Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

I passed by a newspaper stand in a shop this morning and noticed that Margaret Thatcher has just died. I didn’t know she was still alive, to be honest, and I don’t have any particularly strong feelings or views about her as a person or politician. In fact I can’t say I know very much about her career other than that she was nicknamed ‘the Iron Lady’ and, quite comically, ‘Attila the Hen’! She must have been a tough cookie.

A key reason I would be interested enough in this news about her to create an entire blog post is that I was impressed, when I first took a brief glance at her chart years ago, by the fact that she had Saturn in Scorpio on the Ascendant, in western astrology terms, which translates into an exalted Saturn in Libra in the 1st House in the Vedic or Jyotish chart.

Apart from the simple fact that a prominent Saturn will enhance one’s interest in politics, Margaret Thatcher’s chart is a vindication of the Vedic astrology view that the Libra Ascendant makes for very strong and dynamic people who often become leaders, quite frequently in the world of politics. Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler are two well known examples. Saturn exalted in the 1st House of a Libra Ascendant in a Vedic chart, therefore, in itself serves to make Margaret Thatcher’s political achievements, and the dash of notoriety she seems to have earned, quite easy to understand. Note that the fact that Saturn in exalted doesn’t turn him into some sort of cuddly playmate. Light on Life reminds us that ‘the strength of a planet shows its power to act, not its intentions‘. Don’t forget this when it comes to Saturn!

Margaret Thatcher astrodienst chart

Jupiter and Pluto are in tight Opposition in her chart (this in itself can evoke ambition and a desire for power and social influence, not to mention a near fanatical intensity and conviction about principles, values or beliefs that are held to be true), and both ends of this Opposition form wide Squares to the Sun and Mars, but near exact Squares to the Sun/Mars Midpoint! This combination would have contributed enormously to her courage and her self-righteousness. Sun widely Conjunct Mars, and Jupiter in its own sign in the 3rd House of the Vedic chart reinforce these other conspicuous indications of drive and assertiveness (note that in Vedic terms the 3rd House relates to courage and dynamism; Hitler also had Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 3rd House).

Margaret Thatcher Vedic chart

Sticking with the Vedic chart the Moon is the ruler of the 10th House and is located in the regal sign Leo,and is located in the authoritative Nakshatra (Lunar Constellation) named Magha (the first 13 degrees and 20 mins of Sidereal Leo), which has a ‘royal throne room’ as one of its symbols. The indications of courage, authority and political power are not at all hard to find. The Ascending Nakshatra is Vishakha (20 degrees Sidereal Libra to 3 degrees 20 mins Sidereal Scorpio), known as ‘the star of success’; it represents an intense focus on achieving goals, often accompanied by an aggressive and intolerant attitude.

I share the Tropical Scorpio/Sidereal Libra Ascendant with Margaret Thatcher, and this is yet another reason why I am personally intrigued by the news of her passing. Transiting Saturn is paying a visit to us Tropical Scorpio/Sidereal Libra Ascendants these days, and, well, truth be told, we’re taking some strain! The dramatic difficulties I’ve witnessed in the lives of friends and clients with the same Ascendant has left me in no doubt that it’s one of the most challenging processes one can endure. I had been somewhat optimistic that Saturn being exalted in (Sidereal) Libra, and, by Jyotish rules, being a ‘friend’ of the Libra Ascendant, would make for a more purely constructive manifestation when it approached my Ascendant. It was perhaps a slightly naive assumption that failed to consider the above quoted aphorism about a planet’s intentions from Light on Life. Saturn transiting your 1st House won’t invariably kill you, but it may very well sap some of your physical vitality (for a start), and if you’re old and somewhat frail, it just may be the last straw. It is true that Saturn’s exaltation and benefic status for the Libra Ascendant would have contributed crucially to Margaret Thatcher’s legendary political career (and who knows, it may help the likes of me professionally to some extent as it passes through my 1st House)- the Jyotish rules about Saturn’s beneficence for the Libra Ascendant are well founded- but it certainly played a major role in ushering the Iron Lady out of this world around the time of  her third Saturn Return.

I notice that Margaret Thatcher entered the 19 year long Saturn Dasha (the Major Period of Saturn in the Vedic system, which, notably, makes Transiting Saturn’s influence more primary) in 2006, and between mid-2012 and mid-2013 she would be in the Ketu or South Node sub-period of the Saturn major period. Ketu periods can in themselves be trying and specifically precarious in terms of health. Ketu is about Moksha or ‘final liberation’ and a ‘Karaka’ or significator (along with Saturn) for the 12th House. It detaches us from things of this world.

Lastly, during these weeks at the end of March and early in April of 2013 there is an entire cluster of planets in Tropical Aries/Sidereal Pisces which would be in the 6th House of Margaret Thatcher’s Vedic chart (although not in terms of the western chart, but I routinely trust the Whole Houses of Jyotish in these matters). Naturally this would make it a time when underlying health issues would become more acute and fully manifest.

I recently explored the astrological chart of Rudolf Steiner, another Tropical Scorpio/Sidereal Libra Ascendant, and interestingly enough, he too died in Saturn Dasha while Saturn transited his 1st House.

It may be over for Margaret, and may she rest in peace; but remember your Scorpio (in western astrology terms) friends in your prayers as Lord Saturn traverses this sign…