Mercury has turned Retrograde!!!

I pride myself in being pragmatic! Unlike many of my new age friends I’m not excited, intimidated or awed, normally, by Mercury going Retrograde. While others plot and scheme on how to get some emailing or paperwork through the Retrograde Mercury firewall, I go ahead as usual, and, for example, recently didn’t hesitate to schedule two webinars for this weekend, as Mercury turns on his winged heel ….

I stand chastised!

There was some confusion around time zones that effectively aborted Saturday’s lesson, and today, presenting a webinar on the astrology of relationship dynamics (and after boasting about how auspicious it was to be doing so under a Moon/Venus Conjunction in Sidereal Taurus), I found, to my dismay, that I just wasn’t my usual brilliant, eloquent, and dazzlingly informative self. In this instance I was half relieved that Mercury had seen fit to interfere with the internet connections and computer functionality of a few of the attendees- a few less to lose face with!

Folks, sorry to break it to you, but between now and 8 August it’s best you close those laptops and put away those tabs and phones, and try keep your mouth shut: the time is again upon us when no attempt at coherent articulation will succeed or go unpunished!

P.S. – You think a cheeky little blog post like this would slip through the cracks? No! My computer crashed (first time ever) while composing it!! I’m not kidding!

The Force, with Us, may It be!!


2 thoughts on “Mercury has turned Retrograde!!!”

  1. Nice one Richard, your answer to my question, should I start sending my fund driving email today, seems to be very clear. Thank you for sharing this Love and Light Susie xxx

  2. simply very funny! Just stumbled on your blog – via facebook. I have had a few hysterical encounters with mercury retrograde thru the years…especially when I don’t humbled myself to it…and flow with it…I bow to the Greatness of Mercury Retro now….and see the gifts it brings….

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