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What is an Astrologer Doing?

As astrologers,¬†are we there simply as neutral translators of what we read in the heavens, impartially relaying a message? Do we simply let the chart do the talking, or, are we as ‘wise individuals’ being consulted; ‘wise individuals’ who just happen to be using astrology as a tool? Is a client consulting Astrology or an Astrologer? What do you think?

Sometimes, as an astrologer (being a mere human being) you can’t always discern what is and isn’t important, and by getting yourself out of the way and simply relaying what you see in the chart by following the rules of the astrology game, you may unknowingly reveal something valuable to the recipient/client, something that may have been beyond your powers of discernment to identify as important to them. It’s also possible that preoccupation with ‘chart reading’ can make for a barrage of mere information that lacks any real wisdom and may, truth be told, be more sensational entertainment than anything else (and all too often pandering to a rather idle curiosity).

If the person is there to see an the astrologer as a ‘wise person’, the wise person may recognize that it will take only a little astrology (and I think this is often the case), to identify and clarify the nature of the client’s issue. The astrologer may have to, for the rest, draw on other sources of wisdom (which they may or may not possess) to guide their client. So the focus is not then on chart reading, but on guiding, using the chart only as needed, and not necessarily as the central frame of reference. The chart may in fact be quite disposable after just a few minutes…. but don’t we too often assume we’re supposed to keep mining that chart for more ‘stuff’?

Are we as mindful as we should be of these different ways of approaching what we do?