The Astrology of Death


  1. Hi Richard
    Long time. And trust me your articles always inspire me to look at the aspect which I would have at some point stopped looking into. Yes there was a time, when my mentor late Anthony Sir had inculcated the habit to look at the death charts, but as time passed, I somehow started leaving that aspect of research and yes you touched upon the same point which he stressed upon, that the chart of death of a person also speaks a lot.
    If you have more such examples, can you please fwd. It will surely enlighten.

    • Hi there Manisha, thanks for this feedback. I haven’t kept up with this line of research myself. The topic came up in a recent online astro-research seminar and this inspired me to revisit and share this old facebook post. It’s good to know that other astrologers have also found this concept convincing.

      Hope to see you at the IVC conference in India in 2020.


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