First Steps into Jyotish Webinar Course 4-25 May 2019

FIRST STEPS INTO JYOTISH: an Introduction to Vedic Astrology

If you’ve studied some Western astrology and you’re curious about Jyotish, but not quite sure where to start, this course could be for you.

Western and Vedic astrology are dialects of the very same language. They are literally twins separated at birth. For this reason they are very directly comparable. Where they do differ they often have a lot to teach each other. Even if you don’t decide to adopt the methods of Jyotish, understanding them can expand and deepen your understanding of astrology in general. It is also a fact that Western and Vedic astrology are coming closer together. There is a growing exchange and discourse between exponents of both approaches which, I believe, will eventually result in the development of a more complete and refined form of astrology in the future. More and more astrologers are recognizing the value of becoming ‘bilingual’. This short but intensive course can help you take your First Steps into Jyotish.

– Four consecutive weekly lessons commencing Saturday 4 May 2019 at 15:00 GMT/UT
– Each lesson will be between 1.5 and 2 hours in duration.
– Each participant will receive a PDF course manual as well as recordings of the online lessons
– Course fee: US$ 60
– PayPal payments can be made here:


LESSON 1 (4 May 2019)
– Calculating and drawing a Jyotish horoscope: converting a Tropical Western chart to the Sidereal Jyotish format
– Free software suggestions and demonstration
– The attributes of the ‘Navagrahas’ or nine Planets used in Jyotish; Planetary Dignity
– The ‘Bhavas’ or Houses and their most important groupings

LESSON 2 (11 May 2019)
– Basic rules of chart interpretation: Planets as occupants, lords and significators of Houses
– Jyotish approach to Aspects of the Planets
– The Yogas of Jyotish: Special Planetary Combinations
– The status of various planets for the 12 Ascendants (Lagnas)
– Chandra and Surya Lagnas: the Moon and Sun as Ascendants

LESSON 3 (18 May 2019)
– Introduction to the Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions of Jyotish
– The use of Nakshatras in Natal Chart interpretation, Elections and traditional Synastry
– Calculating Vimshottari Dasha from the Moon’s Nakshatra position

LESSON 4 (25 May 2019)
– Application of Dashas, Transits and other Timing Techniques of Jyotish
– Sade Sati
– Remedial Measures

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