Ebola and the Total Solar Eclipse of November 2013

I remember well the total solar eclipse of 3 November 2013. I had noticed, as other astrologers would have, that Saturn was to be located very close to the Sun/Moon Conjunction that created the eclipse. At first glance this is pretty ominous, since old Saturn is the Greater Malefic of the planetary family. A type of grim reaper archetype.

I am not an expert on eclipses, and I can’t claim to have researched them carefully in the past, but non-the-less, it seemed a natural conclusion that this eclipse would in some way act as a channel and amplifier of Saturnine energy. I thought, back then, that it was a fairly big omen, and I was almost surprised at the apparent absence of dramatic world events at the time (but of course that was just a subjective impression, and I didn’t think more of it). I do recall though, that at the very time of the eclipse, in the hour of totality, I was at a Permaculture conference and several children there suddenly got very ill! It was quite surreal; everything seemed fine one moment, and the next there were writhing moaning sick children everywhere.

Then, at the end of March 2014, someone posted about the Ebola outbreak in an astro-medical facebook group. The post didn’t contain any grand astrological conclusions, and didn’t link the outbreak to the eclipse. It simply presented something of a timeline and some basic facts about the outbreak, such as the fact that it seemed to originate in or near Guinea, the incubation period of the virus, etc.

It then suddenly dawned on me that the first actual cases of the illness, which would most likely not have been diagnosed and reported, would probably have occurred not too long after the ominous looking Saturnine Solar Eclipse of 3 November 2013.

I decided to look at the astrocartography map for the time of the eclipse, just on the off chance that this eclipse had been focused somehow on Guinea and that part of Africa. Lo and behold!- the Sun/Moon/Saturn Conjunction was quite exactly on the Midheaven in the Guinea area of Africa! Soon after a virulent reemergence of the Ebola virus.

astrocartography map shows eclipse with Saturn on the Midheaven in Guinea at the time of eclipse
astrocartography map shows eclipse with Saturn on the Midheaven in Guinea at the time of eclipse

You can see it clearly on this chart for Giunea’s capital at the time of the eclipse:

Sun, Moon and Saturn exactly on MC in Guinea at time of eclipse. Note that this eclipse occurred on the Mars/Pluto Midpoint.
Sun, Moon and Saturn exactly on MC in Guinea at time of eclipse. Note also that this eclipse occurred on the ruthless and violent Mars/Pluto Midpoint.

There’s another notable layer to this, pointed out by a member of the facebook group. The actual path of totality ran very close to Guinea, and, as you can see below, arrived at the point of maximum eclipse pretty much where that path is closest to Guinea.

world map showing eclipse path

The plot thickens….

The first case of Ebola diagnosed in America occurred in the Dallas area of Texas. At the time of this eclipse the Sun, Moon and Saturn (and the ominous Mars/Pluto Midpoint) were on the Ascendant in Dallas!!

At the time of the Solar Eclipse of 3 November 2013 the Sun, Moon and Saturn were in the Ascendant in Dallas
At the time of the Solar Eclipse of 3 November 2013 the Sun, Moon and Saturn were on the Ascendant in Dallas

Ebola in America Fort Worth Dallas

What I find completely incredible is the fact that although the factors involved in the eclipse are on the Ascendant in places far north and south of Dallas, it seems to me that that southern part of North America is more or less on that same eclipse path that comes to close to Guinea, where the point of maximum eclipse occurred.

Ebola in Dallas eclipse path


9 thoughts on “Ebola and the Total Solar Eclipse of November 2013”

  1. Thanks for this article. This is very interesting. I wonder when the effects of the eclipse will go away. How long, in other words, do the effects of such an eclipse last, and will the epidemic cease?

  2. A possible connection to last year’s eclipse is based on a theory about the duration of effects of an eclipse (or any lunation). Effects do not mosey along but have precise, punctuated manifestation periods that are timed by the phases of the moon that occur over a 2 ½ year period on or near the eclipse degree. So. The November 3 2013 eclipse took place at 11+ (tropical) Scorpio. Nine months later, on August 4, 2014 a first-quarter moon took place at that same degree; in May 2015 a full moon will take place close to that degree; finally, in February of 2016 a last-quarter moon will take place near that degree…and that will finish the manifestation ‘hits’ for this eclipse. This methodology was developed by Dietrich Pessin who lives in the Boston area.

    1. Thanks Marcia for your reference to the method developed by Dietrich Pessin. I have no doubt that there will be specific junctures in the manifestation of the influence of an eclipse, along the lines you’ve described. I have not researched that sort of thing rigorously, but it’s an area of growing interest for me.

    1. Hi there,

      I don’t know more than I’ve shared at this stage. I make no claim to any sort of complete knowledge about this Ebola situation. I offer some observations I believe are potentially of value to other students of astrology to be aware of.

  3. Wow. Very thoughtful write up. I can’t tell from the map exactly…but it looks like the CDC (in GA) is near the Neptune line? If so, I wouldn’t look to them for solutions.

    Perhaps Silicon Valley, Near the Jupiter line MC can offer guidance or some kind of tracking AP?

    Great job!

    1. Thank you Tracy,

      Yes, there was a somewhat wide Mars-Neptune Opposition at the time of the eclipse, which would certainly support the theme of infectious disease, and I have wondered about the vulnerability of these ‘Neptune lines’ to the east of Guinea and Dallas. Interesting idea you raise, of drawing on the resources of a more empowered zone in the relation to that eclipse. We can learn a lot, I think, from watching this unfold.

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