The Cosmic Signature of the Little King

So the 7th in line to the British throne was born today. Feisty fella by the looks of him.

I find it fascinating that his Sidereal chart contains an exalted Sun on the Ascendant, with an exalted Moon in the 2nd. This lad will have tremendous vitality, a very noble bearing, and natural instinct for leadership- all this not only because of the exalted rising Sun and exalted Moon, but also due to the Gaja Kesari Yoga formed by the Moon and Jupiter in opposite signs, and the very very tight and conspicuous opposition of Mars and Jupiter which would give a person tremendous courage and the confidence to attempt grand things. There is something of a crusader here. If inspired by a noble cause, he could do much good.

Pluto in fact connects to this Opposition in the Little King’s chart by being less than half a degree from exactly Quincunx and Semi-Sextile to Mars and Jupiter respectively. This implies that his innate zeal for crusading or ‘going big’ is tinged with a powerful sense of purpose. There’s great resolve and forcefulness in him. Around age 30, seen through the lens of Solar Arc Progressions, these three planets will all aspect each other and most likely awaken this forceful and resolute idealism. These three planets will regularly be simultaneously triggered by transits and progressions, but age 30 should be one of the more potent examples (add to that the fact that around that age Saturn returns and transits his 10th House).

This image of bold heroism we get from an exalted rising Sun, with Mars in Opposition to Jupiter, this idea that the Little King will be a ‘man of deeds’, as it were, seems supported by the fact that the Moon occupies the Nakshatra called Krittika, itself symbolized as a razor or flame. This Nakshatra is associated with the mythic hero Karttikeya, the general of the celestial army, giving this Nakshatra an association with ‘fame and larger-than-life endeavors and projects.’ *

I suspect that he will be a forthright speaker. Compare his chart to that of Martin Luther King: nearly the same degree on the Ascendant and Mars (the Sidereal Asc lord, also very close to the same degree in both charts) in the 2nd House of speech.

Mercury in Aries in the 1st House does nothing to tame this indication of fiery speech. In fact Mercury Conjunct Uranus in the 1st House in Sidereal Aries portrays a person with a quick and very active mind; bold, even defiant and provocative in his ideas and manner of communicating.

His Mercury in Aries is not far from Hitler’s Mercury- in Aries in any zodiac. Add to that Rahu in Gemini in the 3rd- this person’s going to express his ideas with enthusiasm and some flair I think. We’ll hear from him for sure.

Like Martin Luther King, again, he has Saturn as 10th lord in the 9th in Sagittarius in the Sidereal/Whole Sign chart. It will be interesting to see what role religion plays, if any, in his life. It looks like the royal scion is less likely than King to become a man of the cloth, having Jupiter, lord of the 9th located in the 8th (whereas MLK had Jupiter in the 1st), not to mention the religious heterdoxy that Ketu in the 9th in Sagittarius can describe. He will like science and logical thought, he’ll appreciate the practical application of knowledge.

Amoung his friends and associates will be found some not-so-royal elements, shown by Rahu in the 3rd House (and lord of the 3rd, Mercury, Conjunct Uranus), as well as Neptune in the 11th House (with Sidereal 11th lord Saturn Conjunct South Node and Pluto). Secrecy or some sense of loss in the realm of friendship or relationships is not improbable with Venus, lord of the 7th House located in the 12th House along with a fairly tight square of Venus and Saturn.

Oh well, all considered, what with Sun Trine Saturn in his chart, he seems to be a good lad who’ll eventually do his mum and his dad and his nanna proud.

God Save the Little King

* from Light on Life by Hart de Fouw and Robert Svoboda