he’s doing.

So, the while the favourable and empowering house placement of Rahu and it’s eloquent and convincing dispositor Mercury enabled his rise, Rahu just doesn’t know when enough is enough…

I’ll defer the deeper questions and myriad further ways these charts could be analysed to you, dear astro pilgrim, if the astrology of this piece of history intrigues you at all. For me, Eva Braun’s chart helped fill out my picture of Hitler a little; his astrology and psychology. And though the two of them may have had some issues, there’s something almost sweet about that fact that, well, even Hitler had a girl, and they shared quite a lot over a long period of time. And even though the role she accepted was rooted, some might say, in early family dysfunction, Eva may well have almost enjoyed herself at times; the glamour of being the secret lover of a powerful man. She found a more or less viable form for her grim 7th House. They were in some respects, a very normal couple.

Aptly, they eventually married good and proper, under a canopy of fire and brimstone, and left this world by suicide, not unlike Romeo and Juliet, together.



(1) Light on Relationships: The Synastry of Indian Astrology, by Hart de Fouw and Robert Svoboda. Published by Samuel Weiser Inc.. Pg. 104.