The Full Moon/Eclipse of 28 November 2012

There will be a penumbral lunar eclipse on Wednesday the 28th of November 2012. You can read about the technical astronomy here:

Astrologically this is quite an intriguing eclipse and full moon. The Sun/Moon Opposition that occurs then aligns with two conspicuous Conjunctions; one between Venus and Saturn and another between Mars and Pluto. All these planets will be tied together in a type of “kite” configuration.

This is certainly not a common occurrence, and by astrological criteria there are a number of separate events of significance all integrated here into a complex whole: Sun Opposition Moon, Sun Semi-Sextile Venus, Sun Semi-Sextile Saturn, Sun Semi-Sextile Mars, Sun Semi-Sextile Pluto, Moon Quincunx Venus, Moon Quincunx Saturn, Moon Quincunx Mars, Moon Quincunx Pluto, Venus Conjunct Saturn, Venus Sextile Mars, Venus Sextile Pluto, Saturn Sextile Pluto, Mars Conjunct Pluto, Mars Sextile Saturn. It’s a mouthful!

In Midpoint language:  Sun/Moon = Sat/Plu = Ven/Mars = Ven/Plu = Mar/Sat

The million dollar question: but what does it mean?!

In a nutshell: it hints at the need to express or release a huge amount of raw primal energy and desire, and yet there’s inhibition and restraint involved, which implies tension and a building up of pressure. Discipline can enable a harnessing of this raw power, but can also frustrate it’s impetuous will to be released. At best it’s could be expressed as an incredible feat of creative self-expression, and on a personal level it could represent some form of profound intensity in love and sexuality. At worst it could represent something like violence and rage, and it is possible that for some this may manifest on a personal level in and through personal relationships and sexuality in some form. Of course all of this will be most likely to occur on a personal level for people whose charts contain key planets around 6-8 degrees of pretty much any sign. A lot more could be extracted from this configuration if each component were separately analysed, but the above is a crude description of the key themes.

The negative manifestations are typically due to a self-serving attitude, and this will probably express itself as anger over ungratified desire of some kind. Direct your focus towards service of others; use your energy to create or build something of value for others. This sounds simple perhaps, but if those who are directly affected by this alignment can hold that as a focus they can achieve something valuable and not normally possible in terms of personal creative but purposeful self-expression, and enrich their relationships through sacrificial efforts.

May the Force not be too Strong for You!

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