2020- It’s High Tide in the Affairs of Men

2020 will be a big year, and it will be an important year.

It was to be expected that it would begin with the doom and gloom and danger that is typical of Saturn Conjunct Pluto, highlighted and amplified as it was by the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the 10th of January. We started the year with Iran and the USA on the brink of all out war, and before January was through the outbreak of the corona virus had the whole world on high alert, exposing just how fragile our social and economic systems are to an outbreak of a highly contagious disease.

Lunar Eclipse 10 Jan 2020 amplifies ominous Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

Dramatic world events often occur at the quarterly junctures of the Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle. A few glaringly obvious examples:

  • The ‘9/11’ Twin Towers attack in New York on the 11th of September 2001 occurred when Saturn and Pluto were in close Opposition.
  • Saturn was tightly Square Pluto at the time of the bombing of the World Trade Centre on the 26th of February 1993.
  • In October 1973 there was a war between a coalition of Arab states, led by Egypt and Syria, and Israel known as the Yom-Kippur War, or the 1973 Arab-Israeli War in which:

Both the United States and the Soviet Union initiated massive resupply efforts to their respective allies during the war, and this led to a near-confrontation between the two nuclear superpowers.’ – Wikipedia

It seems that this cycle, on a mundane or global level, has a distinct tendency to bring about crucial developments in middle-eastern politics in some form or other (but of course it is about much more than that). The American invasion of Iraq, in March 2003, occurred as Saturn and Pluto were forming their final opposition in the series initiated in August 2001.

And so it comes as no surprise that America would use a drone to dramatically assassinate an Iranian general in Iraq as Saturn arrives within a single degree of Pluto at the very beginning of 2020, sending the entire world into a state of acute apprehension. Saturn will not form another exact Conjunction with Pluto this round, but Saturn will turn retrograde in May, backing towards another Conjunction with Pluto which comes within 3 degrees of exact in Aug-Sept 2020.

Mars forms a series of Squares to Saturn and Pluto as they come close to forming another Conjunction in August and September. That’s like a whole lot of bombs going off in short succession; if not literally, then figuratively. I wouldn’t be surprised if events unfolding then can ultimately be traced back to the dramas involving the USA, Iran and Iraq that we have witnessed at the start of 2020.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

We may be feeling the ripples of these dramatic events of early 2020 for some time, but there is something else brewing in the approaching Conjunct of Jupiter and Saturn. This grand astrological event contains within it the seeds of hope and a new improved order in the world; but as with the planting of any seed, ushering it into germination, and then through to fruition, requires skill, preparedness and response-ability. The moment of opportunity can be lost; the tide alone is nothing but latent possibility.

A meeting of Jupiter and Saturn occurs every 20 years and it is one of the most important of all synodic cycles in terms of general global trends. It may not be obvious to the lay person, but this is not a meeting of any old pair of planets. For one thing, Jupiter and Saturn are physically the largest planets in the solar system, and in terms of astrological symbolism they constitute a distinct and important pair of complimentary opposites.

They are, in their ‘polar-unity’, the Elders of the planetary family. Jupiter is ‘Guru’, Saturn is something closer to a politician.

When they combine, when they unite, there is a tension or ‘battle’ of contrasting principles; but this meeting is also an opportunity for an integration of opposites, in which the whole produces something greater than the sum of its parts. The moral idealism and altruism of Jupiter can elevate the materialistic nature of Saturn, giving it something worthwhile to be practical about, while Saturn imbues expansive Jupiter with the practicality required to make ideals real, solid, tangible and concrete.

The best that can be hoped for from the coming Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is a fresh infusion of true humanity, integrity and vision into the realm of politics and the economic structures that govern society, but there is some justifiable concern that materialistic interests will find ways to dilute and even appropriate and manipulate philanthropic movements or ideologies to their own ends (in terms of the Sidereal Zodiac the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs in the sign Capricorn, where Saturn is far stronger than Jupiter, hinting at materialistic values having the power to prevail over altruistic ideals).

However, even if the dice are loaded, there hasn’t been such an ideal opportunity to recalibrate and reform the systems that govern our world for a long time. It’s like, all hands on deck!

2020 is the year for the purpose-driven to gather their resources and focus their intention, and so doing materialize their vision. Great social institutions and projects will be born, and many will also die or reach the end of their usefulness and relevance; ‘the times they are a-changing’ and new laws and new political and economic systems will supplant the old order. That this has occurred will be clearer in 2021, but the final stages of the gestation and birth of this process will occur in 2020.

What is birthed or renewed or regenerated in 2020 will set both the tone and the stage for several years to come. Again: all hands on deck.