Venus Conjunct Neptune: 12 April 2014

Venus Conj Nept

Although the moment of the exact Conjunction of Venus and Neptune will be 02:23am UT/GMT on the 12th of April, the Moon Opposes a very nearly exact Venus/Neptune Conjunction on Friday the 11th of April, bringing it into sharp focus around late morning/early afternoon UT/GMT.

Although it isn’t a long term or particularly profound astrological event, it’s worth noting, since it does represent a sensitization in the realm of love and romance that can have dramatic effects if it triggers your chart or if you’re in the midst of a romantic episode.

Venus Conjunct Neptune may manifest as romantic sentimentality and impressionability; easily falling in love, and being easily disappointed. It can represent romantic bliss; the most complete experience of selfless love that’s possible. There may be a refined and delicate artistic inspiration or sensibility (see the Venus/Neptune Conjunction in Leonard Cohen’s chart below). However, when it’s not being handled well, Venus so powerfully connected to Neptune can mean profound disillusionment, confusion, or even deception in relationships; boundaries are blurred, and one may get lost in a romantic fog. It’s hard to get back to your center when you’ve given yourself away. Romantic melancholy and vulnerability is a typical manifestation of Venus Conjunct Neptune ‘self-loss’, as are the most mystical, ecstatic and transcendent conceptions of personal love.

Venus/Neptune drowns in love; whether as intoxicating communion, or anguished fear of separation.

Leonard Cohen

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