The Oscar Pistorius shooting- an astrological angle

OscarI’m not much of a sports fan, but even I knew who Oscar Pistorius is. The recent news of the shooting of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, and the murder charges subsequently laid against him, are all over the news.

Although his time of birth is unknown (the chart below is calculated for sunrise), we can create a basic chart for him, and there’s lots in it.

Oscar Pistorius

It’s striking from the start that he has Sun in Scorpio, Tropical and Sidereal. He’s tenacious, and intense. The Sun and Mars are in a Square aspect in his natal chart; he’s dynamic, energetic, and potentially aggressive and impulsive. Venus and Pluto are in Conjunction; his intensity will certainly manifest in his romantic life, and such aspects indicate a great difficulty accepting change in a relationship. There may be jealousy and a controlling behavior in relationships. In Vedic/Sidereal astrology his Venus is in Libra, not Scorpio, making Venus very strong, which would give Oscar lots of opportunities for romance. In Vedic terms, Venus is in the 4th House from the Moon, and so it forms Malavya Yoga (formed when Venus occupies its own or exaltation sign in an angular house) from the Moon. He’s sensual, attractive, and romance and sexuality would be prominent in his life.

Now, Saturn has lately been in Tropical Scorpio and crossed over his Venus in November (I believe this is when their relationship began) and more recently over his Pluto. Transiting Saturn Conjunct Venus is not the kind of influence one would normally expect to mark the beginning of a relationship, but it does happen, and when it does, it tends to be somewhat susceptible to reversal or disintegration at some point.

There was an eclipse in November that seems very much worth another look at. In fact I created a blog post about it: click here

In that post I described the rather violent energies affecting love and sexuality shown in the Venus/Saturn/Mars/Pluto energies active then. It’s interesting that rape and sexual abuse have been prominent in the news since them. Eclipses are said to be effective for some time before and after they occur. Now, note that the Venus/Saturn Conjunction at the time of this eclipse was Conjunct Oscar’s Venus/Pluto Conjunction, early in Tropical Scorpio!!

eclipse 28 nov 2012

In Reeva Steenkamp’s chart (also for sunrise, since there’s no birth time as far as I know) Mars is Square Pluto and Saturn, which simply makes such a dramatic violent event in her life more likely at some stage.

Reeva SteenkampShe has Venus Square Jupiter and Uranus, and this describes the exciting life of a model and ‘sex symbol’ (note that Venus is in Sidereal Leo; more of a Beauty Queen than Vestal Virgin). Lots of romantic attention and opportunities for romantic adventure. Certainly the kind of thing that could rev up a jealous boyfriend. I don’t know for sure, but this dynamic could very possibly be behind this tragic event.

Note that her Venus is almost exactly Sextile his Venus, giving them a natural friendly rapport and even some sexual chemistry. For several months Transiting Uranus (at around 4-5 Aries) has been hovering close to the point where it would be Quincunx both their Venuses, and therefor Opposite their Composite Venus. This can cause a relationship to begin quickly, and excitingly, but it’s inherently volatile and unpredictable, and quite possibly either or both of them don’t really want to or can’t commit to the relationship in the longer run. This can produce lots of tension when the honeymoon phase is over.

Now, see that Oscar’s Mars is in tight Opposition to Reeva’s Sun (there’s a live-wire there between them; he may be aggressive towards her), and that at the time of the incident the Transiting Sun (around 25-26 Aquarius) was almost exactly Opposite Reeva’s Natal Sun and approaching a Conjunction to Oscar’s Mars.

There’s more!

Valentines ominous alignment

At the time of the shooting there was an rather ominous alignment in the sky. Mars, Saturn and Pluto (quite dangerous trio in tandem) formed a tight triangle, with Pluto at the Midpoint of Mars and Saturn, with the Sun Semi-Square (45 degrees from) Pluto and the Mars/Saturn midpoint. Reinhold Ebertin describes Pluto= Mars/Sat: “brutality, the rage or fury of destruction…. bodily injury or harm (murder, the death of many people)”. This whole configuration connected with Reeva’s Sun and Oscar’s Saturn very precisely (Transiting Mars Square his Saturn with his Natal Saturn at the Midpoint of Transiting Saturn and Pluto)!

The Sun/Moon axis of the ‘cruel’ and ‘romantically destructive’ eclipse at the end of November 2012 forms hard aspects to Reevas Natal Venus/Uranus Square. An ominous omen at the beginning of the relationship.

There are multiple layers of symbolism pointing to things going awry.

One might ask whether this could have been seen in advance rather than in hindsight? I think the scale of events may not have been easily predictable, but there were multiple indications that things could end badly in this relationship.

There’s also Transiting Neptune’s Opposition to Reeva’s Venus and Quincunx to her natal Mars too, which may describe romantic deception? It certainly doesn’t indicate a ‘realistic’ and truly honest period in relationships.

This event didn’t ‘just happen‘….

Oscar's Transits

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