The Making of a Devil’s Wife: the Horoscope of Eva Braun

Adolf and Eva with dogsAt least one of my astrologer friends rolls her eyes every time there’s yet another Hitler autopsy on the slab. I can sympathize. And yet it’s hardly surprising that the natal chart of Adolf Hitler is one of the most studied. His impact on the course of modern history has been enormous and is arguably still palpable today. That he exceeded all normal bounds of ambition and ruthlessness is one reason we’re so fascinated by his astrological signature. If astrology is able to look into character and destiny, we understandably expect that it will enable us to gain insight into extraordinary people whose ideas and actions shape history, as well as ordinary people whose lives develop in extraordinary ways.

Eva Braun is ostensibly an ordinary girl whose life developed in an extraordinary way, and through her we in a sense get to glimpse Hitler by reflection, through the lens of her chart, and particularly of course at first glance through her 7th House.

Eva Braun and Hitler at dinner table
She was born on the 6th of February 1912, at 12:30am, in Munich, Germany. Her time of birth has recently been verified through the recovery of her birth certificate, thanks to the efforts of one of’s forum members. Her birth data on’s astrodatabank has been upgraded to AA, meaning the data is considered as reliable as it gets. This is in itself a good reason to pay Hitler’s story another quick visit, from a new angle, since this new verified birth time is a valuable addition to our collective store of important historical birth data. So, I’d like to share with you here a few first glance observations with a focus largely on the Sidereal placements of Jyotish.

Eva Braun Trop
                       Eva Braun’s Tropical/Placidus chart on the left, her Sidereal/Whole Sign chart on the right
Eva Braun Jyotish chart Jagannatha with Dasas
                    Eva Braun’s chart in Jyotish format, with commencement of Rahu Dasha circled in red


Eva’s father was a school teacher and her mother had worked as a seamstress before marriage. It seems noteworthy that her parents got divorced when she was 9 years old (half a Node cycle- Node Conjunct Saturn?). They did remarry a year or two later (it is believed primarily due to financial pressures), which does imply that she came from a household with some internal, probably fairly hidden, problems and stresses. This seems to be borne out (through the western lens) by the extremely tight Square aspect between the Moon and Pluto in her chart, as well as the Square of Sun and Saturn (with Saturn in the 4th House from the Sun). Both these aspects in different ways can point to an oppressive domestic and family environment. She most likely became quite desensitized to control, domination and coercion in intimate relationships through the tensions in her early life.

Moon in the 12th House of the Jyotish chart further implies that her mother was somehow a victim, someone who sacrificed a lot and felt trapped. The person with Moon in the 12th House has a natural inclination to hide, and to avoid the harshness of world if at all possible. This theme of reclusiveness is reinforced by Ketu (South Node) in the 1st House of the Jyotish chart. Ketu is the ‘Karaka’ or ‘significator’ for the 12th House in every chart; having Ketu located in the 1st House brings 12th House themes to the fore in Eva’s life. Ketu in the 1st (not to speak of Moon in the 12th) won’t empower you in the external world, though it can make for an active inner life, and a natural tendency to sacrifice and surrender.

With the Ascendant lord Venus in the 3rd House she would have been engaging, friendly and charming enough, despite her thin-skinned streak. I would imagine that the educational parental influence of angular Mercury in the 4th, and Jupiter’s position in the 2nd House of speech, would support her ability to present and speak well, able to hold a fairly high level of cultured and congenial conversation.

With Sun in the 4th she got to ‘rule the roost’, I’d imagine, just a little during the years she spend living at the mountain retreat Hitler had her holed up in. Within that very private domestic sphere her authority would find some acknowledgement, by staff perhaps, and sometimes by great generals. But ever under Saturn’s shadow.

Having Ketu in the 1st House inevitably places Rahu (North Node) in the 7th. While western and vedic astrology have an essentially near identical view of the what the planets mean and represent in a chart, their respective take of the Nodes is one area in which they differ markedly.

The essential point to note regarding the Nodes in the context of this discussion of Eva Braun and her relationship to Hitler, is that Jyotish considers both Rahu and Ketu to be malefics. Though Rahu is extroverted and Ketu introverted.

Here’s a snippet of James Braha’s interpretation for Rahu in the 7th House (from his invaluable book, Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer).

“… there will be disturbances in married life. Domestic harmony is greatly lacking, and there will constantly arise issues with the spouse to be dealt with. The person will have compulsive and insatiable desires to be in a relationship. The marriage partner may be powerful, domineering, or worldly and of a strong desire nature…”

This interpretation gives a hint of how Jyotish would describe an embodiment of Rahu: powerful, domineering, worldly, with strong (insatiable) desires. As you can see in the diagram of Hitler’s Jyotish chart below, he was in Rahu Dasha, the major planetary period of Rahu, throughout the time of his boldest mischief.

Now, along with Rahu, perhaps one of the most intriguing placements in Eva’s Jyotish chart is Saturn debilitated in Aries in the 7th House. This is astrological poetry; the partner is an irritable old tyrant.

Quite apart from it’s house placement, this awkward Saturn in Aries placement would present a challenge to her own ability to gain recognition, and to assert herself appropriately and timeously. It reinforces, or is reinforced by, the tendencies of Moon in the 12th and Ketu in the 1st already noted. It weakens or suppressed her ability to express her individual identity, and to have it acknowledged.

Eva first met Adolf Hitler when she was only 17 years old (1929), while working in the studio of Heinrich Hoffman, Hitler’s official photographer. It was only after the apparent suicide of Hitler’s half-niece in September of 1931, for whom he seemed to have developed a suspiciously intense affection, that he became more intimately involved with Eva Braun.

Curiously, their intimate relationship seems to have started as they nearly simultaneously began the 18 years long period of Rahu Maha Dasha. In her case a relationship was clearly indicated for that time, since Rahu is in the 7th House of her Jyotish chart. That it would be with a powerful and perhaps maniacally ambitious person, and that it may all become something of a whirlwind, is quite consistent with the way Jyotish tends to view Rahu. The fact that Mars, Rahu’s dispositor and lord of the 7th, is located in the 8th, along with Rahu’s union with debilitated Saturn in the 7th, does little to indicate a naturally ‘happy marriage’. The fact that it was shrouded in secrecy is also easy to see in this symbolism (reiterated in the Square of Venus and Saturn in Hitler’s chart).


Hitler tropical wheel
                      Hitler’s Tropical/Placidus chart on the left, his Sidereal/Whole Sign chart on the right
Hitler Jagannatha
                   Hitler’s chart in Jyotish format with commencement of Rahu Dasha circled in red

Eva, not unlike Hitler’s very favourite little niece, did try to commit suicide on two occasions before her eventual death in April 1945 by suicide with Hitler, a day or two after their actual formally solemnized wedding.

The first occasion was shortly after their relationship began, while she was in the Rahu-Rahu period (the first sub-period of the 18 year Rahu Dasha).

It’s natural that you begin an important relationship when the Dasha period of a planet in the 7th House begins, and, yes, it’s not likely to be a bed of roses if this 7th House planet is a malefic, aspected by another malefic, without the aspect of a benefic, and with a poorly placed dispositor. However, this alignment between Hitler and Eva’s Dasha cycles is an important point to consider in the context of their relationship. In Light on Relationships (1) the authors note that there is a principle known as Sama Dasha, literally ‘same dasha’, that states that compatibility is greatly enhanced when a couple are running the same planetary dasha period- especially at the time of the commencement of their relationship.

In this case the overlap of their planetary period sequence is so nearly precise, as such long cycles go, that Hitler and Eva would often be in the same sub-period also, and I would assume this would further enhance the relevance and applicability of this rule ‘Sama Dasha’ principle. It may well account for the fact that they did ultimately seem to form a fairly functional, if perhaps imperfect and challenging relationship.

Their Ascendants are, in Jyotish terms, in the same sign, Libra, giving them an identical sign/house overlay if you use Whole Houses. This would synchronize their experience of the transits of the planets through the houses. This is in itself quite a strong element of ‘compatibility’, and probably gave them a genuine sense of ‘getting each other’, and being able to tune into a similar view of various areas of life at the same time.

And even beyond all this it seems clear that Hitler provided her exactly what her chart’s Moon/Pluto and Sun/Saturn Square shows she was expecting from a partner, and her life: a lot of control, and a tightly conscribed freedom of movement, a strict parent, protection in a virtual prison from any form of real responsibility and self-definition in the world.

Hitler’s Jyotish chart is by comparison a great deal stronger, at least in terms of indications of a capacity to do what Eva found so difficult: to courageously forge an identity in the world through self assertion and a powerful career involving shouldering huge responsibility. All the assertive, authoritative and expansive planets are extremely strong by sign: The Sun is Exalted in Aries, with Mars in Aries in it’s own sign, and Jupiter in Sagittarius also in it’s own sign. Jyotish views a multitude of planets in their own or exaltation signs as an indication that the person has the capacity to rise to ‘kingship’, even if born into a lowly family.

Saturn is furthermore a great benefic for the Libra Ascendant, so it’s location in the 10th shows abundant potential for a successful political career.

But Venus in his chart is caught somewhat between a rock and a hot place in her tight engagement with Saturn and Mars by Square and Conjunction respectively. This can manifest in a multitude of ways, but it certainly it implies certain less than sensitive ways of ‘loving’. A need for domination of one party over the other is easy to see there. There’s huge libido and lust for life in such a tight Conjunction of Venus and Mars, made more coldly carnal by Saturn, and he no doubt found the satisfaction of much of his sexual desire in Eva, who would probably be willing to do anything.

Browsing the internet I found (2):

“One actress, Renata Müller, spread rumours about Hitler’s alleged proclivity for self-abasement, with suggestions that he knelt at her feet and asked her to kick him. When she fell to her death from a window in 1937, many questioned the verdict of suicide.”

The rumours she apparently spread about Hitler, and rumours about her ‘suicide’, may or may not have been true, but looking at the symbols, they’re believable.

In the Dasha Periods of Rahu and Ketu their dispositor plays a particularly large role in showing where the energy of that Dasha period is going, so to speak. In Hitler’s chart Mercury is the dispositor of Rahu (in Sidereal Gemini) and of all the many planets located in his 7th House Mercury is closest the 7th House cusp. I think this brought him a full and powerful manifestation of a young and pretty girl who would be the closest thing he’d have to a mate, as he entered this period, but that’s just one level of it’s manifestation.

On another level this Rahu Dasha and it’s awakening of Mercury in Aries on the Descendant in Hitler’s chart provided an ideal platform for getting heard, for impressing others with his intelligence, efficiency and frank eloquence, if not indeed inflaming them to war in grand orchestrated speeches. In support, the Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius in the dexterous 3rd House gave him mastery of all the necessary theatrics, and would make him extremely lively and engaged in what he’s doing.

So, the while the favourable and empowering house placement of Rahu and it’s eloquent and convincing dispositor Mercury enabled his rise, Rahu just doesn’t know when enough is enough…

I’ll defer the deeper questions and myriad further ways these charts could be analysed to you, dear astro pilgrim, if the astrology of this piece of history intrigues you at all. For me, Eva Braun’s chart helped fill out my picture of Hitler a little; his astrology and psychology. And though the two of them may have had some issues, there’s something almost sweet about that fact that, well, even Hitler had a girl, and they shared quite a lot over a long period of time. And even though the role she accepted was rooted, some might say, in early family dysfunction, Eva may well have almost enjoyed herself at times; the glamour of being the secret lover of a powerful man. She found a more or less viable form for her grim 7th House. They were in some respects, a very normal couple.

Aptly, they eventually married good and proper, under a canopy of fire and brimstone, and left this world by suicide, not unlike Romeo and Juliet, together.



(1) Light on Relationships: The Synastry of Indian Astrology, by Hart de Fouw and Robert Svoboda. Published by Samuel Weiser Inc.. Pg. 104.


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  1. What happened to my remarks from yesterday?

    Adolf’s Uranus in Libra shows an overturning of treaties and pacts, such as the Versailles Treaty and the Nazi-Soviet Pact. Also it shows the overturning of the rule of law and the principle of equality and equal justice.

  2. Hitler’s malefics, Saturn and Mars, afflict Eva’s Sun. Saturn in Leo opposes her natal Sun, and her own Saturn squares her sun. Hitler’s Mars and Venus square her sun. Therefore, Hitler was not good for Eva’s longevity, as he led her to commit suicide at the age of 33.

  3. well analysed chart. frankly i wouldnt have thought of reading eva’s chart ever. thank you so much for the insight.
    about rahu in the seventh house, it describes the kind of married life for the native undoubtedly, as it also describes natives spouse, as u mentioned above. but does that also give native’s spouse “insatiable desires to be in a relationship. “???

    besides you mentioned about “sama dasah” …and here both are running a malefic dasha! yes…undoubtedly there would have been problems…
    the concept of sama dasha… is heard of… but no observed it.

    u said both are libra ascendants. i feel in a marriage, if both the partners have same ascendants then transits can play a havoc at times in their marriage.
    but here u are talking about compatibility being enhanced??

    over all a good insight… loved reading it…

    1. Thanks for your feedback and input Manisha.

      “Insatiable desires to be in a relationship” is Braha’s interpretation. I have found it generally quite applicable to Rahu in the 7th, but it’s not the pivotal point really in the reference to Rahu in the 7th in the article. Do you find it an inaccurate or misleading interpretation?

      Regarding the fact that they share the same Ascendant. I highly recommend the book I referenced in the article: Light on Relationships by Hart de Fouw and Robert Svoboda. In that book the authors present an innovative but fundamentally Jyotish based approach to relationship compatibility that focusses on the alignment of the Sun, Moon, Asc and Venus between the two charts.

      You know the Moon firstly, and also the Sun, are ‘lagnas’, ‘Ascendants’, reference points from which Houses can be projected, as is done in a Sudarshan Chakra. You know Transits can be calculated with reference to these ‘luminary lagnas’, as well the eastern horizon. When you have a same sign relationship between any of these three ‘lagnas’ it synchronizes those transits. An opposite sign relationship, or a 5/9 relationship, for example, between any of the three lagnas will also result in an easily negotiable and even complementary difference in the areas of life highlighted by transiting planets. You find in practice, certainly in ‘love marriages’, that many couples have Sun-Moon and Asc-Moon Conjunctions and Oppositions between their charts. I believe Sun-Sun and Asc-Sun Conjunctions in particular don’t create much of a sense of polarity, or ‘attraction’, but they can enable people to ‘shift gear’ in tandem and share a certain vantage point on what’s going on at different times.

      1. yes Richard i totally agree with the lagna seen from the luminaries… and there is no disagreement about the rahu in the 7th house.
        sudarshan chakra has not been a part of my study. infact thats my next target.
        and yes we see lagna with refrence to luminaries.. specially chandra lagna.
        you have put it in very correct way about the attraction and love marriages.
        i cannot have agreed more on the atttraction part…

        what i learned more here was “I believe Sun-Sun and Asc-Sun Conjunctions in particular don’t create much of a sense of polarity, or ‘attraction’, but they can enable people to ‘shift gear’ in tandem and share a certain vantage point on what’s going on at different times.” never paid much attention to this point …
        i really got to observe more on these points.

        you know what Richard… what i really admire is you not being of Indian origin and yet you have vast knowledge about vedic astrology. hats off….. :-))

        1. Thank you Manisha. The points you raised were useful to delve into a little more deeply.

  4. Does the chart reflect death as there is a fairly convincing story of Eva and Hitlers life in Argentina, children and divorce? Hitler dying in 1962? Eva disappeared into Argentina with her children when it became apparent their would be no 4th Reich? Sounds mad hence the question does the chart reflect death?

    1. Hi Nicholas,

      Astrologers can sometimes get a good indication of longevity from a chart, and certainly of times when life and limb may be at greater risk, but there is not some sort of absolute indication of death. One can’t easily say ‘death has certainly occured’ for this person.

      What you’ve said may be true, I don’t know. I haven’t looked at their death times critically, from the angle of whether it’s probable they didn’t in fact die when it’s claimed they did. I may look at that sometime and if I do I’ll let you know if their are indications of faked death. There may be strong affirmations that they probably did die then, that I haven’t specifically noted.

  5. It is a really nice article.

    As far as Hitler’s death is concerned —

    It is well known that Hitler had was prone to extreme depression and suicidal tendency. First time he exhibited this tendency was when he wandered streets of Vienna like a tramp – failing to feed, clothe or clean himself properly – after failing to enter Fine Arts Academy. He did attempt suicide twice while in jail in 1923-24. He also came close to suicide when his niece Geli Raubal committed suicide.

    It is extremely unlikely that a man with a mindset like that will run away. He also was obsessed with theater and his place in history. So when one consider his personality and actions as a whole, he would have preferred to die in a grand theatrical Wagnerian style rather than run away.

    1. Thank you for these bits of information, and I’m inclined to agree with you that there is nothing improbable about the claim that he died by suicide, with Eva Braun.

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