South African soldiers killed in the Central African Republic: the astrology

     Natal Chart of the New South Africa with Transits for 23 March 2013
Natal Chart of the New South Africa with Transits for 23 March 2013

I’ve never really doubted that the chart I’ve been using for the New South Africa is correct (at least regarding the date, if not the time and location I’ve used), but calculating a chart for a nation is not quite as clear cut and simple as calculating a chart for an individual person, so it’s reassuring when significant national events are clearly reflected in the Transits.

I don’t know the details but I gather that a few days ago a number of South African soldiers on some sort of peace keeping mission in the Central Africa Republic were killed in an exchange of fire with some rebels.

It’s incredible to see that the New South Africa has in recent days been experiencing a Mars Return (bringing the theme of fighting and aggression, which soldiers represent, into focus), amplified by several other Transiting (moving) planets also aspecting South Africa’s natal Mars.

It seems to me the ‘reason’ (astrologically) for this tragedy is the fact that there was a volatile Mars/Uranus Conjunction that plugged into South Africa’s Natal Mars. The Uranian influence would represent the sudden and unforeseen nature of the incident. Transiting Saturn being Quincunx Natal Mars and Transiting Pluto being more or less Square Natal Mars, I suspect, reinforce the potential for things to go badly for South African soldiers.

Could Mars in the 3rd House represent our military presence in a country in our neighborhood of the globe? This would validate the Ascendant and therefor birth time used.

I don’t have any great conclusion to draw from this, other than that there were strikingly appropriate transits to South Africa’s natal chart at the time of this nationally significant event, and that therefor the chart is likely to be quite reliable for future predictions (at least in terms of Transits to Natal planets, if not also regarding House placements which are time and location sensitive).

Here’s a post from 2012 with a similar observation of appropriate transits at the time of a significant event in the country:


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