Webinar: Educational Astrobiographies

7 March 2020, 3:00 – 6:00PM GMT

Learn Astrology by Reading Charts!

Astrology is a language comprised of many dialects and many different styles and approaches. There certainly isn’t one single correct methodology. Every student of astrology ultimately needs to explore and test several methods, rules and principles to arrive at a personal approach that works.

In this workshop Richard Fidler presents an eclectic approach to interpretation combining a diverse array of techniques from both Western and Vedic astrology. This will be done by demonstrating the application of numerous methodologies using dozens of famous people’s charts. The aim is to bring a great many different rules and principles to life by focusing on application rather than theories.

We will delve into natal chart interpretation as well as various timing techniques, such as Transits, Progressions (Secondary and Solar Arc), the Vimshottari Dashas of Jyotish, and some lesser known tools, such as Progressed Declination and the Logarithmic Time Scale.

One of the less conventional ideas that will be presented is the theory that death charts are ‘Cosmic Obituaries’ and no less revealing than natal charts.

Along the way we’ll do some comparisons of the Tropical and Sidereal versions of the charts under consideration, as well as comparisons of different House Systems. Participants will have opportunities to chime in and add their own insights and observations.

There should be some eye opening revelations for students of just about all levels. Expand your astrological horizons in this intensive 3 hour workshop in which we scrutinize the lives of many well known personalities under a variety of different astrological lenses with aim to arrive at a richer and deeper insight than is possible when we stay within the narrow confines of a single school of astrological thought.

You’d be hard pressed to find better indications of extraordinary wealth in the Tropical/Western chart of Bill Gates, but the Sidereal/Whole House approach makes it clear.

Fee: make a donation via PayPal according to your means and inclination (alternative payments methods can be arranged upon request). Payments can be made via PayPal to cosmicfarmer@gmail.com, or you can use the button below.

A video recording of the workshop will be provided to participants for future review.

To register please send an email to astrofit@yahoo.com, or you can use the contact form below.