Anatomy of an Accident: Of Dashas, Debilitation & Transiting Angles

I did a reading for a good friend of mine in December 2018. She recently contacted me (early in November 2019) just to check in and catch up since it had been some time. She told me, ‘you were right in your prediction, you said I would have surgery towards the end of this year‘. She then proceeded to share these diagrams with me which pretty much speak for themselves. My friend had tripped somehow on stairs in her home, twisted her ankle, then broke it, and due to the fall that followed, bashed her head and was rendered unconscious for a while. Her young daughter had to seek help:

A technical point we may as well address at the outset. The x-rays above state that it was 25 October 2019. This is a mistake. My friend is clear on the fact that the accident occurred on the 26th of October.

Here’s some of plentiful evidence that the incident actually took place on the 26th; the report from the CT scan that was performed the same evening as well as a text response from the emergency medical staff that responded at 17:18 (Johannesburg) on the 26th of October 2019:

Ok, with all this in mind, why is the incident so significant? Why did I predict that she would be undergoing surgery in the not-too-distant future?

The shorter term indications of the accident in the Transits are important and fascinating in themselves, and perfectly appropriate for the event, and we’ll look at those factors in just a moment; but what I find more intriguing here is the fact it was the longer term picture of the Maha Dasha Lord changing from the 10 years of Moon Dasha to the 7 years of Mars Dasha (with natal Mars in the 6th House), that was the primary reason I suggested that surgery was likely not too far down the road.

And not only because Mars, bloodied blade wielding warrior that he is, generally has this penchant for injury and accident, it was the fact that my friend’s Mars is located in the Sidereal sign Cancer, where Mars falls and finds itself ‘debilitated’ that had me concerned. Even if Mars was not in Cancer, surgery, accident or mishap would have registered as somewhat more likely than would otherwise have been the case; but this debilitation of Mars in Sidereal Cancer implored me to expect, well, the worst: a relatively virulent manifestation from a grumpy malefic in the 6th House. I’m pretty sure I understated my concern in our consultation, so as not to worry my friend/client unduly, but I have come to view Mars in Sidereal Cancer as a placement capable of manifesting in a singularly violent fashion. I touched on this phenomenon in an article entitled Planetary Dignity and the Zodiac Debate.

In the article referenced above I mentioned that Mars in Sidereal Cancer is ‘not uncommonly implicated in chest illness or injury‘. Well, this is where it gets interesting! For reasons somewhat obscure to me at this stage, my friend’s ordeal led to her developing a pulmonary embolism (in layman’s terms, this is typically a blood clot that travels from the legs to the lungs and can be a very dangerous situation)! In fact, my friend had stopped smoking some months prior to this disaster due to my warning that chest ailments were something of a danger in the new Mars (in Cancer in the 6th House) Dasha. I don’t issue such warnings lightly; it was based on a countless observations of this pattern.

Now, what was happening on the specific date and time of the accident? Why did it happen just then?

Take a look at the chart below (I’ve used the Tropical Zodiac just to keep it a little more familiar to most of my readers). As you can see from her phone’s history shown above, the emergency people responded at 17:18. We don’t know for certain the very minute the accident occurred, but I think it’s fair to say that it must have been some time between about 17:00 and 17:10- and probably closer to 17:00. It would certainly have taken her daughter at least several minutes to realize that the situation was dire, what with her mother lying unconscious in the stairway, before she managed call for help and get a response.

Note that on that day Mars was Square Saturn in the heavens, and around that very time of the accident the planets forming this ominous celestial configuration were very closely conjunct the Descendant and Midheaven respectively. That’s quite uncanny! To put this into perspective for those who aren’t familiar with these astrological technicalities, the Ascendant/Descendant and MC/IC points, which bring the energies of planets right into the foreground, shift one degree every four minutes. It shows in this case that the potentially ‘violent’ Mars-Saturn Square occurring that day was in very sharp focus during the very minutes that this accident happened.

What’s more, note in the diagram below that Mars was less than half a degree from exactly Conjunct her natal Pluto (with Saturn Square her Pluto, and the Moon approaching a Conjunction with Mars/Pluto)!

Tragic as these events are, and yes, hazardous as Mars in Cancer in the 6th House may be, my friend, you will see, has a fairly tight Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the 5th House of her natal chart. I have often teased her in the past about her inimitable ability to ‘suffer in style’. See below that even under this duress, she manages to keep her toenails nice and neatly painted.

If you’ve ever wondered how the human spirit rises above adversity, well, this is how!

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