Mars Conjunct Saturn and the violence at a South African mine

Astrologers all over the world have been aware that this past week was one fraught with danger as the two most malefic planets, Mars and Saturn, arrived at a Conjunction. This kind of alignment represents, in extreme cases, something along the lines of ruthlessness and violence. It’s often nasty!

Well, there have been dramatic events in South Africa in recent days. A standoff between striking mine-workers and police in the northern part of the country erupted into sudden mayhem that resulted in over 30 miners being shot dead and many many more wounded.

I’m still not certain exactly when this occurred, but I understand that it’s been during the past 2-3 days, sometime soon after the exact Conjunction of Mars and Saturn…

I’ve taken a look at the birth chart of the New South Africa (calculated for the moment when the new constitution came into effect: midnight, 27 April 1994, Pretoria).

The Mars/Saturn Conjunction this week has been Square South Africa’s Neptune and Uranus, and this clearly describes a sudden (Uranus) and confused (Neptune), chaotic (Uranus/Neptune) violent (Mars/Saturn) situation.

Uranus Conjunct Neptune can represent the rebellious poor and downtrodden elements of society (the striking miners); and with Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn (Tropical and Sidereal as far as Uranus goes) it’s quite specifically associated with the politics of business, industry and money.

Saturn (the planet that rules Capricorn) is associated with both agriculture and mining, and, incidentally with Saturn in the 2nd House it is shown that South Africa’s wealth lies in these Saturnine avenues.

Note that Mars, Saturn and the Ascendant of the new South Africa form a string of Semi-Sextiles (30 degree angles). Saturn is on the Ascendant/Mars midpoint in the New South Africa’s chart. This is a permanent feature and is arguably part of where South Africa’s generally violent tendencies are shown. This recent Mars/Saturn Conjunction was Sesquiquadrate (135 or 45 x 3 degrees) from South Africa’s Saturn and so triggered this midpoint tree. The Combination of Stellar Influences, by Reinhold Ebertin, says that Saturn on the Mars/Ascendant midpoint indicates:

‘a dispute, a defeat…. suffering or mourning with others’

Uranus and Neptune are Semi-Square Saturn and the Ascendant/Mars midpoint. The Combination of Stellar Influences gives the following for Uranus on the Mars/Ascendant midpoint:

‘violence, love of quarreling and fighting, inclination to threaten or to intimidate others. An agitated fighter, a sudden incident, injury, accident, sudden event’

And for Neptune on the Mars/Ascendant midpoint:

‘maintaining one’s position in life only with difficulty… disharmonious working relationship’

Again, these interpretations from The Combination of Stellar Influences are permanent fixtures of The New South Africa’s birth chart, but they were directly and potently triggered by the inherently aggressive and violent Conjunction of Mars and Saturn that became exact on the 15th of August 2012.

By Vedic criteria this Mars/Saturn Conjunction occurs in the 1oth House of South Africa’s chart; South Africa has placed it’s energy on a pedestal for all to see…

Saturn will continue to Transit South Africa’s 10th House till the end of 2014 (looking through the Jyotish lens), and so our reputation and status will remain somewhat precariously brittle for a while to come.

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