The Final Solstice: 21 December 2012 ;-)

If you’re reading this you’ve made it through the long awaited apocalypse predicted for today, as extracted  by some from the Mayan calendar. There may be some Mayan descendants around, but the Mayan culture has long since been decimated, so I doubt we can ever know how they would have explained this date- if indeed it’s been calculated correctly.

On a more modest note, today is a Solstice, and astrologers calculate charts for the precise moment of this astronomical event, and from these charts they divine what’s in store for the world during the coming quarter of a year. This isn’t my speciality, but let’s have a look.

Solstice, 21 Dec 2012, Cape Town
Solstice, 21 Dec 2012, Cape Town

Perhaps the most striking feature of this chart is the “Yod” formed by Saturn and Pluto in a Sextile, with Jupiter at the apex, Quincunx both. Even if there wasn’t a Solstice occuring around this time to bring whatever is going on in the heavens into greater focus this would have been quite a notable configuration since these are all relatively slow moving planets that relate to developments on the world or broader social stage. Certainly not “notable” on a “the world could end” sort of level, mind you! At a push Jupiter might represent prophecy, and Saturn combining with Pluto can spell destruction, but this may simply hint at the fact that there would be a mild global murmur about such notions, as opposed to any grand manifestation of destruction.

Solstice Yod 2012 Now, interpreting such charts is tricky for the simple reason that no two persons on the planet are seeing and interpreting global events in the same way- that is if they’re even taking note of anything beyond their personal world! That said, to some extent we would all soak up this energy to some extent in our personal worlds.

If this Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto triangle were to be given a description we could personally relate to it would probably represent either a great and strenuous effort (Saturn/Pluto) to make an ideal (Jupiter) concrete and real (Saturn), or there could be something like an experience of an ideal (Jupiter), a vision of a desirable possibility, being “destroyed”, blocked or frustrated (Saturn/Pluto). Jupiter’s association with religion, beliefs and ideologies, combined with the rigidity of Saturn and the raw intensity of Pluto could make for some form of fanaticism or conflict of beliefs or values.

Yes, this may unfold now in this last part of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, while the Yod is still in focus in the sky, but inasmuch as the Solstice soaks it up and infuses the coming three months with this energy, we may see clear global manifestations of this theme at some other point within the coming three month period.

I guess one of the best ways to work with this energy is to identify your most authentic goals and ideals, and work towards them with great discipline and a strong sense of purpose. There’s a ruthless streak in the Saturn/Pluto component of this configuration, so there’s some danger of bulldozing one’s way toward one’s goals, and that may evoke resistance and conflict, and, at worst, sabotage the desirable outcome. However, it is also possible to bring about a constructive and restorative transformation of systems and structures, a refining of the practical nuts and bolts methods whereby we work towards our goals and ideals.

Interestingly romantic and social Venus is applying to an opposition to Jupiter, and a day or two after the Solstice Venus will slot into this Yod of heavyweights. Even on the day of the Solstice Venus is arguably just in orb to create a little “kite” out of the Yod. This implies that to some extent the above themes will manifest in and through personal relationships.

The Venus/Jupiter Opposition in itself is not a problem. It points towards a desire for a full and abundant experience of love (although Venus/Jupiter could experience a conflict between a need for freedom and the desire for intimacy). Venus in Solsctice Yod 2012 The Combination of Stellar Influences, by Reinhold Ebertin, gives the following for Venus and Jupiter in combination, “the joy of love, happiness in love“. Saturn combining with Pluto is described as “hard labor, cruelty“. You get the picture; the Venus/Jupiter Opposition on it’s own would be very sweet and pleasant, and would potentially instigate new relationships or bring about a blossoming of those that could grow, but Saturn and Pluto are poised to thwart this; they bring about a profound sense of inertia, struggle and effort. While Saturn/Pluto can, at best, indicate achievements through determined effort, it’s not the kisses and chocolate energy Venus/Jupiter represents, and so we have here a clear contrast between two sets of energies. Ebertin’s book gives the following for Venus on the Saturn/Pluto midpoint, “Self-discipline, love of solitude and seclusion, asceticism. Estrangement and alienation, desire to renounce love“. Don’t shoot the messenger! Apparently this could be a tough time for personal relationships.

There are some other elements to the Solstice chart, but what I’ve described here seems to be the most pronounced and conspicuous theme.

Build your dreams with patience, faith and commitment, and with consideration for the values and needs of others, and society. Accept solitude, if need be, and you may find there a source of inspiration and understanding.

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