Total Lunar Eclipse with Mars 27 July 2018: Hold the Reins!

This evening (from where I am in South Africa) there will be a total lunar eclipse which is somewhat unique as eclipses go, primarily because the Moon at the time will be very close to Mars. To be more precise, Mars will be within less than one full zodiacal degree from the Moon, and that by astrological standards is a very tight Conjunction! This means this eclipse will in a sense act as a wide open channel or ‘portal’ for the energy of Mars to precipitate into the world. At the most basic level of astrological interpretation this implies that the energy of this eclipse will range from vigorously energetic and feisty, to angry and unruly. There is nothing meek and mild about it, so take care!

Those most directly affected by the eclipse would be people born on or near the 27th of July, or half a year from there, around 25 January, of any year. Everyone with key personal planets located between about 3-5 degrees of (Tropical) Leo or Aquarius will be in very direct ‘line of fire’, for better or for worse. Generally the early part of the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will be most fully stirred, if not shaken, by this event.

While there is a general over-arching global significance and ‘effect’ from this eclipse, we will all see it mirrored in different situations and relationships, and each with greater or lesser intensity. Even so, this eclipse seems to be portentious of a boiling hot turbulence in the global ether which may find some more localized expression in our personal lives. Shots will be fired!

To those able to view this eclipse, it is likely to be quite a spectacular sight, what with Mars now being much brighter than usual and so close to the Moon. It is also apparently going to be the longest lunar eclipse of the century, and this may have a bearing on the full duration of the eclipse’s influence in the world: The longer the eclipse lasts, the longer it’s influence will be felt.

Eclipses are generally considered by astrologers to have a tangible influence for several weeks to some months before and after they occur; it’s worth bearing in mind that although the time of the actual eclipse can be highly charged, the consequences or implications of the eclipse for the world as a whole, or for any individual, will start to develop prior to the eclipse, and linger for some time afterwards. With this being a particularly long lasting eclipse, it implies that it’s influence will be felt for longer than usual after the event.

When transiting planets form powerful aspects to the eclipse degree in the weeks and months after an eclipse, it tends to energise and re-activate the energy of the eclipse. In this case it is well worth keeping an eye on the last week of September 2018, when Mars (currently retrograde), returns to it’s conspicuous location at the time of the eclipse.

Whatever this eclipse may mean for you (according to where it occurs in your chart), these issues could be brought back into sharp focus during this last week of September 2018. This time could also bring about conspicuous global events of a tempestuous kind.

As far as generalizations go, this eclipse could at worst evoke anger and conflict. The challenge here is to keep your head if you are feeling agitated, restless or impulsive; make sure you don’t rush in where angels fear to tread. Consider the idea that ‘every attack is a cry for help’; if you feel the need to confront others, ask yourself whether you aren’t evading responsibility for something in your life, and whether confrontation isn’t likely to push the desired outcome even further away from you? What do you really want to achieve? Work towards it and take personal responsibility for achieving it. When Mars energy is coursing through your veins you may not be thinking things through and you may easily act on primal instinct, rather than reason. This can end in regret.

Venus is more entangled in this eclipse than may meet the eye, since Venus is forming 45 degree multiple angles (Semi-Square and Sesquiquadrate) to the Sun, Moon and Mars at the time of the eclipse. This adds a layer of amorousness to this eclipse’s influence. It may thus awaken romantic and sexual desires which could at manifest as exhilaration and arousal; but there is some potential in this situation to act on impulse or indiscreetly. Frustration in relationships may be more difficult to tolerate and there could be rash reactions to thwarted desires, or a general lack of tolerance and patience in personal relationships. This Venus-Mars component of the picture has a type of raw creative vitality to it, and at it’s best it can encourage us to be socially gregarious and engaging- and as long as their is an adequate awareness of personal boundaries, this could be enjoyable and fruitful.

Western astrology locates the Moon and Mars in the Tropical sign Aquarius during this eclipse, but according to Vedic astrology it occurs in the Sidereal sign Capricorn. This is important, if you view this eclipse through the Sidereal lens, because Capricorn is the sign in which Mars is ‘exalted’; it’s the sign in which Mars can function most optimally.

Make no mistake, this does not do much to temper the ferocity of Mars, but it does provide some scope for the more constructive expressions of it’s virile energy. Direct your ‘warrior energy’ (Mars) into a practical and constructive (Capricorn) direction. ‘The devil has work for idle hands’. The more constructive and practically purposeful your intentions are, the less likely you are to get embroiled in destructive conflicts. This requires a cultivation of Capricorn’s virtue of discipline. When he’s reined in just right, Mars will be the steed that swiftly drives the chariot of your ambitions to their concrete realization.

If you’re going to cut any crap, let it be your own distraction from working industriously towards your highest goals; goals that bring personal success while serving a useful function within the larger social economy. If we are to speak of a ‘Spiritual Warrior’, then this is how he rolls…


  1. Hi! I think I`ll focus on the Capricorn expression of the spiritual warrior. Thanks. Good advice. May I ask what chart you use for (new) South Africa? I don`t have a time of birth…just the date. I`m looking at the announcement to amend the Constitution such that (white-held) lands can be confiscated without compensation (and the ACG map for the 7/27/18 eclipse) as it relates to the quakes in the Great Rift Valley et al. Thanks!

  2. When looking at your chart of South Africa, I notice that Uranus is currently conjunct natal Mercury at 2 degrees Taurus, within 3 degrees of the IC and 4 degrees from the Sun of the natal chart of South Africa. The president made his statement about changes to the constitution a few days after this eclipse. Mercury in the chart is Lord 5 (profits from property) and L8 (what is owed to others). The talk (Mercury) is all about this matter. Uranus at this area of the chart and heading in to that 4th house and the Sun paints the picture of change (and upheaval?). The eclipse degree is also close (perhaps not close enough) to the Ascendant / Descendant of the chart of the country. Saturn’s separating trine from that Mercury perhaps a speeding up of an old matter (from the house of hopes and wishes, the 11th).

  3. Love your insight! Will you be doing a blog on the January eclipses? I’m an Aquarian and both July/August and the 2 January eclipses hit me really hard — but in a spiritually expanding, joyful life-changing way 🙂


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